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In Kashmir, Tourism on 29 May, 2006 at 8:05 am

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The previous chief minister of Kashmir had begged bollywood to shoot in the ‘locales’ of Kashmir. His request was bluntly rejected and instead he was asked a few ‘unanswerable’ questions. Even though he was unbale to answer the questions, he did get a lot of publicity, and so did his daughter when she ‘wished’ for a Mc Donald’s in Kashmir. It is reported that she bugged her father a lot about it.

Truth is served in small bites in Kashmir.

Even though our government claims to be doing all it can to promote tourism in Kashmir, the yield is not substantial.

Fanaa is a movie based on Kashmir. It was not shot in Kashmir. It would have been but the crew was not given permission by the government as has happened in the past.

“There was a bomb blast when we were there and there were rumours that we could be attacked. I wanted Kashmir to be a part of my script but it was just too difficult to get permission from the concerned authorities,” he rues.

Our government wants us to believe in ‘lies’ and lies are served hot in Kashmir.

  1. I watched Fanaa yesterday .I really am surprised by the change in the direction of winds .Till now it used to Border , Zameen………… & so on , where it was Pakistan and bad pople in kashmir(militants) aganist India.Now it is Bad people in Kashmir(Militants) aganist India and Pakistan.What a change!
    Well the director of fanaa could have really favored kashmiris just by showing that all kashmiris are bad i.e all kashmiris are terrorists, that really would have sufficed.Reason why i say this because all kashmiris are perceived as terrorists by india.
    This film has very subtley and skillfully propagated ‘india i love u agenda’ . No kashmiri loves India , if any one does he/she is mistaken or intelectually weak or does’t know history of kashmir. We were ruled by tyrant Maharaja, we were slaves, we were subjected to all possible attrocities and humiliations. When British left India , we and all other princely sates where given choice either to stay independent or join india or join pakistan.
    India forcibly annexed junagadh and hyderabad which were much like kashmir in that the ruler was from minority.Going by this logic Pakistans invasion of kashmir to topple maharaja is justified.I am not favoring Pakistan here.
    Maharaja joined india without ratifiyng his decesion with the people of Kashmir.Which was copmletely aganist coniditions set by British.
    Now in Fanaa they show that general public loves India and its Army.The same army which has been kiling and raping Kasmiris day in day out for the last 17 years.This is outright gibberish.How can general public of Kashmir like India and support its army?
    They have tried to reduce whole kashmir issue To IFK.
    This is movie is a collection of open lies and nothing else.

  2. The film i think it is not so good but some of the songs are good. There are many things which are not logical or sequential. As for the film propagating ” I love india ” It does and i dont see anything wrong in it. Not all kashmiris want freedom or love pakistan. As for the history of india annexing junagadh and hyderabad, yes it did so as these regions were in the centre of india. No country can survive surrounded on all sides by another country. Its just not sustainable. More over the populace in these regions did not want to be part of pakistan. As for kashmir its really complicated. india never raped and murdered people of junagadh and hyderabad inorder to occupy them. Whereas pakistan unleashed tribals inorder to gain control of kashmir raping and killing thousands. It is in this context that maharaja signed in. One should also remember that kashmir is diverse. It includes ladakh and other regions which are not muslim dominated. If all the kashmiris are against india and hell bent no amount of army would be able to suppress it for long. Although not a perfect govt. The govt there functions. This itself proves that not all kashmiris are hell bent and want a separate nation. Terrorism in kashmir started only after 1990. Before, there were protests about arbitarary use of article 356 and rigging of elections. It is very easy to incite people on the basis of religion and that has what pakistan done. On its part india should see that it applies the same principles of democracy that it practices in other regions of this vast country.

  3. Fanaa shows Aamir as a techie from Kashmir who works as a terrorist. This is to justify the torture and arrest of innocent Kashmiri students and professionals working in various parts of India. Aamir’s directorial films are praised for being closer to reality, this film was not directed by Aamir but I wish he applied the same rule to films in which he acts. There is also a scene where Rishi Kapoor (father of Kajol, the Kashmiri girl in the film) is show drinking rum in front of his daughter. Shame on you Aamir for publicizing your “act in real films only” notion on one hand and agreeing to act in such films on the other hand.

    A better film was “Mission Kashmir” which at least showed a little bit of reality.

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