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A Suspect’s Life

In Kashmir, News, Politics, Srinagar on 25 September, 2006 at 10:56 pm

One Kashmiri, three armed troops: one frisks, another aims the gun at, the third one stays on alert.

This is how Kashmiris, the people supposed to be protected, are treated by the 0.7 Million troops stationed in Kashmir: as suspects.

One Kashmiri, Three Armed Troops

Picture copyright and courtesy of Greater Kashmir/Mubashir Khan.

  1. …words are not enough to explain the tragedy

  2. Writers Creek:

    …to those who don’t want to know the truth, neither are pictures nor are emotions.

  3. Brother Kashmir,

    If a particular community in a country is up in arms against the nation asking for else do u expect the search operations to be conducted?Can u suggest a better way of conduction search other than that which is depicted above?

  4. Abhishek:

    Thank you for accepting that the people of Kashmir demand Independence. If the Government accepts Kashmir as disputed and accepts that Kashmir is administered as a colony, then no Kashmiri will have a problem with how they are treated. Since, India refers to the Kashmiri movement as Cross Border Terrorism, Muslim Terrorism etc etc and claims that the forces are in Kashmir to protect the civilians and not to suspect/arrest/kill them then India has to answer as to why they are treating Kashmiris like this.

    • Kashmir is never part of India. Brother you call yourself a democratic country but the truth is you are not. India raped its own constitution if you will read true history.

  5. I know you are the community which taste article 370 but if it is abolished then whole problem will be solved in one day. But our democracy has certain laws which we are following this is not pakistan where baloochi are killed and have no basic right. You have two option either with India or Pakistan. But pakistan punjabi will teach you real freedom
    Hope you would get real freedom in Pakistan but it is not possible.

  6. I don’t know why people talk like that. Kashmir was an independent state and our history is 5000 years old. There is more than 700,000 Indian army in Kashmir who have killed more than 100,000 Kashmiris and then why do you people talk stupid and ask to teach Pakistan this and that. If India is a real democracy then Indian public should demand from the Indian government to pull out its troops from Kashmir. We are Kashmiris whether we are from Azad Kashmir or Jammu and Kashmir. We demand that both the governments leave us alone. Why do you people interfere in our country. As soon as we do something then you say these people have done that. We give a damn to Article 370/Shimla Agreement. We do not believe in anything which is done without Kashmiri people. We demand that India should quit Kashmir and so should Pakistan.

  7. Dears Mazumdar and Malik,

    Do you really understand the Kashmir problem?
    When we are talking about independent Kashmir or a solution to the Kashmir problem , why are you comparing us with Pakistan?

  8. I happened to see your website by chance on Google.

    I was disgusted. Its so venomous, so spiteful. Its like putting blinders in your eyes and seeing just the nose in front of you.

    Do you think that terrorists blowing up young (Muslim) children by car bombs, throwing grenades at hapless poor Kashmir peasant (again Muslim) at a bus stand just to see some army jawan’s leg blown off is some divine form of waging a struggle?

    Those who live by hatred also die by it….and that is what is happening to Kashmiri Muslims.

    Ask, pray and desire for peace and god damn that Pakistan and you and me will again live in peace….

  9. Its sad you have not published my earlier comment.

    You guys too are violating Human Rights selectively and that is is the genesis of the problem.

    You do not want to hear what others say….You one day decide that something is right, repeat it hundreds of times…and eventually it becomes a part of the eternal conscience…the gospel….and that is ‘ Violation of HR in Kashmir’.

    You guys haven’t even bothered to publish a contrary and disturbing point of view.

  10. Its sad you have not published my earlier comment.
    You guys haven’t even bothered to publish a contrary and disturbing point of view.

    Your comment has been already published. Please have a look at the comment immediately before your latest comment. It states the date and time it has been published. You may also want to read this blog’s policy with regard to the comments: comments are moderated and will take time before being posted, abusive and off-topic comments are not posted.

  11. I completely agree with Sanjeev Khuhus’s views. you are killing your own people and blame the army. You should understand the gravity of terrorism and find methods to eradicate it.

  12. I am aghast and troubled by the miseries you are reporting, though your reporting is selective, exaggerated and one-sided. It is an unfortunate byproduct of the separatist movement. All Kashmiris are our own people and any human suffering is deplorable. However, the solution to their “miseries” is simple. End the war that has been started. Condemn those who have started the war, not those who are responding to it. India’s calling you their own people is not acceptable to you. OK, how do you expect India to acknowledge that it is your war of “independence”? By bombing the place or something? And how can anyone deny the Islamic terrorism and cross-border angle? Let us not even go there. Figure out what you want. If you call Muzaffarabad azaad Kashmir, then best of luck with your azaadi. This is a no win war. If you win, you get talibaan type rule or military dictatorship; if you lose, you keep suffering like this. Kashmiris should stop fighting, and everybody is happy just like they were before 1990.

  13. A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed. Let us see what this picture tells us. Can this scene be seen anywhere else in India – in Delhi, Mumbai? How about Karachi? Lahore? Yes, or no? Why? Are there 1 Kashmiri and 3 armymen in this picture, as your post says? No, just count them. Are there women, and other men who are doing their own business? Yes. Is there normal life and trading going on around? I think so. Does it look like what the armyman is doing is for Kashmiri people’s safety, even though the “suspect” may turn out to be unarmed? I think so.

  14. Raman Kaul:

    Are there 1 Kashmiri and 3 armymen in this picture, as your post says?

    The fourth shadow may not be of an army man.

    Are there women, and other men who are doing their own business? Yes. Is there normal life and trading going on around? I think so.

    That’s what a frisking is like, its only in crackdowns that the entire place is shut down and people are made to squat for hours in an open field for identification.

  15. You miss the point or refuse to see it. There are a dozen Kashmiris and 2-3 armymen. That means they are frisking one person for the safety of everybody else, while others are going about their normal life. You can show any picture selectively and write any caption. What is the big deal if a person is being frisked? It has to be done in an attempt to protect lives, in all places thanks to a continuous threat of terrorism. Try visiting the railway stations in Delhi or Lahore. I don’t want to repeatedly comment and counter-comment. My point is that the situation is not as bad as you paint it to be. I have close friends in Kashmir and they are leading a normal life, and keep inviting me too. They make fun of me if I show fear of visiting Kashmir. They travel to any part of India without a problem. You are blowing some incidents out of proportion, and making it sound as if whole Kashmir is burning. However I can fully understand your hatred for anything non-Muslim existing in Kashmir. There is no other reason for Kashmiris hating India. Otherwise we are also full-blooded Kashmiris, and are patriotic Indians. I have visited Kashmir a few times myself in last few years, and if not recognized or singled out for being a Hindu, I can easily live there. I am sure India would have been better off without Kashmir valley, maybe Kashmiris would have been happier too or maybe not, but well, history has played a bad joke on the region, by coupling Kashmir with non-Muslim regions – which in my opinion complicated the whole issue. I hope we see peace in the region in our lifetime, and hope it doesn’t take lies and manipulation to achieve it.

  16. Raman Kaul:

    I have close friends in Kashmir and they are leading a normal life, and keep inviting me too.

    It is normal to see a person blow to shred a hundred or so meters away from you. Life moves normally on Residency Road even if there is a blast in Lal Chowk and a few people are dead. Being abused, humiliated and your life being dependent on an identity card is all normal in Kashmir. Looks like the definition of normal in Kashmir has changed – drastically.

  17. […] what a Kashmiri should expect and anyone trying to showcase Kashmir’s truth is yet another suspect, like all other Kashmiris. Ami Vitale was not in Kashmir to take pretty pictures: I’m not […]

  18. The Photograph really shows how the indian army treats us. There should be someone who can talk on the behalf of kashmiri people. We have been treated like Vulgers from a long time.

  19. Well, don’t anyone dare to speak against the injustice that Kashmiri people are suffering from. One can’t dictate terms to us, while sitting in lime light. we are facing the problem and the solution to the problems lies only in the fact, that India should withdraw its troops from the valley. we want “freedom” and we will get it. InshAllah! We fear not death, the troops are for the safety of their own, not for us. Who in Kashmir is being killed is my brother, my sister and my relative nor yours. How come you know the value of a life, unless it is someone from you people. The picture above clearly clarifies the fact that wherever you (Kashmiri) go, We (Indians) will not shun you, for you are our slave.

    Rest, decide what you see and investigate yourself. Don’t believe What you hear, unless you get it verified.

  20. Kashmir free Kashmir that’s all we need!

  21. India is ready to leave Kashmir as now China has started to be the part of struggle-Indian people be ready your map is soon going to change I mean By the grace of ALLAH we will be free J&K. The princely state and our prince will be Syed Ali Shah Geelani Sahib.

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