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Omar v/s Omar, Perhaps Not!

In Kashmir on 28 June, 2010 at 12:05 am

Untitled, Undated.

  1. In recent develpments Omar A proved himself nothing more than an pawn on chanakays chess board.

  2. Sons of Kashmir, drenched in blood, bundled in a judicial inquiry, wrapped up with a label “Stone Pelter”, instigated by Hurriyat, LeT, and other “Shar Pasand Anaasir”.

    A gift from a concerned (self styled GOD-) father cum dynamic, young CM cum Indian Puppet to the Occupied Kashmir People on Behalf Of P. Chidambram and Indian Demon-Crazy Terrorist State.

  3. Taimur

    Very well said, your emotional out burst speaks about the ground reality, only you had missed one thing “ISI” & “Atoot Ang”.

    Though the above photo speaks of Abdullah & Mirwaiz Dynasty, both are there by default, but on the part of the blog, I would like to know the sources of this meeting. There is no detail when, why, what and how this was taken?

    • Jhiya:

      It is an untitled and undated photograph, with no details available. The reason for publishing this photograph – is to bring forth the idea that they are not as different as we assume them to be.

      Both of them are responsible for the deaths of Kashmiris, whether by ommission or commission.

  4. Be proud to be indian

    • We Kashmiris hate the Bluidy Indians….
      Indians are bikharis, So u bluidy be prud to be a bikhari…


  5. Well, I suppose the above photograph was received by the media-men via a email, and also was put of facebook with some details… Subsequently a poster was pasted across srinagar on the eve of 21May 2010, issued by Public Awareness Bureau as was mentioned on the poster. The poster made ripples in the political circles, with unconfirmed reports saying 6 people have been arrested in this connection by Police. The location of this photograph is Kashmir House in Delhi probably during the Quite Dialogue, as was confirmed by many people.

  6. Thousands of security forces have been killed & maimed by Kashmiri militants under guise of ‘students’& citizens. No one talks about the atrocities being perpetrators of Pakisthani puppets. Instead of being grateful to the millions who have provided food, shelter & stability and love kashmiris, the puppets worship Pak wolfs.

  7. Omar Abdullah is a peice of shit and his lineage can be traced well worthy of calling him a “Traitor”. He is not a moral man and should have never been selected for the chair. Kashmir’s should understand and memorize it for ever, these are same abduallah’s who just build there family business had an pact in 80’s and now again repeating history .

    Farooq Abdullah , so called Doctor by training, is not worth a clerical job.Did his MBBS due to plotical push and nepotism and dreams to rule the kashmir.. bloody hell.

    Indian army or Indian core politics is a distant enemy of Kashmir, the real culprits are the kashmiri main stream political figures and instead of stoning the Indian army, i wish they could have been stoned to death.

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