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In Kashmir, News, People, Politics on 22 August, 2008 at 8:01 pm

The mainstream politicians, scared of being the target of public ire, are talking the good talk these days. Be it Abdullah or Mufti, both of them have supported the Hurriyat demand of opening of trade routes between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad, revocation of special powers to the forces in Kashmir, release of prisoners languishing in Jails and even of Azadi. What one remains amazed at is that were they blind till now to the true desire of every Kashmiri? Why did they, as the rest of the India, need to see hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris on roads to know what the heart desires? Abdullah has dared to speak about Azadi, only after some prominent Indians have done so. Are they so naïve to think that a Free Kashmir will put the reigns of power in their hands?! That will never happen! Ms. Mufti & Mr. Abdullah should better keep quite and not indulge in chameleon talk, for they have damaged the cause of Kashmir like no other.

  1. The so-called political leaders in Kashmir have always sold out the Kashmiri people and I dont trust any of them in the slightest

  2. navcity:

    …nor does any Kashmiri.

  3. Chameleons:
    Ahead in the current year is the completion of six years, the mainstream politicians who, after every six years turn into magicians and come before people to show their magic, some promise one job in every house, some promise progress and development, some credit opening of Muzaffar Abad-Srinagar road to themselves, some vow autonomy, and now the crucial time for them has started to mug up the music of electioneering, now they may play new tunes because to their old tunes there are hardly any takers. Mainstream politicians of Kashmir have been always playing the role of chameleons; they see masses as markets for their worldly beliefs and benefits. They see the demand of the market and raise their trade-cry accordingly. With the people having power at centre these mainstream politicians have an ‘understanding’, let me tell you the protocol of such an understanding in kashmiri, “…Be Vanai Chane Nave Te Khabar Kya Kya Vaujboon, Magar Yene Che Thath Kun Gachak(I will tell anything bad against you too, but don’t take it serious)” and if some times unintentionally anything goes beyond ‘protocol’ the mainstreamer faces the brunt and at times if he happens to be in ruling corridors he is simply shunt out. ‘Interim-reliefs’ like Autonomy, Self Rule, and Soft Boarders are their self designed things which they ask to their Aagaas (bosses) at Delhi for the people who they befool. Once these chameleons achieve power their claims fall silent and at the centre their bosses know that their ‘convulsions’ are just for the lust of Kursi (power).

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