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I Wish There Were Some People Here

In Development, Kashmir on 10 January, 2006 at 1:40 am

The 4th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas organised by the the government of India as a showcase for the states to encourage investors, has proved to be a failure for Jammu and Kashmir. The officials outnumbered the delegates.

This indicates that the claims made by the government (about investors returning and better security scenario in Kashmir) repeatedly are mere publicity stunts to misguide people and the world. Money is wasted on Food Festivals like the one in Dubai, that was supposed to encourage investment in Kashmir. How would a food festival do that defies imagination.

The government won't organise an investor event, as the government very well knows that nobody will turn up. This shall result in a shame for the government. But a food-festival draws a crowd and thus translates into a success for the government on the media front.

A food/fashion festival is soon to be held in Lahore, Pakistan. The people of Lahore, found of food, shall throng the event in thousands. I shall write more about the food-festival and it's futility as the event approaches.

Better conditions and a state of normalcy will encourage investors. Government claims of normalcy returning to Kashmir is proved wrong by the failure of the government to even interest delegates to listen to them.

The government recently lost the chance of a mega-Ski project to Himachal, only because the people at helm did not bother to encourage the investor (Mr. Ford) because it probably meant no kickbacks for them.

Here is an extract from's news item:

"I wish there were some people here," rued S S Kapur, principal secretary to the government of Jammu and Kashmir as he surveyed the five or six people who took time out to attend his presentation.

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