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Funny, isn’t it?

In Kashmir, News, Politics on 2 April, 2006 at 1:48 pm

This is the funniest and the strangest news I have read today.

The Kashmir University, it's teachers and students as per government restrictions are not allowed to discuss/debate/deliberate on any political issue. I was pleasantly surprised to read that a 'conflict resolution' workshop was held in The Kashmir University. Eagerly and with crossed fingers I read the news item. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when I read that the students were being asked to discuss the Rawanda conflict!

The Kashmir University is in a nuclear flash point state and the largest militarised zone of the world! The government allowed and allowed them to talk about Rawanda (in some Godforsaken continent) but not about Kashmir!

Funny, isn't it?

Greater Kashmir, 1st April, 2006
Workshop on conflict at KU

Srinagar, Apr 1: A two-day student workshop organized by
Delhi Policy Group (DPG) in collaboration with University of Kashmir concluded here on Saturday.

According to a KU statement, on the second day of the workshop the students put forward their point of view and proposals for the permanent solution of Rawandan conflict. Most of the speakers were against military intervention and instead stressed on reconciliation through negotiations.

Professor Radha Kumar, Director DPG expressed satisfaction the way students handled various simulation exercises of the workshop.

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