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In Kashmir, News on 8 February, 2006 at 4:20 am

When Homer Simpson uses the word 'food' in his series The Simpsons, the word tries to encompass a simple person's simple desire. When the same word is spoken by political masters and administrative heads, it's meaning is completely changed and it no longer remains a simple desire, or even an indulgence but gets colored by what the masters desire it to look like.

Kashmir's bosses have for a long time been attracted by a funny term, 'food-festival.' I had written in an post about this nuisance.

These food-festivals are supposed to help improve the global image of Kashmir, increase the tourist flow, attract investors and reposition Kashmir as a true Paradise on earth. Ironically the 'Paradise' is still infested with 0.7 Million troops.

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department was supposed to organise one such event, along with a fashion show, in Lahore. Somehow the Pakistan Government has finally denied visas to senior officlas of the tourism department, though it had earlier given a go-ahead signal.

If such a festival had been organised in Lahore, it would have been an insult to the struggle in Kashmir, a struggle Pakistan claims giving moral, political and diplomatic support to.

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