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60 Years!

In India, Kashmir, News, People, Politics, Srinagar on 24 August, 2007 at 6:04 am

As India celebrated its 60 years of Independence, Kashmir shall have, in October, survived 60th years of  forced occupation, state oppression, humiliation, torture, arrests, rapes and killings.

I salute Kashmir for surviving and for still believing in a free  Kashmir, a Kashmir free from the clutches of state terror whether in form or in policy.

  1. Does your “kashmir ” include only Srinagar & Anantnag ? What about Ladakhis , Budhist , Dogras , Gujjars , Bakarwals ? Unless you want to draw the borders to your home !


  2. Very nice blog.

    I think only real socialism, can solve the national question in Kashmir.


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  5. I salute the Kashmiri spirit too. It is something that has to be admired and given due respect.

    I would like to say, that I have been reading a number of Kashmiri blogs and I haven’t found a single one to be as objective as this one. I hope it stays this way.

    The pawanduranis and the littleindians of this world succeed in their propagandist ways, and ironically, it’s people like me and you who believe that there are many sides to the story that are accused of propaganda.

    Thank you for what is undoubtedly one of the best sites on Kashmir today.


  6. I recently went to Kashmir…..after years of fanaticising about its much celebrated beauty.

    Of course it was beautiful, but it fell short of my expectations. It was one of my worst trips ever because of the environment. But I want to visit once more in my life…!

  7. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

  8. You must salute Kashmir. Now that you have made it pure by driving out Pundits like me, you have every reason to rejoice.

  9. Salam

    Inshallah Kashmir will see peace again.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Salam Bro

    Keep writing and bring out the facts to light.

    Inshallah we are shining and will shine anywhere we go. Our Pundit bros were of the belief that their exit from the valley will bring everything to halt as they were the cream. We have shown them that Kashmir and Kashmiri Muslims without Pundits are prospering in terms of education. They met their own fate.Thanks to them that our youth has come out of the shell and are shinning in US & Europe.


  11. @Zafar:

    “They met their own fate.Thanks to them that our youth has come out of the shell and are shinning in US & Europe.”

    Good to know that Kashmiri Muslims are now shining and happy in the US and Europe.

    Though I am not sure if Americans and Europeans also have reasons to be happy with this. Hardly any day passes when I do not get to read a story about some Muslim who paid back the hospitality of his host country in characteristic Islamic style. From WTC to Glasgow to London train bombings, evidence of Muslim idea of how to express gratitude to their hosts is all too visible.

  12. It is time for the Indian nation to think to let Kashmiris decide their own fate by holding a referendum. The Indian nation has bled enough for the last 60 years in trying to keep the ungrateful population. Why not give them a chance to live with their brothers in Pakistan or live independently. Precondition to the referendum should be that all like minded Muslims in India who have sympathy with Pakistan should also be handed over. The money we have wasted in the Kashmir for the last 60 years can make us a better Kashmir.

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