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~Kashmir~ August, 2008

6 Million Men, Women And Children Caged!

SAFMA Is Silent Because…

Gujrat In Kashmir

Declare Independence!

I Am The Supreme Commander…

Yes, I Am A Daemon, But Kashmir Scares Me

Nor Blocked Nor Hacked However The Embargo Continues

Can I Still Visit Kashmir?

No Photoshop This!


Kashmir Strikes Back

~Kashmir~ February, 2008

You Can Only Understand It If You’re Kashmiri Or Have Lived There

1521 For 1

Who Rescued Whom?

~Kashmir~ December, 2007

Kashmir II

~Kashmir~ August, 2007

60 Years!

~Kashmir~ July, 2007

Not Even An All Weather Road Existed!

An Indian Who Lived In Illusion

Peace Of Grave

~Kashmir~ June, 2007

Apples, Apricots And Almonds

Subjugation And Torture That Thrills And Excites

The Terrorists Of Al-Qaeshmir

The Slave Who Wants A Palace

Thy Name Is Development!

~Kashmir~ February, 2007

Is Hope Still Alive?

Fake ‘Encounter Killings’ Epidemic

The Largest Daemon-cracy

~Kashmir~ January, 2007

New Strategy: The Solution Of Kashmir!

Gulmarg Gondola Shutdown [Now, Fixed!]

~Kashmir~ December, 2006

Kashmir Tourism Department’s Eternal Slumber

Kashmir I

Myths And Cry Babies

~Kashmir~ November, 2006

Cry Baby

~Kashmir~ October, 2006

A Kashmiri Videoblogger

There Was Something Oppressive About The Security Presence

I Can Kill Everybody

And A Family Cries

Afzal Guru Can Never Be Hanged

~Kashmir~ September, 2006

A Suspect’s Life

Srinagar – A City?

Jagmohan Dunnit!

The Fake Letter

~Kashmir~ August, 2006

The Slave Of Delhi Unleashes Terror

Kill A Kashmiri, Win 100,000 Rupees

~Kashmir~ July, 2006

Google Eye On Indian Cantonment

Pakistan’s Hypocrisy

~Kashmir~ June, 2006

How Mahatma Gandhi Stalled Kashmir’s Independence

Hang Them?

Left-Right Mish-Mash

Kashmiri Ministers Arrested

Cashmir Captured

Deputy CM Inaugurates Taxi-Stand


Pictures of K.H. Khurshid

Fanaa, Amir And Kashmir

Is Kashmir Still Safe?

~Kashmir~ May, 2006


More Eggs

When The CM Of Kashmir Cried

For Them, For India

Azad’s Reshuffle

Sex And The Valley

Numero Uno

Which Kashmir Do You Know?

How Safe Is Kashmir For A Tourist?

~Kashmir~ April, 2006

Azad Kashmir Pictures

No Longer A Traitor!

Gulmarg On Sale!

Come And Bomb Us

Azad Kashmir

Funny, isn’t it?

~Kashmir~ March, 2006

K H Khurshid

Kashmir And Books

Food Capital



~Kashmir~ February, 2006

Bush And Kashmir

Kashmir Tourism Department Fails Again

May 2004

Talks Talks

Food Again

Quail Hunting


Deputy CM Inaugurates Phone-Booth

Inland Water Clogged

Self Rule

~Kashmir~ January, 2006

Winter Tourism

I Wish There Were Some People Here

He Does Not Know


More To Come

Commonwealth Host

Can’t Send

~Kashmir~ December, 2005



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