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I Can Kill Everybody

In Human Rights, Innocent Killings, Kashmir, News, People, Politics, Srinagar on 25 October, 2006 at 1:49 am

A father and a son were killed by a speeding police vehicle, which was driving on the wrong side, a day before Eid.

I can kill everybody

“I am from SOG, not an ordinary cop, I can kill everybody, I will teach you a lesson,” a visibly frustrated cop shouted at women, firing tear smoke canisters towards them. (greater kashmir)

I’ll not spare them

Superintendent of Police (South) Uttam Chand rushed to the spot with a large contingent of police and caught hold of youth from the group, saying, “Why did you burnt our vehicle. Those who have burnt it, I have seen them, I’ll not spare them,” the SP shouted.(greater kashmir)

Killing in Kashmir is not uncommon but gradually it appears that the police and the army see themselves as reincarnations of God on earth. Be it the illiterate gun totting policeman or his superior office, they both think that they are the Greater Beings, created to maim and kill the children, the young, the old and the women of Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir Police has turned over the past decade and a half from an organisation supporting the freedom struggle to a people more than happy to kill innocents and it will continue to grow evil. It has already graduated from beatings innocents to killing them, now they just need to expand their reach and increase the innocent death toll. Once India is confident that the police have been trained well to behave as colonial masters, as is the attitude of the army at present; it can reduce the presence of the army, flash a happy face to the world, confident and satisfied at the thought that the same role is being played by someone else. Lessons from the colonial masters, the British, has always inspired India: import officers who can act and behave as colonial masters, obtain the major chunk of the force from the local population and impose evil through them.

Destroy Her Family. [courtey of greater kashmir]

It is not just in Kashmir that the armed forces see themselves as reincarnations of God, as far away as Christiana, the army is playing as murky a role as it can, but shouldn’t. Pakistan even though with a long history of military dictatorships is not as cruel and inhumane to the innocents as is the Indian army. With the kind of role that the army is playing in Kashmir and in places like North East and even in Christiana, one can not imagine what would happen to India if a military dictatorship was imposed. India would probably turn into the world’s largest killing field, where every innocent would get killed for 20 rupees.

Somewhere in Kashmir, a mother cries

“Why did you leave me alone?” Imtiaz’s mother Jana yelled on seeing blood and pieces of human flesh on the mangled motorcycle. She tore her clothes and tried to bang her head on the bike, but fainted after seeing the shoes of her husband and son near the bike.(greater kashmir)

And Kashmir keeps on bleeding.

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  1. Pakistan even though with a long history of military dictatorships is not as cruel and inhumane to the innocents as is the Indian army

    What did you smoke? You surely know to joke.

    What was Pakistan doing to its own citizens like Sardar Bugti of Balochistan, people of Waziristan, etc? FYI Sardar Bugti was hunted down and killed – like animals – with fighter jets and tanks.

    Did India use any of these on citizens of JK ?

  2. RS

    Only someone who has thinking has been clouded by the propaganda of the India media will attempt to compare Bugatti and an innocent guy. Bugatti was a feudal lord and not an innocent person killed while riding a motorcycle.

    The knowledge you have of Kashmir is obvious from your response. The posts on this blog only document innocent deaths. This blog does not tell you about the deaths that ensue as a result of fight between militants and the army. It does not tell you about the use of helicopter gunships in Pir Panjal mountains or the mortar shells used to blow up houses in Kashmir however that does not mean that India does not use any of these on the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Guantanamo Bay prisoners will be happy at their good fate if they are told about the tortures of the Indian Army. Just because you do not know the truth and have turned a blind eye to the reality of Kashmir does not mean that Kashmir is a paradise.

    Read this news report:

    The local residents questioned the rationale for using ‘extensive force’ to kill the two militants. “The holed up militants had less quantity of arms and ammunition with them as they fired after long intervals. But troops sprinkled gunpowder and fired mortar shells on the house, damaging it and its adjoining houses,” Abdur Rahman, a resident said.

    What amazes me most about the responses I get to the ‘innocent killings’ posts on this blog is that most Indians justify the acts of their army by co- relating it to something else or by ignoring the topic under discussion and picking up the sentence that has the word ‘Pakistan’ in it and then all of a sudden everyone is an expert.

  3. See this is what I meant by your blog becoming a propoganda machine:

    “Pakistan even though with a long history of military dictatorships is not as cruel and inhumane to the innocents as is the Indian army.”

    You know this because:

    1. You have stayed in Pakistan’s war inflicted zones for quite some time & also Kashmir (I hope at least in Kashmir you have stayed otherwise your blog is a scam)

    2. You were told by your Pakistani friends or Jihadi videos made by Al Qaeda that in Pakistan, army showers flowers at its opponents when attacked.

    I think the reason is number 2, you are merely repeating what those jihadi videos propogate, thats what makes your blog just another propoganda machine of the Terrorism Worldwide Inc.

    btw I am not denying that Indian Army has been cruel to more than a handful of people.

  4. Sumeet

    Let me deduce something from your post, not surprising though:

    Speak against Pakistan: Everyone is happy, this blog is unbiased
    Speak against Indian Army: This blog becomes a propaganda machine
    Speak for Pakistan:This blog becomes a part of the Al Qaeda

    How so very convienient! I anticipate more such ‘praise’ for this blog from Indians who read this post.

    Thankyou for ‘acknowledging’ that the Indian Army has been cruel to more than a ‘handful’ of people.

    No army of the world will or should shower flowers when it is attacked but very few armies of the world shower bullets on innocents, on their own people, on people who they claim to be a part of their country.

    I always have believe that Pakistan has played as murky a role as it could in Kashmir but this blog is not about bashing Pakistan or for making the Indians happy, this blog is about the people of Kashmir, the people who matter, the people who live everyday under the shadow of death. Any Kashmiri might die as a result of ‘misstaken identity’ any day and that fear is not brought about by Al Qaeda but by a regular army of the largest democracy in the world.

  5. If highlighting the plight of innocent Kashmiris, highlighting the oppression and atrocities they go through everyday in Kashmir, highlighting the injustice they have been witnessing during the last two decades makes this blog a Propaganda machine , then I would like more such blogs to be on the internet. I would like more such propaganda machines.

    Its funny to see how many times Indians brush aside or try and cover the truth about the ‘handful’ of innocent Kashmiris killed by the India army (where ‘handful’ = thousands ).

    Just mention Pakistan in your blog, and all focus shifts on that, and on trying to prove how wrong and bad Pakistan has been. And while they do that, the wailing mother is left wailing and immersed in the sea of tears thinking that she will get justice one day. But sadly with the kind of thinking I see around, justice seems a distant reality.

  6. kashmir please note, objection was to compare Indian & Pakistani army, it is a political debate of propoganda between India & Pakistan, not one that conerns Kashmiris.

    I had noted somewhere on you blog that supporting Afzal is not good for Kashmiris because he was not involved in a fight for Kashmiri independence but in a terrorist strike at parliament. Indians will believe that those talking about Kashmiri independence are really not interested in it, but are rather simply intrested in having some sort of sadist fun in terrorist attacks. When you support Afzal, kashmir you become part of those who really have a confused agenda.

    Intrestingly even atrocities by local Kashmiri police is blamed on Indian government as in ur blog.

    I am an Indian, so kashmir i will defend India as long as I am also being truthful, but niether will I be part of Indian propoganda machinary denying any uprising at all nor that of Pakistani one.

  7. This report is about Kashmir police who killed an innocent guy … then abused protestors and later threatned them. The person who has posted this report has went on to speculate that this is a new way of supressing people…and of course it is all done by INDIA!!!!!


    With due respect I would like to ask you one simple question: Doesn’t it happen with the rest of India? Doesn’t the Delhi Police, Mumbai Police do the same with Delhities and Mumbaikers??? Kill an innocent…try to wash off their hands….fire or water canon the protestors…threaten the eye witness??

    This kind of incident happens everywhere in India not in Kashmir alone. Therefore kindly refrain from linking this incident to as of another instrument of indian government so called hidden tools of supression.

  8. Abhishek.M

    We do not disagree that it happens everywhere else as well. That does not in any way mean that whatever happens is right. It is wrong and such wrong happens in Kashmir everyday and every second.

    The fact that the SOG made such a statement in a way shows how much power the government has given to the security personnels in Kashmir. The are free to kill, free to suspect anyone and put them behind bars, charge anyone and then treat them anyway they like.

    The kind of rights these armed men possess in Kashmir itself shows their supressive nature. If tomorrow I raise a voice against injustice, I might be put behind bars and have a case registered against me for having links with terrorists. It cannot get easier than this anywhere else in India.

    Are you trying to say that the number of deaths over the last two decades was not a suppressive policy by India? The massacres that happened in the early ninteies were not supressive? Ofcourse according to you, nothing was done by INDIA!!! India gets a clear chit. Wonderful!

  9. I will tell you what your country (India) can do to his people … during the year 1965 when Mizo National Front (MNF) were fighting the Indian Army … Jetfighters were used and bombs were dropped all over the place … and that was the 1st time a country bombed its own people … apart from that … what the Army have done is a horrible History for many of us…

    But after the peace accord between India and MNF… we all have lived side by side with the Army.. they help us build our lives…and they don’t carry Guns anymore…

    So my point is..any living person with a weapon in his hand can and will always cause death and destruction…

  10. you people should join Bollywood and I think you have a good career there as I can see your talent in imagination…..tell me from where you get these wild stuffs………..???

  11. Tarun, I think you should come and stay in Kashmir for a while, you will see live hollywood and bollywood, but unfortunately not the “running around the tree” kinds!

    Probably you will wake up to reality.

  12. In all these cases of atrocities (so called ) on Kashmiris, people forget the kind of pressure soldiers are living under day-in day-out. A slight carelessness or mercy can at times cost them their lives (& lives of many others too… i.e. Kashmiris).

    This doesn’t mean killing innocents is justified. But given the kind of situation there, Indian Army cannot be held responsible for all these mis happenings.The support that many Kashmiris offer to militants cannot be negated, which compels the armed forces to doubt many people there.The question of separation doesn’t arise when Kashmir is an inherent part of India. People there should cooperate with the forces to end this problem. Indian Armed Forces don’t kill people in J&K as a hobby or to pass time where they are away from the family for long durations. They are there to protect the borders & the people ….the Kashmiris.

  13. I’m sorry for your country; indeed I weep for our world. There is so much grief and tragedy.

    With hope!

    Shirley Buxton

  14. It is not important whether Afzal Guru was a freedom fighter or not. What we contest is that Afzal is convicted on cooked up charges and that he stands falsely framed into the conspiracy hatched in Delhi and implemented from Srinagar. He never got a free trial. Even the judiciary did not listen to his side of the story, as he has explained in various letters to his family and friends. This was just meant to find a reason to attack Pakistan, by the hindutwa rulers of that time. But thank God that better sense prevailed on them and they did not go for war, other wise i would not be writing this mail nor would any one be reading it.

  15. Have you been to Rwanda, Darfur or fracticious Cote D’Ivore? Or perhaps seen a US Marine open fire on a family bound for a wedding? Seen machete victims with no limbs crawling across the floor, begging for UNWFP parcels? Maybe I’ll take you with me to these places sometime and help you put your “suffering” into perspective.

    Perhaps it is the militants who need to take note of this as well as the Kashmiri people. Kashmiris are killed because, like Viet Nam and Iraq, the Army can never be sure who is a militant and who isn’t. Kashmiri co-operation with militancy doesn’t help either. If militants were in fact fighting for the people they would ensure civilian safety by using uniforms. The Islamists don’t care for Kashmir. They care for one thing only: their flawed, illiterate perception of the Koran. A dog only gets a bone if he is good. Once Kashmiris accept the fact that they are Indian, and start acting like it, they will be treated as such.

  16. Neeraj:

    One million troops stationed for over 17 years in Kashmir have failed miserably to kill and destroy the freedom movement of Kashmir, nothing will. So, stop dreaming that Kashmir will be the pet dog that you always thought it would be when you forcefully occupied it in October 1947.

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  18. Good rounding off of numbers – “1 million troops, wow!”. Good for giving the right dramatic effect. Anyway, I am sure all Indian Muslims are not as negative as you are. I live in the land of Irfan Pathan, AR Rehman and APJ Abdul Kalam, and millions of other positive thinking Muslims. To defeat India, you will have to defeat them, and it is not going to be as easy as you think.

  19. Raman:

    Is it that since you are happy with the STF and Indian Army oppression that’s why you chose to be overly concerned about minute details? Why avoid the topic under discussion?

    Do innocent killings bother you less than the ‘dramatics’ on this blog?

    Moreover I am not an Indian Muslim!

    As far as Indian Muslims are concerned, your flashing Kalams and Pathans is not going to work. It won’t mislead anyone now that the Sacchar Committee Report is public

    A brief look at the Indian Muslims:

    Less than 4% muslims graduate from school

    Contrary to right-wing calumny, only 4% go to madrasas, principally because in most areas of high of Muslim concentration even primary state schools do not exist for miles; where they do exist, Muslims invariably prefer to send their wards to them, even when the dropout rate of Muslim children is much higher compared to other community wards due to “poverty” as these children are pressed into work by their indigent parents

    The Muslim share in government employment is 4.9% (against a population of 14%); in a state like West Bengal ruled by the Left Front, their representation in state Public Sector Undertakings is exactly zero percent!

    Among India’s Security Agencies (viz., CRPF, CISF, BSF, SSB &c.) muslim representation is 3.2%

    Just 2.7% are in place among District Judges

    In towns that range in population between 50,000 and 2 lacs, Muslim per capita expenditure is less than that of India’s Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes!

    Not more than 3.% muslims are able to get subsidized loans, and only 1.9% benefit from the Antyodaya Anna Yojana Scheme (programme to prevent starvation among the extremely poor)

    Only 2.1% Muslim farmers own tractors, and just 1% own hand pumps for irrigation

    If muslims do outnumber majority Hindus in any statistics, it is predictably as a proportion of the prison population (much like the blacks in America)

    94.9 per cent of Muslims in Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in rural areas do not receive free foodgrains.

    60.2 per cent of Muslims do not have any land in rural areas. National average: 43%

    (Please note: there won’t be any further off-topic discussion. Off-topic comments will not be published)

  20. As for Off topic, i’ll only say one thing: the majority of Muslims in India today converted to escape the caste system. Theyre were originally of a low caste, and as such they remain downtrodden, which is highly regrettable.

    Kashmir should not bow down like a dog. I was making a mere analogy when describing a dog bone. the fact is that the majority of Muslims in Kashmir are sick of the violence and couldn’t care less about which poitical settlement they received as long as the killing would end. Unfortunately, joining Pakistan would drag them even further into the depths of poverty and desperation, like “Azad” Kashmir. Independence is a utopian option, as an Indian military pullout would result in Pakistani invasion (also an unfavourable strategic position for India). The only remaining viable option is to stay within the Republic of India. Remember–without playing the blame game–this situation is not a result of Indian brutality, but of Pakistani Invasion and fanaticism. Investigate and penalise unscrupulous members of the Indian Forces by all means. At the same time remember that any semblance of modern life that remains in Jammu & Kashmir is due to India. To stay within the Indian union is wise–to break off is suicide, or worse.

  21. K,
    Have you every analysed your statistics. What is the rootcause for suchcondition of your community. Why Muslim lack behind in quality education and other prospects. If you and your community had worked on constructive things for your Community and your Country, things would have been different for you.

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  23. Why Kashmiri Muslims are facing hell? As the saying goes, as you sow, so you reap. Indians are generally peace loving people, at the same time brutal to the core. You look at all states in India, Kashmiri Muslims are always in war, their religion Islam promotes and propagate war. For 5000 years, Hindu Pandits were living in the valley, peacefully, one fine morning they were asked to leave valley, killed, raped, humiliated and even newspaper advertisements were published asking Pandits to leave valley. After the deployment of Indian army when the situation went out of control, Kashmiri Muslims start knowing the heat. It is for the terrible sin that Kashmiri Muslims committed that Indian army is making you live like animals, because you neither respect Non Muslims nor want to live in peace, your dirty mind is filled with Islamic Terror, and do you expect the rest of India to tolerate you? India was divided for Muslims in the past, now there will not be any territorial concession to anyone, those who don’t want to live in India and go Pakistan and promote terrorism. Else be ready to live in war, all your life, India has the power to crush 10000 mutinies… beware. Learn and adjust with all, you will learn peace, else live in war…

  24. tu maan ya na maan, main tera mehmaan…
    [A forced guest]

    If the Kashmiris are not satisfied with India then why India forces them to be a part…?

    Let them live their own freedom life….!

    I myself heard that Indians kill the Kashmiri innocents….. why so..?

    Ghandi = freedom fighter
    S C Bose = freedom fighter…etc.

    At those times British were terrorist…
    Kashmiris = terrorists, and then…

    tera gaya mera , mera gaya hainhain</em

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