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JacKal Police

In Human Rights, Kashmir, Srinagar on 14 June, 2010 at 5:05 pm

As Srinagar burns protesting the killing of a 17 year old by the JacKal Police (formerly the JK Police); how far the government has reigned them in, is obvious from this picture:

I Can Kill Everybody

A policeman carrying an AK rifle is stopped by his colleague from CHARGING AT A WOMAN who was raising anti-police slogans on seeing policemen committing ‘atrocities’ against the protesting youth in Chattabal area of Srinagar. Srinagar remained under siege and angry youth defied restrictions and clashed with police to protest against the killing of teenager Tufail Ahmad Matoo. At least 15 persons including eight policemen were injured in fresh clashes. (Courtesy of Rising Kashmir)

This picture is a testimony of the powers they have courtesy of the state government. If the government was really serious about the innocent deaths in the valley, we would see restrain from the JacKal Police, but that obviously is not the case. We rather hear ridiculous statements from the government. They really are losing grip of their senses.

From a previous post on the JacKal Police:

The Jammu and Kashmir Police has turned over the past decade and a half from an organization supporting the freedom struggle to a people more than happy to kill innocents and it will continue to grow evil. It has already graduated from beatings innocents to killing them, now they just need to expand their reach and increase the innocent death toll. Once India is confident that the police have been trained well to behave as colonial masters, as is the attitude of the army at present; it can reduce the presence of the army, flash a happy face to the world, confident and satisfied at the thought that the same role is being played by someone else. Lessons from the colonial masters, the British, has always inspired India: import officers who can act and behave as colonial masters, obtain the major chunk of the force from the local population and impose evil through them…more

And, the meaning of JacKal in the context of the JK Police:

Old World nocturnal canine mammal closely related to the dog; smaller than a wolf; sometimes hunts in a pack but usually singly or as a member of a pair.

  1. A question I asked several weeks ago, How can a terrorist organisation be defined? to which I got no answers.

    The Jammu and Kashmir Police has turned over the past decade and a half from an organization supporting the freedom struggle to a people more than happy to kill innocents and it will continue to grow evil. It has already graduated from beatings innocents to killing them, now they just need to expand their reach and increase the innocent death toll.

    Now I found my answer

  2. Analyzing the above picture, it seems how fiercely the state police of Kashmir has been trained who even cannot differentiate and spare our womenfolk, how merciless and wild they can go. The question is who are these man-eaters talking one soul after another of every single day in Kashmir without any remorse or grief and with no conscience. To me they look blood thirsty and very barbaric. Where these recruitments in police is coming from. What is the set criterion? Well most of the recruits are exploited lots by our successive regimes, living in destitution and very hard life and have been left without any basic amenities such was clean drinking water, toilet facility, electricity and healthcare. They are mostly from far flung areas such as Gurez, Karnah, Tangdhar, Kupwara, Bandipora and other adjoining villages. Most of the notorious, dreaded SOG men (SPECIAL OPERATOR GROUP) belong to these places.

    In my opinion to curb the menace of anger and unending stone pelting especially in Srinagar, which is due to unemployment and frustration, and if govt is serious to get rid of this new form of resistance, they have to come out with employment scheme of recruiting youths in police force from Srinagar itself. If possible each family from the Srinagar must have a men/women wearing Khaki, then only we can end this menace but for time being.

    Moreover an army of these bloodsuckers must be raised and sent to border areas to fight the infiltration, as they might be useful given the experience and understanding of jungle and every inch of mountain terrains they belong. Likewise security of Srinagar must be handover to the police forces who are its dwellers can very well persuade and efficiently handle any given situation and very well know the pulse of its inhabitants.

    To be concluded…

    • Jhiya:

      To a very small extent you are right, but that is really not the whole story. Srinagar-ites can prove to be no good either. A multitude of factors are in play and not simply where they are from. That is discrediting people of places, who have contributed the largest to the list of Martyrs. Those are the places we seee people getting ready to face the bullet. Not the case in Srinagar to that extent.

  3. Kashmirs have found their tormenters among themselves….All this mess is our own creation….We lost our national identity for money

  4. Kasmir is a part of India and would remain the part of India..

    • The hidden agenda behind the call for ‘Azadi’ is the need of the separatist to take control and loot Kashmir for themselves.. Mehbooba Mufti has no spine and is siding with the separatist because it is likely that it will help bring down the govt of Omar.

      Kashmiri politicians are corrupt and that is what has lead to this problem…the problem is not the Center or is the people of Kashmir and the solution lies in the hands of the Kashmiri people.

      If Kashmir does get autonomy the it will become similar to Afghanistan..FOR SURE a state in complete ruin.

  5. Though I agree from the above image that the police personal should not have been aggressive. But at the same time it can also be interpreted in another manner. Maybe the police personnel was abused to such an extent by the lady that his reaction was nearly unavoidable. I am Zaman from India and I have never been to or never had any relationship with Kashmir throughout my life. But some things are also pretty obvious. It is not that the police and the army are only at fault. I would say many Kashmiris are at fault too. If there is no violence there would be no high police presence. Instead of wasting time in stone pelting and violent protests it would be a lot more helpful if Kashmiris (not all Kashmiris but only the rogue Kashmiris) use their time on education and work for their own success as well as India’s success. Insha Allah the rogue Kashmiris will also become peaceful Kashmiris and help us all Indians in making this great country an economic superpower and world leader in the future.

  6. I do not understand how can we tolerate these traitors in our own society who kill our own children and terrorize our own people. Why does no leader (Hurriyat/salhuddin etc) say anything about Kashmir Police? Why is there no social boycott of these people? What are we scared of?

    These Kashmiris who serve in indian police/army must take a stand now, they are either with us or against us.

    • You people all are crazy and yours brain is being washed by Pakistani leaders. You realy don’t know exactly what is the meaning of freedom.
      Kashmiri police are protecting kashmir from pakistani attack.
      And nothing else.

      You people(Kashmiri) are getting highest facility(financial) than any other state of India or pakistan. So you never say that you are tortured by Army.
      Lastly I viewed that you people are very cheap, as you dont have any understanding and realisation power..

  7. Kashmir Should be Free. But we Pakistani and Indians have our Own EGO Problems. For Sure Humans are very bad!!

    • Why Kashmir should be free… Its the part of India. And who the hell of you to demand such thing. We know very well , you Pakistani are still angry as India helped Bangladesh to become a free country. And that is why Pakistani leaders always try to raise Kashmir issue.

    • If Kashmir does get autonomy the it will become another Afghanistan.

      Pak , China , India , Taliban will all try to take control … If the Kashmiri people do get freedom then they will regret it..if they live to see it.

  8. You kashmiri people are really crazy. While rest of the Indians are taking advantage of economic upturn and enjoying themselves spending money in malls, cars etc…with their families.. you are throwing stones at each other.

    Is this your “entertainment” (derived from Afghanistan or some thing)?

  9. to some extent kashmiris are also to be blamed for their plight because of illiteracy they are backward and have lost reasoning power.organising strikes and disrupting education of their own children.separatists are fooling them and sending their own children to foreign for education while these illiterates are throwing stones at police and getting killed.talking of azadi .will they be able to live peacefully among themselves if there was no army and not trust papistan who raped bangladeshi women in 1971 despite having same religion.some valley politicians are corrupt but still kashmir could have progressed if the people were peaceful.due to peaceful atmosphere only rest of india progressed despite so much corruption.

  10. I can agree this image is disturbing.

    But I from India can at least tell you this, we are not interested in Killing you people every day to retain a real estate there.

    Kashmir is Muslim major state, and for that matter it wants to split away.

    We Indians belong to no particular religion and we dont feel any thing superior about any religion. We people might dumb enough to understand that this can ever be reason for people to split away as we have more freedom for Muslims than it is in Pakistan, where they get killed in bombing in mosques every day.
    We are born to live in this world.

    But I just wanted to ask a question, Imagine the kind of treatment these protests would have got, if this protest has happened in place ruled by Taliban, China or for that matter even Pakistani side of Kashmir.

    You may know the answer and I know many of you will still not agree to the accept it.

    But certainly you guys or your future generation will think about this some time.

  11. Sorry, my English is not good.

    Ich finde es sehr schade, was in Kashmir passiert. Kashmir hatte viel Leid. Gibt es kein Ende? Ich bin sehr gern in Kashmir. Es ist sehr schön und im Tal leben gute Menschen.

    I think it’s a shame what happened in Kashmir. Kashmir had a lot of suffering. Is there no end? I am very happy in Kashmir. It is very nice and good people live in the valley.

    I like Kashmir.

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