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The Fake Letter

In Kashmir, People, Politics on 5 September, 2006 at 11:15 pm

The Kashmiri Pandits claim to have recently received a letter from Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HUJI), a miliant group active in Kashmir, asking them to beg for pardon and to accept the terms and conditions of the militant groups if they wish to return to Kashmir. A scanned copy of the letter can be found on this blog.

It is obvious that the letter is a fake, created by the Pandits to cash on the present wave of anger directed towards the Muslims. The other reason for the propagation of the ‘alleged threat’ could be the declining sympathy people in India and elsewhere have for the Kashmiri Pandits.

Kashmiri Pandits constituted a small percentage of the Kashmiri population (less than 5%). In the early 1990’s they left the valley as a part of an exodus planned and executed by Jagmoham, the then Governor of Kashmir.

The letter is:


The militants in Kashmir are increasingly using the available technology (satellite and cell phones, fax, telephones etc) to communicate and convey their statements. However, in this case they have, strangely enough, made an exception and used the good old method of writing a letter, and have done a bad job at that as well! The Kashmiri Pandits seemed to have been least bothered about following the normal procedure of handing over the letter and giving details about the recipient of the letter to the authorities (which could have helped trap the militants or even bust their cell in Kashmir), instead they went ahead, started scanning and spreading it all over the Internet.

The header of the letter is:


After reading 786, one is usually inclined to think ‘Muslim.’ 786 is commonly substituted for “In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful” but it’s use is controversial and is not accepted by some at all. It is also a casual reference and an Islamic militant group would never use ‘786’ instead of the actual words. The Kalimah is completely missing from the letter!

Would an organisation spell its name wrongly? Highly unlikely, but HUJI seems to have done so in this case. Instead of Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami, they have used Harkut-ul-Jehad Islami!


While writing an English letter, one usually leaves a margin on the left side, but that is not usually the case with Urdu. Given the terrible (language style, grammer etc) Urdu used in this letter, one wonders why they would care for a margin on the right side! The only probable reason is that the writer did not know proper Urdu and thought that a margin is necessary as it is in English. Even though these people had access to a computer and a printer, they preferred to write it instead of printing it! Typing Urdu is tough, requires additional software and a person who can write Urdu can not necessarily type it.

The letter ends with the name of the spokesperson but the signature is missing!


This letter has been widely circulated but the Kashmiri Pandits seem to have forgotten the recent press release of the Hizbul Mujahideen. Maybe that is because it does not serve their cause.

  1. The truth is terrorists did threaten KPs to leave the valley, u dont need a letter to prove it is an acknowledged fact

  2. This letter is significant as it brings forth the propaganda machinery of the Kashmiri Pandits at work. The claim that Kashmiris forced Pandits out of Kashmir has also been falsified by none other than the former Chief Minister of Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah.

  3. Oh yeah if ‘farooq abudullah’ has said it then it must certainly be true, & u r right Pandits left valley cauz India wanted a huge massacre of muslims, since that’s what helps Indian govt. the most; hindus out of valley & muslims getting masscared.
    Unless u assume that India is ruled by trigger happy freaks, there is no reason why what u said can be true.
    But I think thats what people like u think, that Indians are cruel, babrbaric muslim slayers. Good luck with sophisticated, non-violent pakistan.

  4. Excellent. Excellent. What a way to pin-point the hoop-holes. It simply adds one more to the bunch of lies of the Indian agencies in Kashmir.

  5. All I can say is that you are just as prejudiced as the KPs that you are claiming to discredit here. For all the purported atrocities committed in J&K, it remains a fact that the Pandits were subject to ethnic cleansing. It is sad that the chaos in J&K clouds your mind from seeing that there are other victims to this conflict too.

  6. Hey, I am seeing hundreds of kashmiri muslim youths on streets seeking a pardon for Afzal Guru.

    For a change, I would like to see Kashmiri Muslims pouring on the streets asking the Indian Government to resettle all the displaced Kashmiri Pandits with the same respect and assets which they enjoyed before 1989. And also clearly accepting the responsibility of the Pandits’ safety from Kashmiri and pro-Pakistani terror organizations.

    If the Kashmiri Muslims can’t even do this, no one in the world would believe that they are secular.

  7. How can Kashmiris take up the responsibility when their own lives are at constant threat? How can a Kashmiri promise to protect someone else when he can not protect his own family? Isn’t expecting security from a people under constant threat a bit too much? Having said that, do meet the Kashmiri Pandits who lived in Kashmir through all these years and ask them whether or not they felt safe. Have you never read news items about Kashmiris performing last rites of the Kashmiri Pandits or helping build temples. Maybe you have not if Panun Kashmir is the source you refer to.

  8. Now this is propaganda at is extremes. You mean to say thousands (infacts lakhs) of Kashmiri Pandits decided one day that lets play poker. Lets all collectively destroy our houses, and for fun sake start living in small dirty tents which lie in open. Just for the fun sake I mean !! At least that would belittle all Kashmiri’s and give us some sardonic pleasure.

    That some real load of crap !!

  9. Ha ha…..Mr K. strikes a bull’s eye again by saying that KP’s left Kashmir like lemmings walking to sea for ritualistic hara-kiri.

    And thats not it…then the lemming KP’s who survived the fall came back with a framed HUJI letter to implicate the perpetrators into some nefarios plot…the outcome of which is immaterial, ask why??

    Because all the lemmings are anyways out of Kashmir now!!!

    Dude before becoming the friendly neighbourhood Sherlock Holmes buy a Idiot’s Guide to Deduative Logic (or a Deductive Logic for Dummies )

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