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Cashmir Captured

In Kashmir on 17 June, 2006 at 12:47 am

Both facets of Kashmir – the beauty and the beast have been captured innumerable times.

But, this picture captured by Mubashir Khan of Greater Kashmir actually speaks a thousand words.

Policemen inspect the place in Batamaloo Srinagar where militants shot and injured a Special Police Officer on Friday

Published 17th June 2006.

  1. When peace arrives, peace will stay. One can only hope.

  2. Will there ever be an end to the violence in Kashmir?

  3. Kashmir is home to such shocking paradoxes – though I’m hopefull that Kashmir will see peace one day.

  4. Kashmir and peace seem so far yet so near. Will there be an end to the violence? Will Kashmir see peace ever?

    Kashmiris have lived miserable lives ever since Kashmir was born. A curse it is to be a Kashmiri. What good are the beauties of Kashmir when its own people are looked down by masters that are!

  5. For peace to stay, it has to be based on truth, justice and equality for all. A peace thrust on the population will never bear fruit. It may work as an eye wash, but in long terms never. The need of the hour is be honest with ourselves…

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