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More Eggs

In Kashmir, News, Tourism on 29 May, 2006 at 2:41 am

When an egg is thrown on a  face it usually breaks, covering the face pretty grossly.

We have talked about the recent sex scandal and about boycott Kashmir campaign of Togadia.

And we just found a few eggs for a few (or maybe lots) of faces:

Egg one is for the ‘so called’ women’s rights groups of India.

recipe for egg one reads:

Where are the women’s groups, women’s commissions, the NGOs across India which champion the cause of women’s rights? If Jessica Lal’s murder and its subsequent trial becomes a national issue — and duly so — why doesn’t an organised, officially sanctioned abuse of Kashmiri girls elicit a single statement from anywhere across India? The argument that Kashmir is an integral part of India cannot be used only for political convenience. There is a need to relate to the people of Kashmir and their tragedies too.

courtesy of indian express


Egg two has been reserved for Togadia (his name sounds as good as some egg preparation!).

recipe for egg two reads:

VIOLENCE seems to have failed to keep the tourists away from Kashmir. Despite a brutal attack on a bus carrying holiday-makers in which four tourists, two of them children, were killed last evening, there are no signs of travelers fleeing the valley. ‘‘There has not been a single cancellation,’’ Director, Tourism, Farooq Ahmed Shah told The Indian Express. ‘‘Around 2000 tourists arrived in the valley today. And it shows that the tourists are undeterred by the yesterdays blast.”

courtesy of kashmir live

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