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Act Two: The Slave Of Delhi Unleashes Terror

In Kashmir, News, Politics, Srinagar on 10 August, 2006 at 11:16 pm

The Chief Minister of Kashmir Ghulam-e- Dilli (Slave of Delhi) also known as Ghulam Nabi Azad not satisfied at the killing of a young Kashmiri in broad day light has unleashed further terror. He is trying his best to put fear in the hearts of Kashmiris. However, his tactics, his actions will not deter the Kashmiri Youth.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police (at the request of CRPF probably) thrashed college students in their classes. Their crime: they had called a meeting to condole the death of their colleague.

The Act

At least 40 students were injured on Thursday, five of them critically, when police thrashed students inside classrooms of a college here and used force to disperse a demonstration against the killing of an undergraduate student, Ghulam Muhammad Sheikh by paramilitary CRPF troops at Dalgate yesterday.

“The cops entered our classroom and bolted it from inside. For 15 minutes, they thrashed us,” said Jehangir Rasool, a 2nd year student, while wiping blood from his wounded face.

The cops, according to witnesses, also abused some teachers of the Amar Singh College. “When we tried to stop them from beating out students, they misbehaved with us and hurled choicest of abuses,” the female teachers said.

The Reaction

“I am shocked by the behavior of the police. They entered into the college without my permission and went on rampage. I can’t tolerate the insult to my teachers and beating of my students, without any provocation,” Dr Shamshad, principal of Amar Singh College told Greater Kashmir.

quotes courtesy of greater kashmir

  1. Sad, and reminisent of the last days of the Dogras. Why are the security forces so inept? If Kashmir is the jewel in the crown of India, when will India start treating its residents as real citizens? Largest democracy on earth? Looks more like a police state.

  2. “He had an argument with the police. They dragged him, pushed him down and shot him. They let nobody approach him till he was dead”, said eye witnesses.

    The statement that the police gave was..( and it changed a couple of times…)

    ..he had a grenade which exploded in his hand…( apparently not from the pic of his dead body)
    ..he threw a grenade at the police which fell in the nearby drain and exploded ( apparently none of the people at the spot heard or saw anything like that )
    ..And later they claimed to have recovered another grenade from his bag.

  3. It’s even terrible than the Dogras, the Dogras were a monarchy!

  4. my dear brothers,

    You are doing great work, keep it up, great.

    We need to let the Indian people know the real face of their forces. They are being presented with sugar coated face of the acts of security forces.

    But, I do not understand why you guys are hiding your identities, this way, indian people will think that these blogs are run by millitants and not civillians.

    Hope you understand.

  5. I dont think anyone should give thier identities because then they are at risk! Makes sense, hope you understand brother/sister.

  6. […] and sycophant is the present Chief Minister of Kashmir and the pet-slave of Delhi- Ghulam-e-Dilli (Salve of Delhi) aka Ghulam Nabi Azad. In all the years that Kashmir has been ruled by a […]

  7. You forget to mention about Kashmiri Pandits.

  8. […] solitary, targeted and always of innocent people. Protests would roar and then ebb out as they were dealt with strongly. Sadly each incident was forgotten by the people. To keep the people distracted, development of no […]

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