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Self Rule

In Kashmir, Politics on 2 February, 2006 at 7:11 pm
Self Rule. Self Rule. Self Rule.

These are the words being ‘parroted’ by every politician in Kashmir ever since the President of Pakistan spoke about it.

This word/phrase, that has been doing the rounds of newspapers, newsconferences, newsmeetings, newsblogs, newsmagazines, newschannels, newssites and newsnews in India, Pakistan and Kashmir has not even been described well. It means nothing at all in reality. It’s just a word, with no substance, no logic and no realistic applicability.

Self Rule is a model being presented by the President of Pakistan as a ‘solution’ to the Kashmir Confusion. I used the word ‘confusion’ for Kashmir and not ‘problem’ or ‘conflict’ because this is what Kashmir is now. A confusion for the people of Kashmir more than it is for the people of the world who simply see the Kashmir issue as one of ‘terrorism’ or of ‘freedom fight’ depending on which side of the axis you lie.

We, the people of Kashmir, have a strange habit, we cling to mere words said by anybody, who could be anything, nothing or everything, as long as the word has some hope hidden within it’s meaning. We are good at searching for hope, because it is hope that ‘keeps us alive’ and it’s ‘hope’ that makes us the laziest people in the world. Having found hope in a word, we move on with our lives, without thinking twice about the ‘word’ if not the issue. And we do not feel guilty because we think that the ‘hope’ we have seen within that word, will work itself to reach a conclusion, a decision for the confusion that has been surrounding us for decades. We ourselves don’t want to do anything lest our soft hands and rosy cheeks lose their beauty.

Earlier also we clung desperately to a word ‘healing touch,’ a mere word again with no substance and which proved as fake as the women who was using it the most. I am referring to that obnoxious lady, Mehbooba Mufti, who is the President of PDP, meaning Peoples Democratic Party.

Interestingly the first result in google search led me to a page called PDP Systems. PDP systems claim that they “provides memory solutions with high quality products and services that are competitively priced with value in mind.”

I am sure this would be a service that Mehbooba Mufti should use, she needs to boost her memory. Rewinding back to the time when she was not in power, she shed tears over the ruthless ‘excess’ of the Indian Army and then as soon as she stepped into the corridors of power, the ever-ready ghulams (servants) of her’s wiped the tears off and asked what ‘excess’ the people were referring to. She herself claimed that she had never said a word against the army and that she did not know Indian Army was stationed in Kashmir or something to that effect. I am not kidding!

You don’t believe me, let me give an example: The National Highway connecting India and Kashmir was blocked, thousands were stranded in Jammu and on the highway itself. Poor people, rich people, women and children with sufficient warm clothes, women and children with insufficient warm clothes, old people, young people, people who smoke pack a day and people who don’t smoke ever in their lives. People of all hues and shapes and sizes and colors were stranded. The army rescued the stranded ‘army men’ in preference to the population, even though the army is supposed to brave odds! But, let’s not talk about that. And we had Mehbooba Mufti travelling in London asking the government their to remove travel restrictions on Kashmir. The government obliged and issued even stricter warnings for travel to Kashmir! And the next morning, the people are still stranded on the highway trying to eat bits and pieces they can lay their hands on, Mehbooba says that she wants Mc Donald’s in Kashmir!

The Greater Kashmir cartoonist very well depicted her condition:

When she was called and asked about the efforts being made to rescue the people who were stranded, she said, “I don not know anything about that, ask the Divisional Commissioner.” When the Divisional Commissioner was contacted he was busy learning to make burgers.

End Piece:

Search for Peoples Democratic Party amused me, on the first result that is displayed, the snippet says “Peoples Democratic party has murdered Democracy.” How very true for Kashmir as well.

  1. There will be change in geopolitics, though the time has to ripe. India, a country of multi-ethnic society can never ignore the fact that Kashmir was never and will never be part of its geography.

    If but not sure, a good history can be written both the ways, by committing atrocities on inhabitants of the lands or offer a civilized mannered right of choice for the people. 1947 India was awarded freedom by Britain based on a will of the people of India, which left Britain with a good history of human rights after a long era of occupation and colonialism. British civil society which represents modern times would never hold India from its freedom.

    We in South Asia after division and destruction of a greater India can no longer afford to stay alert in mistrust, conflicts and desperation.

    Current world’s new phenomenon of “new world order’’ has brought some undetermined conflicts around the world after demise of USSR in 1990s. Specially a scary Muslim face has been portrayed to the general audience of the world. India has taken full opportunity to take advantage of this atmosphere to label Jammu and Kashmir freedom seekers as “terrorists. One can understand the desperation of India at this time when new political alliances are emerging into world map. Moreover there are new world powers growing too. New world has different version of superpower, wealth, trade and prosperity is the criteria.

    Indian Politicians must change their behavior to achieve a status of a new emerging economic power with positive attitude towards Jammu and Kashmir, hold a free plebiscite in the state and let people decide their own future. Consequently, India will have a new face of a civilized nation without prejudice towards its neighbors and minorities within its own.

    Jammu and Kashmir, ethnically a majority Muslim state has not been different for its religion but for a purely natural and historical. Therefore undoubtedly India has false claim over Jammu and Kashmir. All ethics, Principles of the mankind demand from India for implantation of human rights in the State.

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