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~K~, the blogger

The only knocks we heard were of the military or the militants. The only parades we witnessed were the military identification parades. The dreams we dreamt were shattered by the sound of bullets. The games we played were of death and life. The words we heard and said were: Army, Arrest, Blackouts, Bomb Blast, Bullet Proof, Crackdown, Cross Firing, Curfew, Firing, Grenades, Guns, IED, Kalashnikovs, Killing, Militants, Military, Raid, SLR, Surrender, Fear, Fear and Fear.

~Kashmir~, the blog

Kashmir is a beautiful valley in the South East Asia. It is a strife torn area. Daily humiliation is a part of daily life, arbitrary arrests are ample, custodial killings is old news, death is a usual occurrence, and basic human rights are unknown in this beautiful valley. In this pandemonium, the People of Kashmir are unnoticed and discarded. Their demand for freedom is colored in different shades and hues. Shades and hues, which are convenient to everyone but Kashmiris. When the fear of a nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan arises, Kashmir, the land, is back in the news but not Kashmir, the people. The people of Kashmir wonder whether their complete annihilation is the answer to their woes. Woes that are shrouded by the sound of nuclear bomb discussions.

This blog is about the People of Kashmir. It is about the issues that confront them. It is about the lives they live. It is about the culture that inspires them. It is about the murky world of politics that decides their future.

This blog is about those who matter the least, but should matter the most: The People of Kashmir.

~Kashmir~, the region

It is in the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent. It borders India, Pakistan and China. Kashmir has been sliced as per the wishes of the masters. India, Pakistan and China administer parts of Kashmir.

Kashmir Map, courtesy of Wikipedia

~Kashmir~, the history

The Kings of Kashmir excelled as conquerors, it was an independent Kingdom ruled by its own kings until 1586 when Akbar invaded it. It regained its independent status in 1840, when Dogras purchased it from the British.

~Kashmir~, the people

Kashmiris became famous throughout Asia as learned, cultured, and humane and the intellectual contribution of writers, poets, musicians, scientists to the rest of India was comparable to that of ancient Greece to European civilization.

Victoria Schofield, Kashmir in the Crossfire, p. 8

A country of such striking natural beauty must, surely, at some period of its history have produced a refined and noble people.

Francis Younghusband, Kashmir as it was, p. 125

Photograph by Mahatta, Kashmir, 1950's. No copyright was associated with this picture.

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