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Deputy CM Inagurates Taxi-Stand

In Development, Kashmir, Politics on 13 June, 2006 at 2:09 pm

The deputy CM couldn’t resist, could he? Just three months after inaugurating a phone-booth, our deputy CM, continuing the tradition of his party, has inaugurated a taxi stand. You read alright. Yes, a taxi stand! As the world leaders wrestle with their minds to bring greater prosperity to their people at large, our leaders are busy inaugurating phone-booths and taxi stands.

It won’t be long before we read about Kashmir’s deputy CM inaugurating foot-paths, cycle-stands, parking-lots, tyre-repair shops, tea-stalls and whatever takes the fancy of our deputy CM. It appears movie titles inspire him.

Is this his worth as a deputy CM, with congress leading the coalition? Or is this what this harvard man is best at?

Srinagar, June 12: New Airport Taxi Stand (NATS) Drivers Union has welcomed the opening of prepaid taxi service at Airport.

The union today in a statement here hailed deputy chief minister for taking personal interest in ensuring the launch of the service.

We are grateful to the deputy chief minister who spent his valuable time with us on the inaugural occasion on 8th June 2006, the statement said. courtesy of greater kashmir

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