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No Photoshop This!

In Kashmir, People, Srinagar on 23 August, 2008 at 12:53 am

A Million Kashmiris Demand Complete Freedom! No Photoshop this!

Kashmir Demands Freedom [Courtesy of]

Kashmir Demands Freedom [Courtesy of]

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  1. […] protests have erupted against the illegal Indian occupation. On Friday, the 22nd of August 2008, 1 Million people assembled and demanded Complete […]

  2. Allah bless Kashmiri Muslims and wish them independence. Aameen sum Aameen

  3. […] recent incidents in the state show that there is some resentment towards the government among a section of the youth here on certain issues. It has always been our belief that even the most difficult issues can […]

  4. Are you sure what they are asking for is “Complete Freedom”, and not merger with the country whose flag they are holding up? Or was the flag photoshopped in by someone? Long live Talibanization of Kashmir.

  5. They are NOT holding the flag of Pakistan. Every Green Flag is not a Pakistani flag, but you will fail to see that. Talibanisation or Talibanization?

  6. I am a Kashmiri too, have grown up in Kashmir and happen to know what the green flag means for Kashmiris. Anyway, why do you feel apologetic about the Pakistani flag? Even if it is just the flag of Islam, don’t call it “complete freedom”, and don’t say “it’s not about religion”. Whatever happens in Kashmir as a result of this madness can not be “complete freedom”. But, best of luck with whatever it is you people are after. Talibanisation or Talibanization, that is what Kashmir is going to be all about, and moderates won’t have a say in that.

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