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Azad Kashmir

In Kashmir, People on 16 April, 2006 at 2:22 am

I visited Azad Kashmir. The drive to Azad Kashmir reminded me of the Jammu Srinagar National Highway in the Indian Administered Kashmir. Greenery all around me. Crisp, cool and fresh air all the way to Azad Kashmir.

On reaching Muzaffarabad, I was shocked, I had hoped to see rubble but I just saw cracked buildings. It was later I learnt that some places in the city had not been effected much. Rest of the Muzaffarabad was a tented city.

People call Azad Kashmir, Azab (torture, pain) Kashmir and Muzzafarabad, Musafir (traveller, a person in journey) abad (city) or a travellers city as people from all over the world can be seen in Muzaffarabad.

How Azad is Azad Kashmir? How Azad (free) are the refugees from Indian Administered Kashmir numbering 30,000 is the question that has bothered me the most since I returned from Azad Kashmir.

After the earthquake, the residents of Azad Kashmir have become refugees and the people from Indian Administered Kashmir have become refugees in exile.

I talked with a Kashmiri refugee putting up in a tented accommodation in non-human conditions. I asked him why he had migrated from Indian Administered Kashmir. Presuming I was a Pakistani he talked non-stop about the atrocities of the army, the torture, the terrible Sikh rule (I presume he used the word Sikh so that I (he thought I was a Pakistani) would identify the atrocities of Sikhs, he bore, with the massacre of 1947 partition ) and so on. While bidding him good bye, my friend talked to me in Kashmiri. This gentleman's tone changed as soon as he heard me talking in Kashmiri. Immediately he started boasting in Kashmiri the wonderful life he had lived in Kashmir. He went on to say that the amount of food Kashmiris throw after having a meal is as grand as the meal the prime minister in Azad Kashmir takes.

This is Azad Kashmir!

  1. hi i m waleec i m from azad kashmir i have one question that why india and pakistan no let us make our owm country why r indians and pakisatnis aftre our lives we dont want india to take over us and neather pakistan we want our one country dont mide but i have this question i have given my e mail and will wait for ur ans

  2. Hi my name is Deepak, I am a Kashmiri Pandit and live in Canada now. I would say that this comment of yours should be an eye opener for rest of the Kashmiri Muslims who long to go to Pakistan. It is a well-known fact that Kashmiri’s in POK are not treated at par with rest of the Pakistanis and that Indian Kashmiris are lving a much better lives then their counterparts in Pakistan. It is all the more painful to see that Pakistan is using poor and innocet Kashmiris to settle their score with India. The result and the fallout is that Indian Kashmir has still to see a true development and Paradise on Earth has now become a risky place to live in. The other fallout is that 4.5 lak Kashmiris Pandits have lost their home and are now living in exile within their own country or in other countries. I wish to see the same old Kashmir again some day where there used to be no fear whatsoever from anybody and life used to be calm, peaceful, and wonderful.

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