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Deputy CM Inagurates Phone-Booth

In Development, Gulmarg, Kashmir, Politics on 3 February, 2006 at 2:49 am

When the previous chief minister of Kashmir, Mufti Sayeed, developed this persistent 'inagurating habit,' people started joking that a day would not be far when the cm would inaugurate a phone-booth. Today the prophecy has come true.

The deputy cm of Kashmir, Beigh (pronounced Bag), has finally inaugurated a phone-booth. The Deputy cm, taking clue from his phone-booth mentality ridden party, the PDP, has brought laurels to his party.

As I said in a previous post, strange things happen in this land, called Kashmir, shelving a project that has much wider implications on the entire population and inaugurating a phone-booth are but normal happenings in the political circles of Kashmir. These politicians need some gray-cell activating exercises and I would recommend the movie Phone-Booth staring Colin Farrell for a start.

Phone Booth

If you read the news item, please also read the previous post, that talks about the monster called Gulmarg Development Authority. Gulmarg is an ecologically fragile zone and constructions have played havoc with the ecological balance. The rope way has been another disaster for the resort. Natural Regeneration of the forests in Gulmarg is Zero. In a decade or so, Gulmarg will turn into a barren land.

End Piece:

Once I went to a movie shop to rent Phone-Booth. I asked the guy at the counter for the Phone-Booth, he looked at me a bit puzzled and pointed towards the window shelves. I went and started looking, having found nothing, I again asked the guy and he almsot yelled, 'can't you see it's right opposite my shop!' He was directing me towards a real phone-booth. I had to explain that in a movie shop, I shall come looking for a movie and that's what I wanted.

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