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Kashmir And Books

In Kashmir on 10 March, 2006 at 11:55 am

It seems that the book sales are booming in Kashmir. Books are (finally) being read by people. But, the news item has portrayed a rosy picture, as is being done with every other news of Kashmir. The Indian press is so considerate that it did not print the news about the killing of four boys (aged 8 to 18) by the Indian Army for the greater good.

Coming back to books. The truth is far from what DNA India is trying to feed it’s consumers.

No library in Kashmir is fully functional. The biggest library of Kashmir, housed in the SP Museum compound, lacks good reading material/organisation/friendly-staff.

No bookseller would give you a discount. In Delhi getting up to 40% discount is common but not in Kashmir. In Kashmir, the monopolist booksellers have created a mafia that makes sure that reading remains a dream for students.

Novels that one may want to read are not available, though Nancy Friday and Mills & Booms are always available.

Reading is becoming an expensive hobby and more so with the booksellers bent upon earning every single penny they can from the sale of a book. E-books seem to be a more viable option, so does ordering from book clubs like the India Today book club that offers very handsome discounts.

Book Reading in Kashmir. Copyright: DNA India
courtesy of and copyrights dna india

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