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Is Kashmir Still Safe?

In Kashmir, Tourism on 2 June, 2006 at 5:54 am

I wrote a post on how safe is kashmir for a tourist.

There have been two attacks on tourists visiting Kashmir. Media reports suggest that:

Kashmir has been enjoying a great tourist summer so far and fortunately terrorist attacks have not led to too many cancellations. (courtesy of ndtv)

According to NDTV, mainstream politicians might be involved:

NDTV has learnt that security agencies are now closely looking at the possibility that militant elements in mainstrean political parties were involved.

The government of Bengal will not issue travel advisory to tourists from West Bengal against visiting Kashmir. IBN live says that Tourists stay put in Srinagar.

If the attacks were indeed carried out by the militants, then the cause of concern should be the Amarnath Yatra, which is scheduled to begin soon. Being a religious pilgrimage, Amarnath Yatra has the possibility of attracting the militants attention in the wrong way.

As far as tourists who are scheduled to visit Kashmir in the near future I can not say much about that. It should probably be safe, as I pointed out in my previous post, tourists are never harmed in Kashmir. The attack on Bengali tourists has been a rude shock and I am unable to understand it.

If you are a tourist visiting Kashmir, please take a minute to read about the 21 school children who died as a result of Indian Navy's behaviour. The children were forced on to the boat and no effort was made to rescue them. There were no life jackets and the navy boatman swam to the shore as soon as the boat capsized.

  1. Hi,
    You write very well. However, your blog does’nt say much about you. I am sure readers would like to know more about you. I have a blog as well


  2. hi
    today i was checking ur posts and i found it quite good especially about the fanaa movie . i mean to say tht not even a single producer has succeded in depicting the real situation in kashmir and current and past scenario.

  3. hi read your post how safe is kashmir, write well

    would say awesome write up, i too cover n write for blog cover various J&K related issues nad india on whole.

    would like u to go thru


  4. I was there a day before the blasts on 14th April . I tried to capture my visit there in a blog

    & btw
    1. Kashmir was never really as safe for tourists as your blog makes it look like( there have been other death than the kiddnappings in Pehalgam only low profile)

    2. 1200 militants in the valley thats it; I am not sure about this statistic.
    Other than that I loved ur blog, what u have said in many other posts is closer to truth than any other blog .

  5. Sumeet,

    Thank you for going through my blog.

    There have been no recorded deaths of tourists in Kashmir. Any tourist’s death is high profile. It is though a recorded fact that more than a sinlge in a year murder pre-89 in Kashmir would roll heads in the administration.

    1200 is the official figure of the total number of militants operating in the valley.

    You have captured some lovely pictures of Kashmir and I went through the narrative, it is beautiful.

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