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Kill A Kashmiri, Win 100,000 Rupees

In Kashmir, News, People, Srinagar on 10 August, 2006 at 12:44 pm

A young innocent Kashmiri student, aged 22, shot dead at point blank range by the draconian CRPF. They had promised a revenge killing after a trooper was shot dead by militants in the same location:

 I Lie Dead, Don't Mourn For Me!

The Slaughterers awarded one hundred rupees and promotions for killing the innocent Kashmiri:

We Are the Gods In Kashmir, Try Touching Us!

The women, wailing and lamenting the fate of Kashmiri youth:

God Save Our Children

Picture courtesy and copyright of greater kashmir.

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  1. & u know the boy was innocent beacuz ????

    It is disppointing how the rehoteric can poison the minds of even the most learned.

  2. Becasue having lived all my life in Kashmir, I and all Kashmiris know what is right what is wrong. When the trigger-happy security forces shot dead three kids; they could not claim that those kids were LeT terrorists so the GoC had to apologise but whenever it is a young Kashmiri it is easy to label him as a ‘terrorist.’ Kashmiris are killed everyday in Kashmir and never is a news conference called. Why did the CRPF call a news conference? And eye-witness records prove beyond any doubt that an innocent was shot dead as a ‘revenge killing.’ I trust my people more than the occupiers, i.e. the CRPF.

  3. I recently went to Kashmir, what I felt was that though both armymen & terrorists contributed to terror there, armymen due to higher amount of interaction were probably the ones who had to bear the brunt of hate more than terrorists. Rumors flew faster when it came to ones about army men. Hence the truth in any incident has become hard to ascertain.

    I don’t believe either the official or the popular version of stories coming from kashmir anymore. Truth almost always lies somewhere in between the two.

  4. Sumeet,

    You’re right, the truth is tremendously difficult to ascertain when it comes to Kashmir. The army does take the brunt of the criticism, and sometimes unfairly, because it is such an overwhelming omnipresent force. According to even official figures there are at the most a couple of thousand militants in the region.

    There are 700,000 troops in the same area, many of them honorable. Yet there are those who view every young Kashmiri man as a potential terrorist, or as being no different than the militants when nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of working with the Kashmiri people to root out the extremists who are as much of a danger to innocent Kashmiris as to the army, they treat them with suspicion and sometimes savagery as this post demonstrates. The resulting environment of fear and resentment gives the extremists the conditions they need to feed off of the rest of the Kashmiri people and perpetuate their gangster culture of the gun in the name of Islam, Pakistan, god knows what.

    The army takes the brunt of the anger because of their inept policies. They are supposed to be protecting the people, not abusing them… through actions like these they are keeping the desire for Azadi alive and well, to the detrement of their own mission.

  5. Jesse,

    Kashmiris have been forever distrusted by the government. Why otherwise would there be a need to rig elections, arrest leaders like Sheikh Abdullah, dissolve the special status of Kashmir?

    There is something called the basic human rights, when I read them I wonder: why don’t I have a single right!

    When I am asked to prove my identity in my own land by an alien that’s humiliation. When an alien can frisk me, beats me, arrest me for no fault of mine that is humiliation. But the saddest part is that we have become used to it and we have forgotten that we have rights.

    I wish you good luck with your documentary and thank you for your effort to give voice to those who have been muted.


    Ask a Kashmiri the humiliation he has met at the hands of the militants, and ask the same person the humiliation he has met at the hands of the army, the responses should tell you a lot about being a Kashmiri. A few thousand militants can not harass the entire state, but 700,000 armed men can.However, militants are not a trained people, an army is. One does not anticipate discipline from them, but from the army one does. And the army fails terribly!

  6. 1947 when India Pakistan got freedom from British rule. Kashmir was a independent state and rule by maharaja and Kashmiri was a well establish country.There was good and bad time came over the Kashmiri people and Kashmiri people hold their honor and their freedom.But when India, Pakistan separated and both country’s become greedy over the Kashmir and both trying to control the Kashmir resources.They humiliated human rights and draw the line of control between one country. India and Pakistan ruled by British and humiliated by British and now they apply all previous methods on Kashmiri people and during this time Indian forces killed more then hundred thousand innocent Kashmiri.India and Pakistan should not interfere Kashmir internal affairs like Kashmiri people got no interest in India or Pakistan internal matters.In India and Pakistan million people below the poverty level and both government should look after their people and provide them food and shelter.More then seven hundred thousand Indian army in Kashmir and they are eating and wasting huge budget of India which is could be use to provide food and shelter to poor people of India.By force you can rule on the ground but you do not control their heart and minds .If Kashmir got natural resources or water resources we will share with our neighbor country’s but first we utilize all resources on our people first then if we have enough resources then we will give opportunity to our neighbor country’s.India Pakistan since 1947 trying to capture Kashmir but they could not be successful to occupy Kashmir’s land. If India or Pakistan carry on this war more hundred year still they cannot rule on Kashmiri people.if you look at the history “MUGUL” trying to capture Kashmir and they make so many effort but they do not succeed unless Kashmir them selves invite the mugul and then they achieve the target.Its all clear in history.Kashmir people got all rights to establish their own gov,t and they wants to live peacefully with their neighbors side by side like they are living since 5000 year ago and we are proud that we got 5000 years of history.

  7. So called azad kashmir which is run by cheif minister from pakistan and GILGIT BALTISTAN part of kashmir which is humilated by pakistani army.Gilgit and baltistan people got no any human rights even basic rights of voting .They are far behind from aducation and evry day facilities.Azad kashmir and indian rule kashmir still disputed and india pakistan got no rights to built A dame in teritory of kashnmir.I requiest to UNITED NATION to help kashmiri people to get their self determination which is given by united nation.Threr is resolution passed over kashmir issue but that resolution still not implemented.I request to all human rights orgnisations to take notice in killing of innocent kashmiri in kashmir.I request to gov,t india and pkistan and their agencies to stop all activities which is aganist the international law.Kashmir people got the rights to live with peace like indian and pakistan nation got the rights to live with peace I requiest to British gov,t and American gov,t to involve in this issue and from deep of your heart get resolve this old issue of kashmir according to kashmiri people ambition.L.O.C should be finish and kashmir sould be unite like before 1947.I hope whole world should take notice and kashmir issue will be resolve and all violence ,killing imidietley will be stop and un will send thier peace troops and kashnmir people got the rights to run their own country by them and all out side involment will stop A.S.P.

  8. S.Bruhman:

    You have spoken true words! Justice can not elude us forever.

  9. I belong to Hindu; Brahman caste family and our four fathers converted in to Islam. Kashmir originally belonged to the Hindu people (Hindu Brahman) Now i am Muslim but I believe that Kashmir belongs to the people who live in Kashmir, whether they are Hindu, Sikh , Muslim, Buddhist.They are real people of Kashmir Weather they speak sheena language, balti, urdu, kashmiri , pahari, any language which is spoken in different parts of Kashmir they got the right to make one unite government and run Kashmir peacefully. I appreciate “Kashmir” gave comments regarding what i wrote above. I hope Indian and Pakistani and UN, USA, UK govt also take this seriously and make this region secure. As I wrote above that before hundred and hundred of years back 100% people was Hindu and after that they convert in to Islam.They are the same people only they change the religion.Its not that mean they got no rights on their mother land. One more thing some people say Kashmir became part of Pakistan because in Kashmir more then 95% people Muslim. I totally condemn this theory and i am saying if you present this theory on basis of Muslim majority then SAUDI ARAB is the best country to join with.Pakistan is run by America and we do not accept those people who are still not free.I request to Pakistani politician that they join back to where they was.Like Mr. Ghandi told to mr jinah that please do not divide the country we will give you opportunity to rule over the India.But Mr. Jinah do not accept that theory.After that what happen Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan and Muslim population which is about 45% in India that time was divided in to three parts.If any body say that Bangladesh was part of Pakistan and it will unite with Pakistan but Pakistani people and politician do not accept that theory but they keep saying that Kashmir Pakistan ki SHAH RUG HAY but they do not accept Bengali brother to join with Pakistan as a Pakistani.Its big history and its takes time to discover everything but i will discover the truth and like i said before time is coming very fast and Kashmiri people will be happy and enjoy the real freedom because we born free. our god born us a free so there is no any chain which is occupied us.Our thinking is higher then the sky and Kashmir which is called paradise on earth will share all happiness with neighbors.we do not forget the past but we do not want to create any hate on basis of past.


  10. Kashmiri should be free like India got their freedom from British rule.

  11. Dear Kashmir

    Could you please send me your address for further communication.Its been more then two days I have been waiting for your response.


  12. First i would tell u that what u r showing in this picture is half truth. when security personal are killed u are happy. but when ur own blood bleed then how u feel.

    You always called India security personal as Indian dog, i know it very well. when they teach u real freedom then u have problem. You too are fighting then why afraid of loosing lives. Its not your freedom struggle but war which u r waging against India.We are ready to fight your struggle of freedom.

    India is democratic country otherwise Kashmir problem would have solved very early. when we have abolished article 370. Its the only solution for Kashmir problem.

    Did u forget pathan attack of 1948 when they raid Kashmir and u took our help. Did u forget the Baramulla 3 day killing, gang raped of 1948. When u seek our help. where then gone your Kashmiri terrorist or jihad. Pathan were only 35 km far from Srinagar. When whole Srinagar were waiting for pathan to liberate from India.

    So think do u want Kashmir freedom from india and want ballochi, pakistan occupied Kashmir like freedom.

    Think dear for what are you struggling.

  13. Pakistan side kashmir and india side kashmiri people have a liitle development all the institutions, but Gilgit baltistan(POKGB) that no any development even pakistan have been snatch their basic humen rights, there is strictlly forbiden of free speech and communicate about their difiiculties. In Gilgit Baltistan, their is no any free print and electronic media to hilight their promblems to front of world community. there is published 9 weekly news paper, unfortunatly all above news paper publish under the ISI guid line, their are Two monthly magazene, one of this Kargil international has banned by pakistan army, other Monthly Bang-e-sahar is highliting the real status of Gilgit Baltistan, but the often ISI going to block the Bang-e-sahar team.
    Ashraf Gilgiti

  14. “You always called india security personal as indian dog, I know it very well. when they teach you real freedom then you have problem. You too are fighting then why afraid of loosing lifes. Its not your freedom struggle but war which you are waging against india.We are ready to fight your struggle of freedom.”

    Read this hindu’s words…. explains it all… some illiterate army/crpf personnel or some shiv senak.

    A wake up call for all supporters of kashmir cause.. their thinking won’t change by anything other than force.



    • “Weakness invites aggression”

      Tolerance is not weakness. If Indian army was given its way in 1971, your so called lashkar would not have been in a position to do murderous attacks on innocents like 26/11.

      One day, Pakistan will be doomed for what it created. Terrorism. Look at Swat, you have then answer. You will have khooni chawks all over Pakistan and American drones will be bombing on a daily basis violating the so called “territorial integrity”

      Pakistan from our perspective, is not a country. Its a country existent on American funds, exports terrorists, sells NUKE bombs like vegetables and is nothing but a failed nation.

      Good luck.

  15. I would like thank Mr. Asraf who highlighted the problem of Kashmiris who live in Gilgit Baltistan. UN people if you exist in this world then please com out and help Kashmiri people.

  16. I am so sad for this fine young man and his family. It could have been me or you in his place.

    But there is a problem:

    You conveniently showed one innocent dying. Did you show the policeman crying and dying with blood coming out of his ears and nose…he was working for a salary of 6000 rupees and he left behind maybe a 2 year old orphan and a wrecked wife who will spend the rest of her life in penury.

    This is holy jihad, the great war against freedom.

    Kill..destroy…and great things will emerge from it….Nonsense…

    Violence begets violence…nothing else…

    I don’t remember any one being shot dead in the middle of the street before militancy erupted…

    Kashmiris are not realizing that they are waging a war against enemy and the response too would be war like..

    People should be happy that they are facing a humane army…Probably Saddam’s army or maybe Israeli or even US bombing blitzkrieg would have maybe taught a couple of strong hard lessons to THE PEOPLE who live by a morbid fascination for divine Jehad.

  17. This is not a News Website.. its a self operated website.

    It’s wordpress not worldpress… even if it was doesn’t matter.

    Stop spreading lies… how come only you got the information that killing a Kashmiri rewards 100,000 Rs? Why nobody else knows about this news? Is this mentioned in any other news media?

    Where is the proof that killing Kashmiri gets you money? Why aren’t all Army men Millionaires yet?

    Stop Encouraging youth with lies. You will never Succeed.

  18. […] The fact that India does indeed reward its forces for killing innocents was reflected in an earlier post and now we have official endorsement that indeed innocent Kashmiris are being killed for […]

  19. Salam wa alaikum and hello.

    I would like to firstly correct what many indians are typing here that the militants are attacking civillians. What a pathetic lie which is as transparant as thier dignity. The militants are attacking the indian soldiers only. The indian army along with secret pro indian groups they are sending around to terrorise people in a hope of changing thier thoughts are the real culprits. Long live the Mujahideen who never silence our fight for freedom. Whether we fight or hold our hands up we are going to be attacked as you can see. As tipu sultan said ‘it is better to live like a lion for one day, than to live like a jackal for a 100 years’. May ALLAH Ta’ala have mercy on our souls, Ameen.

  20. Dear everybody,
    I consider every Kashmiri as my brother. I am here to mention a few things. Some of the bloggers have tried to give new colour to the struggle of Kashmir. Some have been saying that Indian Army has been blamed more than it should have been. Some have been saying People of Kashmir under Pakistan are facing crises similar to Indian occupied Kashmiris. In my opinion all Indian Army personnel are bastards. All of them should be hanged to death for what they have done Kashmiris. And about Azad Kashmir I want to know who among you has been there, to see what is happening? There is no news of Azad Kashmir in international media. Only Indian media talks rubbish about Azad Kashmir. If there was a any trouble in Azad Kashmir don’t you think, people there would started a movement against Pakistan just like we did against India. It is a fact that people of any part India or Pakistan have never been happy been with their governments. Complaining about governments is a normal thing in any part of India or Pakistan. Even people in New Delhi and Islamabad complain against their respective government, that doesn’t mean that government has been tyrant to them. Comparing Azad Kashmir and India occupied Kashmir is absolutely foolish. Do you want to compare 150,000 deaths in India occupied Kashmir to nothing in Azad Kashmir. Do want to compare thousands of rapes to nothing in Azad Kashmir. Do want to compare thousands rendered homeless to nothing in Azad Kashmir. List of atrocities does not end here, but I have to stop in order to continue my discussion.
    I want to appeal to all Kashmiris especially Kashmiri Hindus, that if you are talking about nationalism then talk of Kashmiri nationalism, India does not exist for us, One cannot be Kashmiri nationalist if he or she has a speck of love or respect for India. Nationalism means loving your nation more than any other Nation, absolute hatred for enemies of nation which includes India for us.
    Comparing Azad Kashmir and India occupied Kashmir won’t help, people Azad Kashmir are living peacefully, nobody kills them or rapes them or burns their homes. One more thing that i would like to add here is that in Kashmir it is sufficiently proved beyond doubt that Army is responsible for most of the damage. Our own people bear testimony to this fact. I addition there are only a handful freedom fighters left in Kashmir. To accuse them of anything defies logic.

  21. The problem is not India or Pakistan or Kashmir, the problem is Greedy Mentality and the indoctrination of youth…

    What if we liberals instead of fighting each other, start a dream to bind us in one country again… we all do mistake, and I also had made that I thought that the problem is Islam. But in fact the problem is not Islam, the problem is indoctrination.

    We all know what happen to Afghanistan, and what is happening in Pakistan. And we also know that Radical power are rising in India too… so what is the only solution? To remove the boundaries. and build again one “Hind”…. to throw the radicals away, and live happily … its difficult, but not impossible… it’s the only solution, as we liberals in Pakistan, India or in Kashmir are fighting each other… we see each other as enemy… and our fears are utilized by radical elements…

    Mughal King Akbar tried it, and had even achieved it to a place, but he forgot to understand that his son got indoctrinated with radical imams…and the same is true even today… In our countries, a child learns 1st, who is the enemy… instead of learning anything else. Children don’t know how to hate, how to fear.. But if a child grows like this… then he turns into a psycho… and we have enough psychos today around us…

    This is even true in case of Hindus, if there were tarryant Radical Muslim kings, and then there were also unloyal Hindus. Who had helped kings like Aurangzeb in greed of money and power…?

    Still what so ever, a rift is there between cultures… we have to live next to each other, under the same sky… can’t we fill this Gap ?

    Guys, we can’t change the Past… but we can change the Future…. Till when we will fight? Why can’t we build a peaceful world for coming generations instead of fighting?

  22. Hello Puneet Madaan,

    Why do you want us to join Indian doctrine? Can’t we survive without India? If your son after he is married wants to live in other place, would you impose restrictions, sanctions deploy police to harras him till he accepts you. Then why do you want to poke Kashmir into Indian bottle?

    Why do you always say look at Afghanistan look at Pakistan, see what is their fate, do you mean to say a person who doesnt want to live with India has no future and right to live, do you mean to say that India is the epitomy of civilizations!? A Kashmiri has no right to decide where he wants to live, no kashmiri can ever dream to live without India, if he does he is a terrorist hence no right to live.

    If a Kashmiri says he doesnt want to live with either Pakistan or India, what is wrong in that? In what way is India is offened? Why are we forced to live under Indian flag, we dont need India, wether we live or die, it would be our choice and no Indian will be held responsible for it!

    You say we cant change the past.

    So you mean that what promises Nehru had given to Kashmiris regarding choice to live is no longer valid, is obselete and kashmiri should accept the phrase “Kashmir is an integral part of India”. Funny!!

    If you dont respect the words of Nehru who build this nation, what love and care would you and India have for Kashmiris!?


  23. I am an Indian muslim and I think the only solution to Kashmir lies in fair and free referendum as promised by the founding fathers of Indian state.

    Kashmir is not about greater share in economic resources. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether Kashmir gains economically as a result of independence or goes Afghanistan way. It is about political freedom to build one’s own destiny – good, bad or ugly. Everyone whether living in India or Pakistan got opportunity in 1947 to choose their own destiny. Isn’t it fair that the same right is given to Kashmiri-s also?

    Secondly, Kashmir should not be looked through Hindu-Muslim angle. It is not a religious issue like Babri Masjid- Ram Janmabhumi. In essence, Kashmir is a political struggle. Though I must add that the blame for giving Kashmir a communal colour lies squarely at the doorstep of Kashmiri militants. They started their movement with persecution of Kashmiri pundits and gave the movement a communal colour. By the time they realized their mistake, it was too late and pundits were alienated forever. No wonder, to the outside world’s growing imaptience with islamic fundamentalism, Kashmir struggle is yet another fanatic islamic movement not much different from talibans or al-qaeda or iranian revolution. However, we living in the subcontinent should know better than to club Kashmir with militant islam.

    Thirdly, a political solution to Kashmir makes an economic sense also. Keeping half a million army on active duty does not come cheap. And to what purpose? What does the Indian mainland get by keeping Kashmir under Indian flag? If tourism and commercial rights are our concerns, then we have such unfettered rights with Bhutan and Nepal without any Indian flag there. A neutral and independent Kashmir as a buffer state between India and Pakistan will help us cut our defence budget substantially and allow us to make investments where it is really needed.

  24. Friends,

    See, it is difficult for these Indians to understand the Kashmiri situation…they make statements from a very comfortable position…they come to Kashmir as tourists…see Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens and then they think they understand it!

    They naturally would have softcorner for these so called security forces because they are their brethren…they think they are unjustly blamed…how ignorant!!!!!!!

    • Habbakhatoon

      Sometimes I thank god, that India Pak was separated. If not, India would not have been in an economically strong position, because of you people.

      you would just be feeding your terrorists with Indian blood to fight global ummah.

      Kindly don’t count Indian Muslims as your brethren, they are much well off and are very much Indians like any other .

      Mr.APJ adbudl kalam is the best president that India had ever had. There are numerous examples, so you keep your mouth shut and live with your Taliban.

  25. Kashmir of my dreams
    not a glimpse of you …no word, no message
    no ground for solace, yet hope unbounded.

    lets hope that our dream would be realised…amen
    love to all my fellow Kashmiris and others who understand our cause.

  26. Yes, Tanveer I second you there…though Kashmiris are stereotyped and considered as lesser beings but there is nothing like awarding of 100,000 rs for killing a Kashmiri…it is a white lie!

  27. Asslam-o-Alaikum. This is a wonderful effort.Keep up the great work. Allah Hafiz.

  28. How incredibly biased this whole blog is. Unbelievable.

    Before you talk about right and wrong, please take a moment and pray for all the hundreds of thousands of Kasmiri Pundits who have been mercilessly murdered and rendered homeless by the Muslim bastards. Until their deaths and betrayal is avenged, no solution to Kashmir is rightful. I do wish the Indian security, who are decent and honorable, are replaced by a more aggressive army who can ruthlessly avenge the deaths of these innocent people. Shame on you so called liberal Kashmiris for ignoring your istory of mass carnage.

  29. Well,

    Seeing all the responses here, I just wonder whats India’s plan here. They obviously do not want Kashmit to be free and to allow it to merge with Pakistan is unthinkable.

    I guess what they are trying to do is to prolong and procrastinate and wait untill the struggle runs its course. And in the meantime try something on the economic front, bring back tourism which is the main industry for Kashmir.

    And this may be working rather well, as the cries for a peaceful solution through political participation get louder day by day. And to think of it India can afford to play this game longer and better than pakistan. They have the resources and the international standing to do so. Whereas Pakistan may not be able to continue material support for the Kashmir cause for long, owing to its own domestic repurcussions and the apprehension of being seen as a center of terror.
    But come to think of it, what an idea. A masterstroke, except the fact countless innocent lives are being lost in the process and Kashmiris are the ones paying the price in blood.

    But one think is certain. As an Indian, living in India my oppinion is Kashmir can never be independent, let alone joining Pakistan in the near future. So it makes better sense for them to join the political process and get used to the fact that they will be a part of India for quite some time!

  30. We the Kashmiri people are always on the sharper end of knife it may be from terrorist or military force. Kashmiri people do not have to face the politicians but the military who always claim we have arrested some militants but in the real sense they are Kashmiri people without any sort of sin.

  31. Talks are interesting, but take some time to remember the beauty of out Valley at this wonderful website made by one belgian-kashmiri photographer :

  32. It’s sad what people living in Kashmir have to go through..and as I read the responses, they leave me with utter discomfort. When will this Hindu-Muslim issue end? When will we just understand that religion is merely an excuse to fight and kill each other? Whether it is a kashmiri hindu or a kashmiri muslim, both are suffering in their own places. There are thousands of Kashimiri Pundits in refugee camps that are dying moment after moment. Kashmiri Muslims suffer because of terrorism in the state. In my opinion, instead of arguing, degrading each other and behaving like uncivilized adults, we should act like human beings and help those in need of help. We have to set examples for the future generation. The children that are being brought up in such pathetic conditions and that are being taught to hate those who have no fault other than that of being born into the wrong religion, are unfortunate. Kashmir, whether it stays with India or goes to Pakistan, the people of Kashmir will suffer either way.

  33. For Rashi and Neil Mirakhur,
    Karsai lol poshan mal az hai aav lal soniay |
    From Nani, nana and mom sunita ji

  34. Well, its all good to see that Indian people are realizing that Kashmir was and is never a part of India.We are being made sapegoats by both Pakistan as well as India. Both these countries are using Kashmiri people for their own purpose. They dont need Kashmiri people, they only want Kashmir so that they can add some more geographical area to their map and yea! if we cut kashmir part from Indian map it becomes the ugliest one. But the day will come when India will be forced to publish outline maps in their geography and history books without Kashmir being part of it anymore. We still say……………INDIAN DOGS GO BACK!

  35. All the comments have been aptly answered by my brothers, but I want all the Indian people to answer a question:

    Back in 1992, when I was 2 years old, I went out with my uncle for a stroll. Suddenly announcement of a crackdown was made in the local mosque, and all of a sudden BSF soldiers came running into our courtyard and shot five bullets in my uncle’s chest.( He had a beard and they mistook him for a militant, i.e. what they said afterwards) A person was shot dead in front of his 2 year old nephew (after doing this a curfew was imposed in the area for 3 days and only 4 persons were allowed to bury him). From that day there is a pain in my heart which has only faded away but never died…and never will. I don’t like to mention this here but the photograph above rewinded my painful memories. Can you understand my pain, oye peace-loving people; no you cant because your children have not seen their loved ones being slaughtered in front of them!

    I request you not to fantasize this on this blog, because it hurts somewhere deep and remember there are hundreds like me.

    I would also like to add that I do not sympathies with militants either because they have also killed innocent people mercilessly. They killed scores of people too e.g. my friends father (a doctor) was killed just because he refused to pay money for their mission and was a Shia Muslim.

    When Indian soldiers kill anybody, the hardliners use it (it is pertinent to mention here that Indian media has special eyes that cannot see it) and when militants kill somebody the Indian media gets a breaking news and the hardliners keep mum (aka Geelani).

    But the common Kashmiri suffers and nobody cares for him because HE HAS NO RIGHT TO LIVE!

  36. I agree with Rashi Mirakhur.

  37. Yousuf,

    Mind your words, “Lord Narayan is with us”, just because you ethnically cleansed all Pundits from Kashmir its does not belong to you. If you talk sense you’ll get a thoughtful response, else you’ll only get rifle shots from our army. The Indian army there is Ram’s army, our political alignments are changing in 2009 and if Advani and Modi want they can bloody well clean all you guys up and open up the state for us to buy land and then we can even make Kashmir a Hindu Rashtra. Sorry if I am talking like a fanatic, but people like Yousuf deserve such a response, Jo Bharat ko gali dega, usko is sansar mein rehne keliye koi adhikar nahi hai [Whoever abuses India, has no right to live in the Universe], get out you Pakistani ass.

  38. Kashmir on its own!

    Sure it will be hurting but hardly can it get worse. Start a new autonomous kashmir as a independent country without Indian occupation is the only fair solution… see Israelis in Palestine!!

    Give freedom to Kashmiri people!!


  39. Salam all my kashmiri Bros,

    Who is this bloody Murali, tell him soon Kashmiri will **** out on the black faces of Indian Army,what he thinks about Indian, it is Kashmir not Gujrat! We are ready to screw the ***** of Advani and Modi with **** driver. India secular country “my foot” India is only for Hindus, that’s it. YOU ****** HUNGRY, POOR INDIAN PEOPLE, DEPENDENT UPON AID.

  40. Mudasir:

    You gave Murali what he wanted.

    How does it matter to Kashmir whether India is for Hindus or not?

    What do we care if India or Pakistan or Palestine or Congo is for Hindus or Muslims or Jews or Christians?

    Kashmir is for Kashmiris. Period. People preaching hate propaganda against whatever religion cannot be called Kashmiris.

  41. Hello All,

    I just wanted to add one thing to this long chain of discussions. Everybody seems to be talking about what is happening to Kashmir and Kashmiri. I also think about it as I am a Kashmiri too…. But Here are a few thing that I wish everybody could think.

    Why did army (or other forces CRPFF etc.) come to Kashmir. Were they there since Kashmir was found???

    Are Kashmiri Pandits not part of Kashmir? Have they not faced any deaths, bloodshed for no apparent reason?

    Everybody talking about different political and non political organisations addressing the Kashmiri needs, but are Hindus being included in any kind of dialogue that is going on…

    The List may go on endlessly…Just remember how it all started…

  42. Hello to all my Kashmiri Brothers…

    We are made desperate and helpless by Indian troops. For our solace it is must that we remain united and cooperative. It is not only India who always makes fun of us, but Pakistan too is not leaving any stone unturned in demolishing Kashmir and its heritage.

    We are fed up with both the countries and know we want to make our own impact.

    We have lost our priceless youths in this freedom struggle and we are still miles away from the word of freedom. Kashmir is known as paradise but these bastards have made it hell out there with their political games.

    Kashmiris are always considered as terrorist no matter how innocent they are.

    My question is that who should we vote for India or Pakistan?

    Looking forward to fight for Kashmir.

    Mohd Ashraf Shah

  43. I sincerely think that Kashmir should be a free state.

  44. Mudasar Ali – you are lucky to escape any harsh treatment by writing against Indians, while enjoying all the facilities India is providing you.

    [sentence deleted] Where ever u r in this world, there is a problem.

    Do not abuse India. You are getting food from India.

  45. Salam every one,

    Good work Kashmir, keep it up. Try to present facts as much as possible. Every one knows that CRPF personnel killed this youth in Dalgate area, so it is not a white lie. Regarding the awards you may have to do a research.

    Also some Ignorant Kashmiri Pandits are falsely presenting their exodus from the valley as genocide and ethnic cleansing. Kindly do a fact finding and post some good material with correct information.

    And Allah is with the Truthful people.

  46. I am Indian and I am Hindu. But still, I feel the solution lies in hanging people like Murali above to Death. But, yes we shouldn’t spare the militant hard-liners too who slaughtered some Pundits there. And, of course some of those ape-brained troops who kill innocents.

    Hang All Hard-liners Period

    And Mudasir, India is a net donor from last few years it doesn’t anymore need that shit aid which Pakistan needs. The coming future will be a far far stronger testimony to this.

  47. “Before you talk about right and wrong, please take a moment and pray for all the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pundits who have been mercilessly murdered and rendered homeless by the Muslim bastards. Until their deaths and betrayal is avenged, no solution to Kashmir is rightful. I do wish the Indian security, who are decent and honourable, are replaced by a more aggressive army who can ruthlessly avenge the deaths of these innocent people. Shame on you so called liberal Kashmiris for ignoring your story of mass carnage.” Shame on you Mr.Talldarkstranger.

    People of your mentality never like peace. Your blog shows your dirty mind. And yes do you have even any wild estimate of Pandit population in Kashmir before 90s…hahahaha.if hundreds of thousands were liked then I wonder how I survived!

    Your doing a blunder by labelling one crore Kashmiris liars & yourself truthfull. Change before it is too late…

  48. Its Useless To discuss anything with these Guys, They wont believe even if you show them proof of Indian Atrocities in Kashmir, as Allah says in Quran about such people:

    “Surely, as to those who are destined to infidelity, it is alike whether you warn them or warn them not, they will never believe. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their ears, and over their eyes there is a dark covering, and for them is great torment.”

  49. Dear Friends,

    All of us Kashmiris talk about achieving freedom or independence from illegal Indian occupation. But what are we doing for this. Just by talks and just by gun or just by protests…nothing happens. As Muslims, we must use our weapons of prayers and Dua along with other REAL weapons. Nothing happens without the will of Allah. Why is not the will of Allah favouring Muslims in Kashmir? Think about it. Unless we submit to God irrespective under Indian occupation or as free, we cannot attain the help of Allah. We must start obeying the commands of God and be sincere to ourselves in evaluating our belief and deeds and then show improvement in our character and our relation with God. I urge all the Muslims brothers and sister of Kashmir to take up the weapons of Five times Salat and Dua, be humble and ask for forgiveness from Allah. And let one group of Kashmiris engage in real fighting with occupying Indian forces without being dependent on Pakistan. Let us follow the Islamic rules for fighting and not kill innocents, be Indian or Kashmiris. As for Kashmiri Pundits are concerned, I want to assure them they are always safe and protected in Kashmir. Let them have no doubts in their minds and we miss them. Let us not give it a communal colour. We may adopt Islamic methods to fight for the Freedom Struggle but the issue of Kashmir is basically a political one.

  50. Dear all, may peace & blessings of Almighty Allah shower on you.

    Well, as far as my gimmicks are concerned regarding Kashmir it is simply to talk of paradise which is lost. Moreover, the people of Kashmir are dying by inches in day to day life. It is so awful to see the scenario of Kashmiri people. The youths are being vanished in thin air and nobody is paying heed towards the pauperized condition of Kashmir. Politicians are holding round table conferences but are they including the Kashmiri locals in there meetings? The government of India is trying to keep us in moonshine by providing the packages, this is all futile and soon in future it will end in smoke. Kashmir is separate from the very beginning of Asian world and so it will be separate as a “country”. And of course government is formed by the people & when people are antithetical towards government then there remains no government. Same case is in Kashmir, being U.N.O as watchdog, they should go for plebiscite to know the thoughts of Kashmiris otherwise it is just to make the castles in air by saying Kashmir is the integral part of India. I emphasize only on this point that try to make the ideas of people legal, try to make there thoughts positive because from every nook & corner of world some of the black sheep’s are trying to malign the Kashmiriat. They are making propagandas through media & we have to tackle them by the same medium which they are using against us whether print or electronic media. It is possible only when we have one thought, one slogan & one destiny. Our efforts should always be optimistic in order to educate people regarding the present circumstances of Kashmir.

    Hope that the thoughts will act on ground & our efforts will never go in fiasco.

  51. To all Muslims,

    I dont understand why Muslims forget the atrocities commited by Extremists/Terrorists supported by Pakistan. They have mercilessly killed both Hindus and Muslims, raded religious centers of both religion therefore they do not stand a chance to be called freedom fighters. They are acting on the whims and fancies of pakistani mullahs/Generals….

    Before Muslims Invaded India, Kashmir was part of India and will remain forever…. there is no question of ceding an inch of Kashmir to Pakistan or making it as Independent Kashmir just because it has Muslim majority. Muslims are foreigners hence they have no claim on Kashmir,, they got more than expected( Pakistan and Bangladesh carved out of India).

    Muslims are given Pakistan and Bangladesh they have to leave India and settle there.

  52. Brothers its high time we wake up and move our souls for the injustice we people in Kashmir are facing at the hands of administration who announce a compensation of Rs. 6 hundred thousand for someone who commits suicide in Jammu and on the other hand spray bullets on those who protest here in Kashmir. We lost 6 dear brothers but who cares. 2 are killed in samba and a magisterial enquiry is ordered. This is because the whole administrative bureaucracy is in the hand of Hindu fundamentalists who leave no stone untouched to benefit their Jammuites but at the same time create hurdles in the affairs of Kashmir. Be it development or human rights. Their lobby is so strong that they managed to divert 80 Crores from Mughal road project for the benefit of Jammu. We people of Kashmir have never been communal but people in Jammu have always had hatred and animosity against us for no reason. What are we up to, we must realise it now before it’s too late. We may not be harming anybody but that does not mean we don’t have the right to protect ourselves from being discriminated time and again at the hands of administration that shows and always had a soft corner for people of Jammu just because they are Hindus. It’s a sham.

  53. Problem is only in Kashmir region not in the whole state. Wonder why people support Pakistan in that region though they eat things made in India ha ha ha works for Indian establishments and many more things like that. I am a Muslim too living peacefully in India but for people like those in Kashmir who Muslims has to suffer in India wonder when you will mend your ways. You should thank Allah that Indian government is still at restraint because he knows everything still not sating anything to you otherwise I bet you all people there would have lose your jobs and many things more. God bless you dear still there is time left to mend your ways otherwise the future generation will never ever forgive you for what you are doing in Kashmir.

  54. One day Muslims in Kashmir will have to leave Indian Kashmir and settle in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Or Indians will create the same condition of pandemonium as was created in Gujarat and forced the Muslim race living there into submission.

    This happened with Sikhs a decade ago (sic). But then majority always has its way during melle.

  55. Murli

    Yes Your Indian Army is really Ram’s Army, Worlds most Coward and Cunning countries Army. Indian Army (Rapists, Killers, Pigs, Dogs, thieves, Bustards) brutally killed Kashmiri People including women. But we have, we are, and God Willingly we will continue our fight against Indian Army and will thrash them out of our Kashmir-InshaAllah. CRPF is not actually army they are beggars and given guns they even don’t know how to hold the Rifle. And You Indian People Listen we Kashmiries do not like you we hate you from core of our heart. We are not at your mercy we have always demanded for FREEDOM. Your Democracy my Foot.

    We Want? FREEDOM

    Jeevey Jeevay: PAKISTAN

    Jis Kashmir Ko Khoon Se Seencha: WO KASHMIR HAMARA HAI.

  56. Good photo.

    Can we have some more pictures please, like these much. What was the [deleted] thinking when he got a bullet up his [deleted]?

    We want only Kashmir, not Kashmiris.

    Cant you all just go away ??

  57. You all ignorant people who knows who’s this bloody man……may be he’s a terrorist and all of you who are writing your comments mind your language, after all you are eating and living and earning from this country. If you are so much [deleted] up to live in this place then get the hell out of here why the hell you are disturbing our lives……get your [deleted] from here and [deleted] them in PAK where you all [deleted] belong! [deleted]

  58. Good Job Indian Army ! Congrat. !
    Keep it up and continous doing like that.

  59. You “Indian” why are you congratulating Indian army???

    Hahaaa ! It gives very clear picture about your (Indians) nefarious plans for Kashmiris.

    Insha-Allah we will get freedom soon (Ameen) and you Indian [deleted] have to leave Kashmir by putting your tails in your [deleted].

  60. I wasn’t born when the divide between India/Pakistan took place, so I can’t say much about what country Kashmir “belongs to” or whether it should remain independent altogether.

    I believe all life is important and most of us aren’t enlightened enough the understand the intricacies of our Universe in detail.

    For argument’s sake let’s say Kashmir is left as an independent state. The Muslims in the region and in other parts of India *must* share personal responsibility with a reduction in the amount of children they have. It is absolutely not fair to overpopulate a Hindu-dominant country INTENTIONALLY with the hopes of spreading Islam everywhere.

    Both, Hinduism and Islam (and other religions in the world) have diversified and beautiful lifestyles on many levels. It is absolutely *unjust* for any religion to force Hindus to convert to their ideology.

    At the end, none of us know the truth. We only know scriptures, and ALL major religions have scriptures. How can ANYONE be so sure that all other scriptures are wrong and theirs is right?

  61. If you have observed families with more than one kid, you would know that the well behaved kid gets perks while the misbehaving kid is reprimanded.

    With kashmir the siuation is reversed. Among indian states (yes INDIAN States) Kashmir is the most misbehaved and troublesome, yet is gets the most privileges in terms of federal money.

    I would think that Kashmir should be treated in the same manner as one would treat a misbehaving child. i.e by instilling some ‘discipline’

  62. Lalit:

    Get your facts right, Kashmir, even legally speaking, is the only state of India, all others that you refer to as States are Provinces.

    Yes, you have been doling out a lot of money, get rid of Kashmir for good. And as far as ‘discipling’ Kashmir is concerned, 60 years have proved you can’t ‘discipline’ Kashmiri sentiment of getting rid of India!

  63. You guys were talking about human rights. What about the human rights of Kashmiri Pandits who were targeted by Muslim terrorists (freedom fighters for some) and were given two choices either convert or leave Kashmiri. They were brutally killed, their women raped and nobody came to their help. Where were you back then? You guys talk about the biased attitude of all Indians what about you people. Nobody raised a voice against the treatment given to the Pandits, WHY? Or maybe you guys do not want them to be in Kashmir Valley. Maybe your people have helped their (Pandit’s) cause by raising voice against the MILITANTS but no one did. Pandits were ethnically wiped out from their homeland and nobody gives a damn about it. I guess you guys were happy that your militant friends have given you a chance to pounce upon the Hindu minority in Kashmir. Who are you to justify what’s wrong and what’s right. Ask those people who have been made REFUGEES in their own country by Muslim terrorists (helped and funded by Pak.). I was also reading your statement about how safe it was for tourists and my dear friend I was shocked to read your statement (”It’s absolutely safe”). An Indian tourist was killed and several injured in a grenade attack on tourists (21 July 08). C’mon man what are you trying to prove? People are being killed in Kashmir (I admit that) but not only in Kashmir, terrorists have killed many in other Indian cities. Instead of condemning those militants you are only focusing on the Indian Army, WHY? Let me guess, maybe you are also funded by the Paki ISI? Is this the truth my friend?

  64. This is an outrageous picture which speaks alot.

  65. YEAH:

    What about the human rights of Kashmiri Pandits who were targeted by Muslim terrorists (freedom fighters for some) and were given two choices either convert or leave Kashmiri. They were brutally killed, their women raped and nobody came to their help.

    Maybe you should ask the Indian Justice System these questions! Why did they release Bitta Karatae, who himself claims to have murdered more than a 20 Kashmiri Pandits! Why was he let go? Why ask me? For all I care, Bitta Karate could rot in hell!

    They were brutally killed, their women raped and nobody came to their help. Where were you back then? You guys talk about the biased attitude of all Indians what about you people. Nobody raised a voice against the treatment given to the Pandits, WHY? Or maybe you guys do not want them to be in Kashmir Valley.

    We were saving ourselves from the killings unleashed by Jagmohan. We had seen enough massacres to want more. And about us not wanting them in Kashmir, maybe it wasn’t us, maybe it was Jagmohan.

    Pandits were ethnically wiped out from their homeland and nobody gives a damn about it.

    Well actually everybody does gives a damn about them. Whenever a killing of a Kashmiri is highlighted on this blog, the only questions asked are: What about Kashmiri Pandits??? It is as if the Kashmiri has died for he deserves it. Take this post, this is about a Kashmiri killed in a broad day light by your Army and here you are giving the guilt lecture!

    I was also reading your statement about how safe it was for tourists and my dear friend I was shocked to read your statement (”It’s absolutely safe”). An Indian tourist was killed and several injured in a grenade attack on tourists (21 July 08). C’mon man what are you trying to prove?

    Nothing but I can say with assurance you have not read the posts updated about the recent happenings as well as the one you are referring to. For your reference please read these three posts.

    Let me guess, maybe you are also funded by the Paki ISI? Is this the truth my friend?

    If I am then ISI must be an organisation without any money, for it doesn’t seem they can even afford a decent domain!

  66. Who talks about Indians giving food to Kashmiri’s! [deleted]

    Open Azad Kashmir to Kashmir transport services and then talk. Till then stop blabbering. People in villages grow their own crops, vegetables, fruits, wheat, rice and all feed themselves. Urban people do business and earn money using their business skills. People work in organisations, sweat 30 days, and get their earnings to run families. People work hard and get money for their work. It’s like work hard and live. People get paid for their work not for being Indian, American, Pakistani or Thai. Let me put it this way all you freaks:

    Does a beggar get paid by India? He or She also belongs to India. Why? Because they don’t work hard. So you Indians stop [deleted] by saying that you feed Kashmiris…its their hard work what they get earnings for…..not that Indian government feeds them free….Have you people ever wondered how much India gets from Kashmir? Hell lot of everything! Tourism, agriculture, fruits, electricity, fame, beauty, heaven, praise, paradise, hygiene, beautiful map, business!

    Oh Boy! Shameless Imperialists! Kashmir will survive of its own… just let them free!

  67. Its a good effort to expose Indian brutalities in Kashmir.

  68. I am a Kashmiri… Common Indian citizens are our friends and we love them. But we do not want to be with India. Kashmir was a country once, but Indian politics and Indian leadership snatched our country. We want it back same as Indian’s got their country back from Britain. Indian politics is worst which is putting hindrances in their own progress. We are not Indians… We are Kashmiri’s… You call us terrorists same way as English people use to call Baghat Sing and other freedom fighter’s of that time. It is difficult to understand for an Indian through what we are being.. because in India only politics prevails not the truth….

  69. […] young student was shot point blank , instead of an investigation, the killers were […]

  70. Oh! What do you think????? About this innocent Kashmiri student this is the reality with us. We are not terrorists we want freedom

    “chood do chood do a zalimu Kashmir hamara chood do”.
    (Leave! Leave Kashmir! O! Oppressors Leave Our Kashmir)

    Every Kashmiri is demanding freedom to their country.

    This mistake or we can say fraudulences by the Indian government with the Sheikh Mohd Abdullah at that time when…

    J & K affairs had been mishandled before 1947 also. Then too it was mishandling of J & K affairs by Jawaharlal Nehru right from May 1946. Indian National Congress had left the affairs to Nehru. Sheikh Mohd Abdullah too in a speech while visiting R. S. Pura on 10 -04 -1952 questioned the status of J & K in relation to India. It had alarmed Jawaharlal Nehru since the views expressed by Sheikh Mohd Abdullah had significance at the international level. Earlier Sheikh Abdullah is said to have said on 25-03-1952 that

    in case the Constituent Assembly of J & K does not ratify the 1947 Accession of J & K with India no one should infer that Kashmir will become part of Pakistan.

    In an interview to Michael Davidson of Sunday Observer in May 1949 Abdullah was reported to have said

    “We want to live in friendship with both the Dominions (India & Pakistan)”

    Sheikh’s utterances had resulted in the August 8th 1953 dismissal of Sheikh Abdullah as Prime Minister of J & K by Yuvraj Karan Singh (Reagent). Karan Singh was at that time Sadar- e -Riyasat of J & K. He had been elected Sadar e Riyasat by Constituent Assembly of J & K.

    The Kashmir story is same based on: some people enter in your house without permission we can call some neighbours please help us then neighbours become tyrannous. This is the story of Kashmir.

    Now this is the right time we have to come in front.

    “Kill India Kill Kashmiris “we are ready, kill us but ultimately you have to free our Country.

    Jammu and Kashmir and Azad Kashmir is our country.

    I salute those people who have killed by Indian Unsecurity 8th pass.

  71. No one should be jingoistic. Human rights volitions should not be tolerated nor should one encourage fundamentalism.We all are humans and lets behave like humans. Lets not get carried away by our chauvinism. Even murderers have a right to trial and can not be executed in the broad day light like this seems to have been done. Anyway instead of preaching hatred, we better concentrate on love and brotherhood.

    • It will be possible when our country get same rights. our country is Jammu and Kashmir, you will be rewarded to you same by us.

  72. Kashmir and Pakistan is part of India
    We are the same
    Indians and Pakisatanis are one!

  73. The Kashmir is our country not a state we are struggle for freedom but what about the India they are killers we will never forgot to those who were innocent.

    • The Kashmir is our country not a state we are struggle for freedom but what about the India they are killers we will never forgot to those who were killed innocent.

  74. From the discussion it is almost clear that the moderator has a biased mind. As far as Indian army killing innocent person, it may be an aberration and not a rule. As far as secession of Kashmir to Pakistan or granting freedom to Kashmir is not possible either geographically or strategically. A very simple question to all the supporters of the freedom for Kashmir ” how a landlocked independent country can survive with neighbours (read India and Pakistan) having their own inherent interest”. I will also like to enlighten our friends that India is a huge country with enough population and resources to feed its forces for many years say thousands of years to remain in occupation (as termed by some friends) of Kashmir. Further the militia/ terrorist cannot fight an army for long. In Kashmir if terrorism is prevalent it is only due to the policies of our politicians otherwise the state of Pakistan can be annihilated from the world map. At most what Pakistan can do? It can use nuclear bomb but how many people can be killed. let’s say 10 crore but what will happen if India uses its arsenals. Pakistan will be finished off. So, the people of Kashmir should understand that India will not leave the place due to its culture, its geography, its location and its strategic interest. I had been to Kashmir for research work and has found that the main problem of Kashmiris are Kashmiri people who are corrupt and dogmas. A real Kashmiri will always think of its history and culture and also think about Ladakh and the Jammu region. so be pragmatic and ensure that no more innocent lives either from terrorist or from security forces bullet are not lost.

  75. The Kashmir is our country not a state we are struggle for freedom but what about the India they are killers we will never forgot to those who were killed our innocent brothers.

  76. I guess there are a lot of Pakis leaving message as Kashmiris…. I know many Kashmiri Muslims who go to other parts of India for studies… and who wants to stay with India… it is only a minority who wants independence or join Pakistan… all the hype is created by a few militant people who doesn’t care for their lives and others…

  77. Each and every Kashmiri is a nuclear atom bomb for India, it can be defused on complete withdrawal of Indian troops from each an every corner of kashmir…otherwise it will destroy not only India but,America, Israel, bartania, France and my other countries…

    Syed Aushaq

    Kashmir (Indian Occupied)

  78. Good to read these terrorists blogrolls. After long time I am returning to this blog. Long back ago I was tried to initiate a honest debate for what these fellows claims valid or not, but this fellow was too afraid to publish my replies for second or further time. These fellows publish maximum only what supports their part of argument.They are doing it very tactfully.

    Anyway reading these terrorists sometimes is a nice time pass.

    Don’t worry you guys, Americans are hitting you all in your ass from your western boundaries by their drones, we will also start soon, by eastern boundaries. And if you would have converted whole valley peoples in terrorists by then, then valley will be nice practical testing labs of our new and advanced weapons.

    For now you can continue entertain us with your innovative scoldings and passages. Nice gossips, keep it up:)

  79. Kashmir will lead to freedom. It is not killing it is sacrifice from a student. Our killed brothers name will be there in the History, when ever the pages of Kashmir history will be turned, his name will glow and say yes, it is me who contributed to the freedom of Kashmir.

    Allah Hafiz

  80. Hello all,

    If Kashmir wants freedom it should get it, But I’ve a question who in Kashmir wants freedom. let’s divide the whole region in in 4 parts Jammu, leaked, Kashmir valley(Indian side) and Pap occupied Kashmir(Pop). I do not about people of pop what they want, if have met some youths from Kashmir valley both Muslims and Hindus, I believe Muslims youths are inclined towards separatism, people from Lahaska…they feel very happy being Indian (I’ve never heard a single incident of army atrocity there), people of Jammu region sound less striptease, the could be due to the presence of good number of Hindus in that region. So it is quite clear that Kashmir is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic. And if Kashmir is set free if do not think Ladakh and some area of Jammu will accept separation from India.

    I am an Indian and a human being and if believe people should be given the right to decide their fate but the wish of a section of people can not be imposed on all people of region. If we are able to solve this complex question, if honestly believe this could work as a solution.

    Albert 83

  81. Islam is a VIRUS. The moment it spreads to an area, the muslims start ethnic cleansing of the entire region. 61% of all the Verses in Kuraan are about how to torture, murder and plunder the non muslims.

    If Kashmir ever seperates from India, all the Kashmiri Pandits and Buddhists will be murdered and the women raped because that is what Islam teaches.

    Kashmir will be the new safe haven for Taliban and other fascist organisations who will then carry their murderous Fascism (“Jihad”) to other parts of India and China.

    If Kashmiris are so willing to live with the Pundits, why are most of the Kasmiri terrorist organisations fundamentalist Islamic in nature??

    And… Regarding the pic, nobody knows who that person is. He could be a terrorist as well, as it is apperent that this site is dedicated to Defame the Indian Army, and humiliate the Hindus.

  82. AND for the Pakis…

    Prior to 11th sep 2001, India and The USA had a very cold relationship. Even today, the only reason the American leadership favors India is because your fascist and inhuman idea of “Jihad against the NON MUSLIMS” is EVIL and cannot be supported by any civilized nation.

    Also remember that India has a GDP of over 1 Trillion dollars and is the 12th largest economy in the world. Its GDP per capita is expected to quadraple by 2020.

    Pakistan on the other hand, lives on 5 billion dollars received from the USA every year. Do something for your own nation rather than dreaming of “Jihad” all day.

    If your Allah supports rape and murder of innocent people, just imagine what kind of people are you.


  83. The anti-India hype has been created by the power hungers who want to occupy power when Kashmir will be separated from India. To achieve this they even followed the policy of ethnic cleansing of Pundits whho has been living in other part of India in very miserable conditions In 1947 Pakistan became separated from India with a slogan that “ladke lenge Pakistan” accusing India as anti-Muslim. But at the same time there more Muslims live in India than Pakistan. They became separated but what has they achieved ? Nothing rather most of them want a cordial relationship with India.

    As per the army is concerned they are always hostile to civilians in other parts of the India also.

    I appeal to my brothers and sisters to refrain themselves from the anti-India acts. You belong to India and India belong to you.

  84. There is no point quarelling with you people. You want kashimir, Come and get it. You want to kill all Kashmiri Pandits and buddhists (they are not Muslims), Well, TRY… and see what happens.

    And of course you want to carry out terrorist strikes in India… go on… Do whatever you can.

    HISTORY, ISLAM, JIHAD, TERRORISM, KAFFIRS… Talk about whatever you want to.

    FACT OF THE MATTER REMAINS: You cannot ignore or overpower India on this issue. And every “CIVILIZED” person understands the terrorist propoganda you are advertising.

  85. If you want freedom go to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir whatever crap it is called. Kashmir is India (period).

  86. The rate of per killing be enhanced so that numberless Kashmirs are killed and served to zero tolerant human right advocate rs especially Man-Mohan; Chee-ta-berum; Farooq bull and Omer secularist.Mr Geelani and Qmar farooq are cordially requested to serve the dish in the specially arranged room of Ban-ki-moon.THOO

  87. […] The Slaughterers awarded one hundred rupees and promotions for killing the innocent Kashmiri: Source Shame on […]

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