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Come And Bomb Us

In Kashmir, News, People, Politics on 16 April, 2006 at 5:53 am

One's heart bleeds to call the fanatic organisation, Jaish-e-Muhamad, a terrorist organisation. It is not because of any regard for this organisation but for the name they have chosen: Jaish-e-Muhammed (Army of the Prophet).

They use Islam and the name of our very beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) for their own selfish, self centered, short sighted, self glorifying goals.

These animals (it's a shame to call them humans) stuck at seven places in the Srinagar city at the same time killing five people and wounding at least forty. Once it attacked outside the JK Assembly causing the death of at least 20 Kashmiris.

At that time our hypocrite leader Geelani asked these terrorists to be careful about civilian life. But his words were mere words and he has, as expected, repeated these words today. Lip service. Throwing sand in our eyes. He called the blasts as 'unreasonable' bomb blasts:

"Syed Ali Shah Geelani, chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference, and Hizbul Mujahideen militant group has condemned Friday’s serial grenade explosions in Srinagar that left five persons dead and over 40 injured.

“The killing of civilians cannot be ignored as a trivial matter,” Geelani told local news agency KNS on Saturday. He said keeping in view the value of human life it was not reasonable to carry out attacks at public places and added that safety of civilians should be kept in mind."

If Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM)  had not claimed the responsibility, Geelani saab would have accused the Indian agencies as he has done in the past. He would have done that in strong words. His accusation would have immediately followed a rally and he would have renewed his demand for plebiscite.

But, today Geelani saab was not shook too much by the blasts. He was just able to say that it is not reasonable to carry attacks in public! That's all Geelani Saab? Who are you scared of? Are you scared that the JeM might shoot you dead if you say a few strong words! Or are you scared for the life of your son, who is presently working as a doctor in Pakistsan? Tell us Mr. Geelani are five deaths unreasonable?

Miseries of Kashmir do not end at that. The 0.7 Million Gun wielding Indian Troops, supposed to keep at bay 1200 Millitants, play their role better than they are asked to. Taking advantage of the bomb blasts, they take pleasure in shooting and killing Kashmiri young men. Sadists to the core. Young men because they are scared of them. Scared like rats are of cats. Unarmed Kashmiri men make armed Indian Military men pee in their pants.

Here is the 'story' of Farooq Ahmed's son:

“My son died of bullets fired by CRPF troops,” says Farooq Ahmad Parray, father of 23-year-old Mudasir Ahmed Parray. Narrating the sequence of events before the killing of his son,

Farooq said he and his son went to a shop near the CRPF picket at HSHS Street to purchase paint. “I parked my Alto car (JKO4/3111) near the bunker and went to the paint shop.

In the meantime, there was an explosion and the troops fired on tyres of my car, which burst with loud noise. A paint box which was in the car caught fire when a bullet hit it,” Farooq told Greater Kashmir Saturday. “The troops fired upon the legs of Mudasir who was loading paint in the car. Before I could rush towards him, a CRPF man came out the bunker and fired from point-blank range on Mudasir’s chest and abdomen,” laments Farooq, a resident of Chak Rawalpora near Old Airport Road.

“Mudasir died on the spot, and they kept kicking his body.., ” Farooq said as he broke down. …he said, shouting “they killed my young son, they should be punished.”

Hundreds of people took to streets on Saturday morning and staged demonstrations, demanding "punishment to Mudasir’s killers.”

(courtesy of greater kashmir)

No Indian newspaper carried this newsitem as is their norm.

What is interesting is that Kashmiris are being used to kill Kashmiris. In these attacks Kashmiris were made to lob grenades ta various places and kill Kashmiris.

Jammu Kashmir Police says that Jaish e Muhammad is responsible for all the blasts and that nine persons have been arrested so far. Maybe both India and Pakistan should come and bomb us together, atleast our miseries will end at once.

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