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When a person is humiliated, he fights back. He may respond in a similar manner, he may respond in a more severe manner or he may suffer the humiliation silently. If he is among those whose suffer silently, his peers will call him a coward, a loser, a good-for-nothing. He may be treated as a social outcast, for not standing up, by his own people. But, what happens when an entire nation is humiliated, when an entire nation is unable to stand up, when an entire nation suffers and tolerates humiliation? Does that nation become a social outcast for the rest of the world? Yes, it does. Not in the manner an untouchable is made to stay away, not in the manner rich people sneer at the poor, not in the manner capitalist economies look down at the concept of social equality, not in the manner religions fights, not in the manner of blood baths during wars, not in the manner of people being hung by their own courts, but rather in a manner that is worse than and a combination of all of these.

Kashmir has been humiliated by people who occupied it. Pakistan humiliated Kashmir. India humiliated Kashmir and continues to do so. And Kashmiris, are now, unable to stand up. Having accepted defeat, having accepted humiliation as a way of their lives they have been reduced to nothing, they have become undesirables in this world and have turned into social casts for the entire universe. This all is because they were unable to retain or regain their position as equal people of this world. The way Kashmir is being treated is the way a social outcast is, and deserves to be, treated. Why will any other nation come and help a people who are so occupied in themselves, so divided among themselves, that they are unable to realise that they are seen as the denizens of a leper colony. And the world will continue to stay away from them as long as they don’t cure themselves of their diseases. Our leaders, Farooq Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Mirwaiz Omer, Syed Geelani, Ansari, Beigh & Yasin Malik might see themselves as tall figures, who command awe and respect from the world. But, in reality when they stand in front of audiences all over the world, they are looked down. Their words elicit chuckles of laughter as they are considered a bunch of comedians, worse than even their own people. The world lets them talk because it is always good to listen to real actors, who shed crocodile tears, claim to be desperate and plead for justice.

Will the people wake up and regain their status as equals in this world?

Highly unlikely!

  1. Humiliation ? What about Murder. Kashmiri Muslims have been at best silent spectators and worst active offenders in the ethnic cleansing , rape and murder of the entire Kashmiri Pandit ( Hindu ) Community.

    What right do you have to cry about humiliation. You deserve more. The world is now tired of Islam and its atrocities and the west will look the other way. You Kashmiri Muslims will get what you deserve, and your blogs and screams will make no difference.

  2. I was in Kashmir recently and I was saddened by what I saw – ordinary people had to prove their identity and at every corner and were looked upon in suspicion by an army which was originally sent to protect them. I would call that humiliation. Caged in your own state, what could be worse than that.

    Amita – The writer hasn’t mentioned the word Muslim even once. They’re still Kashmiri Pundits living in the Kashmir, I interviewed some. Also you forget Kashmir is also home to a considerable minority of Sikhs. Kashmir is a political problem not one drawn on religious lines. Only hardliners on both sides would want that.

  3. Dear Amita,

    I don’t know how old or how intelligent u r. But let me make it clear, to whatever happened to pandits in kashmir was a result of their own mistakes.Why did u leave kashmir? Pehaps to make sure only muslime die in the kashmir conflict.To my knowledge no hidu girl was ever raped or no innocent hindu was killed in kashmir.Even if somebody was raped or killed it doesn’t prove much , look at how may muslims got killed .If a handful of hindus die ,there is huge uproar. what about muslims they also die, but no one cares.Basically u r being irrational and selfish. What happened to pandits after they migrated to Jammu.How did your so called hindu brothers in jammu treat you, sorry amita i feel like laughing here…. the hindu brothers u had bragged about .Can u tell me how many pandit sisters got raped by their hindu brothers of jammu?

    And about Islam , what do u know about it , Islam is the only reality on the surface of this earth.West is may be tired of Islam alright.But dont forget they are christians , they loathe ur relegion as much we do.the fight between christians ,jews and muslims is fudamental one Which you hindus can’t understant.

    Prophets of jews and christians are also our prophets , our god is their god . All their and our prophets come from same lineage. Ur relegion is only an ancient culture without any history or rationale. You have may be one lakh gods , which even sometimes confuses u which one to pray on which day.


  4. Sultan Arif

    Your reaction towards Amita – by denigrating Hinduism is rather stupid. You say that Christians loathe our religion as much as you do. Sorry pal, but I know plenty of Muslims and Christians personally who have no problem with our faith, and in fact, like it and respect it.

    Hinduism is not polytheistic with one lakh gods, we believe in one supreme force, which has many manifestations. This is a common misinterpretation, much like Islam is misunderstood by many non-Muslims (although I personally dislike your faith, for the way it discriminates against women)

    And Kashmiri Pandits have been treated shamefully, in their own land, and it is a fact. Kashmiri Muslims were too terrified to help them.


  5. This is in response to sultan arif’s post.

    You can fool others with your ” why didnt they join us” crap but not us kashmiri hindus. You know it as well as we do that we were forced out of our homes. Prominent hindus were killed in the most brutal and inhuman way. Their mutilated bodies were publicly displayed to instill fear. Notices were put on our doors saying that we should leave the valley in 2 weeks or else be killed. How dare you say that it was kashmiri pandit’s own fault to leave kashmir. The fact that you can say that it does not prove anything that our women were raped just because we are in the minority shows your ignorance and illogical thinking. The fighting was started by the muslims in the valley. They never wanted any hindus to be a part of kashmir. Kashmiri Pandits were more educated, hardworking and enterprising and were seen as a threat by the muslims. You know we are glad that we got out of kashmir. Look at us now and look at yourselves in kashmir. While the pandits have used their superior skills and education to get the best paid and respected jobs in not only India but all over the world, you guys have gone back a thousand steps.

  6. Mr Sultan Arif

    God is a subjective, and only a Muslim would say that he knows exactly what is right about God. Weather you have one God or I have many, weather there is one supreme force or anything else in nature is your belief versus my belief.


  7. Akshay – ‘proving’ our identity in our own land is no longer humiliation. It is life. I recall the day I was looked with suspicion and had to ‘prove’ my identity. I was then a class 5th student and since that day, I have never left home without one.

    It is heartening to know that you see Kashmir exactly as it should be: a political problem. Kashmir has been colored green and saffron by those who see religion as the means to their ends. Sad, it is.

  8. In my last comments , i had tried to respond to comments made by Amita about Islam and muslims.In that i had made comments about hinduism.My objective was not to villify hinduism.I beleive if you r having a discussing Kashmir issue ,don’t bring relegion into it .Kashmir was never a relegious issue.You will find hundrds of examples of communal roits in Indian history but you will never ever come across one in Kashmiri history.
    I don’t say that no hindu was killed.yes hindus where killed. But to outrightly accuse whole muslim community of that is not logical.Muslims died in much much more numbers than hindus.You peole simply ignore that.
    Well as far as nt’s comments are concerned , i would say we were and are not and will never be Indians.This is the crux of the whole issue.
    We where a seperate country , therefore we should be seperate and independent country.For you pandits it is obvious and natural to have liking for India.I dont blame u for that.
    For you ,Kashmir as part of India (a huge hindu state) is better option than independent state.But for us no ,we cannot accept India at all.
    For ASW ‘s comments , Islam discriminates aganist women is totally wrong.My friend you cannot say like this . have read u read any Islamic scripture and what it says about women?i am sure no.I can say hinduism doesn’t discriminate aganist women but simply kills her. SATI for exmaple.And dont mistake me for any tom dick or harry , i have gone thru a lot of hindu scripture.But my point here is not to prove hinduism wrong or anything like that. I beleive we should not add relegious dimension to Kashmir issue.

  9. Thank you Arif for your comments. It is just another tragedy that people who should have understood us the best (the Kashmiri Pandits) are up in arms against us.

    ASW it’s not just Kashmiri Pandits who have been treated shamefully, it is the entire nation of Kashmir that has been – Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians – everybody. Kashmiri Pandits have been demanding a seperate homeland. Even BJP did not give it to them. Do you know why? They form an insignificant part of India as a whole. There are more Tribals and OBCs in India than Kashmiri Pandits.

    Isn’t it a strange wonder that Kashmiri Sikhs have neve felt threatened. Even Chattisingpora massacre did not deter them but ofcourse they knew the truth about it. It is time Kashmiri Pandits leave their cocoons and seek the truth.

  10. I really appreciate ur comments ‘kashmir’.Yes it the whole nation which has suffered. Kashmir struggle never started in the name of killing pandits are eradicating whole pandit population out of kashmir.If that was the case ,the whole issue would have reached its logical end at the very begining of the conflict i.e when pandits moved out of kashmir.But this didn’t happened.
    It is wrong to beleive that the uprising or insurgency was aimed at killing hindus .Kashmir never ever experienced a communal roit in its history.
    There have been communal roits in jammu but never in kashmir. This suggests that we have always lived in peace and harmony.How can the tradition and the trust that took hundreds of years to establish be wiped out in few months.Pandits still live in kashmir albeit in very small number,how did they survive till date.Even sikhs were killed and massacred, but thet didn’t leave valley.They nevert blamed these killings on muslims.
    My friends politics is a very bad game and kashmir has been a very bad victim of it.

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