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Fanaa, Amir And Kashmir

In Kashmir, News on 10 June, 2006 at 11:42 am

The movie, Fanaa, starts with Kajol saluting the Indian flag and this act sets the tone for the entire movie: of Kashmiris being patriotic Indians, of an Islamic movement being thrust upon them.

If all Kashmiris were patriotic Indians, there wouldn’t be the need of 0.7 million troops to ‘control them’ and a movement can not be thrust upon a people until and unless they are ‘fed up’ of the present regime.

Kajol is  a part of Independence day celebrations choir representing Kashmir. Her parents see her off in Udhampur. So desperate to get some Kashmir in the movie, the movie makers made another mistake: Kashmiris never (almost) travel from Udhampur to Delhi on a train. The most convenient route is by bus to Jammu and onwards to Delhi. For a non Kashmiri, it does not seem to be a significant mistake. But, a Kashmiri will look at this scene and wonder how long it will take for India and Indians to understand him.

During Kajol's  performance in Delhi, she quotes the famous words of Emperor Jehangir: ‘If there is a Paradise on earth, it is here [Kashmir], it is here, it is here.’ But, Kajol attributes these words to Shehjehan. It sounds so stupid when movies with huge budgets make such silly mistakes. She also claims that the words are true for entire India. It was the heat of Delhi that drove the Mughals to Kashmir. It sure is not true for entire India. Organised killings like the ones in Gujrat don't take place in a paradise. I do not need to mention that there was nothing Kashmiri about the song she sang or the dance she danced.

We also have Kajol pronouncing Srinagar as Shrinagar, as most Indians do, but no Kashmiri ever will. It is Srinagar, not Shri Nagar.

The movie creates a fictitious organisation named IKJ. This abbrevation seems to have been inspired by JKLF (Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) . Tabu, while describing IKJ, calls it an organisation as professional and as well networked as the CIA, MOSSAD and KGB. I wish they were.

Organisation is the only problem with Kashmiri groups, be they political or militant.

The movie has played safe and potrays that both India and Pakistan are suffering because of being targeted by the Kashmiris militant organisations. JKLF has always demanded freedom from both India and Pakistan.

What makes Fanaa different than other movies based on Kashmir?

It has had at least the decency to make a Kashmiri girl fall in love with a Kashmiri boy. It has made a brave attempt to say  that Kashmir was promised a plebiscite and had the right to choose between India, Pakistan and Independence. As Tabu utters these words, another character thunders back: Plebiscite was promised for the Kashmir under their (Pakistan) control as well. The way this character responds back is similar to how most Indians respond back. The reality is that Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir will never vote for India, they have never shown any inclination for India. They may want independence from Pakistan but they can't even imagine in their wildest dreams to be a part of India. There are 99% Muslims in Azad Kashmir and I am sure they don’t want to become  a minority in India and become become prey to a Gujarat like riots.

There are some other inconsistencies in the movie as well. Kajol’s father drinks heavily and has a bar in his home. Drinking is a taboo in Kashmir and having open bars in homes is unheard of, let alone seen. When Amir Khan calls his boss and claims that he has got the nuclear bomb device, the intelligence guys are able to intercept the message but are unable to locate the origin. When Kajol calls from the same set and asks for help, the intelligence guys are immediately able to locate the origin and they ask Kajol to stay put till morning as that’s how long they will take to get there. It’s actually giving Kajol and Amir enough time to fuse some life into an almost dead movie. There is not a place in Kashmir, where there are as grand houses as shown in the movie, that would take more than an hour by a helicopter to reach. Even ground forces can reaches pretty quick, the 0.7 Million troops are scattered all over the valley.

I was hoping that a movie in which Amir Khan stars would be a class apart. It should have dealt with the complexities of the Kashmir issue, but I guess no matter who the actor, no matter who the producer, speaking the truth about Kashmir is still an impossibility. Maybe more than the people, the producers are scared of the biased Indian media that will make a mince meat out of them if they attempt to do justice to Kashmir on the reel. In real no one can but the Kashmiris themselves.

Why at all does Bollywood make movies based on Kashmir?

Economics. Money. Bollywood is a setup for making money and for being famous. It does not care for beliefs and it does not have one. People indulged in glamour, power and money have very little time to think about causes.
Kashmir sells. This is the truth. From Salman Rushdie to MJ Akbar (Editor Asian Age) to Sheikh Rashid (Minister in Pakistan) all claim to be of Kashmiri descent. There are people whose great great great great grandfather had migrated from Kashmir and they think of themselves as Kashmiris. I can not digest that. A grandfather being from Kashmir is fine, even a great grandfather is fine. But, great great great grandfather is not fine at all. This is all happening because this ‘wretched’ word Kashmir creates a feeling of goodness, a sense of pride, an aura of magnanimity among people who are far far away from it. It is just fine for a guy in UK/USA to brag about being a Kashmiri, it doesn't hurt him. But, a real Kashmiri suffers from the pain of being a Kashmiri every single day. His goodness and cheer gets drowned in the tears, his pride is overshadowed by the pain, and his aura of magnanimity is cowed down by the guns that are pointed at him on every road junction, on every footpath, on every step that he takes.

Kashmir is all about money for Bollywood as it is so for many other things. Bollywood created Roja, Mission Kashmir, Sheen, Yahaan and Fanaa. Salman Rushdie created the Clown of Shalimar. Gandhi created the Ghosts of Kashmir. Personalities, movies, documentaries, books, newspapers have all been created using Kashmir. A Kashmiri creates joy in the painful paradox of his very existence.

  1. As long as human beings are made of the same five elements, there is no difference who they are, and where they live. Power of any kind – professional, religious, political corrupts people. Human beings may have temporary insurgencies of valour, but it does not last long under emergency situations. The desire to live or sustain life generally overpowers.

    How azad is azad Kashmir it’s hard to believe where majority of the pictures display the life of survivors of the eathquake victims still in disarray. There does not seem to be any organized effort of town planning or creating good quality housing – are billions of dollars being squandered in putting up tin-roofed and tarpauline shelters only. Are the victims only men. Why are you so afraid to show an adequate amount of faces of women and cildren and how well they are treated ? Why this hypocricy in today’s modern age. After all you do like to enjoy all the other modern means of cellphones communication and travel. The alleged refugees that have crossed over to Azad Kashmir – what kind of sudden change of life did they get, did it meet their expectation ? For that matter even the creation of Pakistan should have solved all the problems of the people who migrated from India to Pakistan – did they realize the ideals of what the name Pakistan stands for.

  2. Hi, just happened to chance upon your blog. and it is heartening to see/ hear a voice that speaks authoritatively and more importantly, informatively, about the Kashmir issue. Kudos!

  3. i totally agree to most of wat u said, hf workd in d film industry n left it cos its jus full of gas n dat 2 of d bad kind, dey dnt hf nethn calld research, ive kind of totally stopd watchn bollywood films, its totally money, more money, dey will neva respect peopls sentiment, n as for kashmir, its a shame,the peopl hav bin made into toys in the big game called geo politics,i can undrstnd cos i come frm d northeast of india where a simmilar bullshit has bin done by d govt of india, we r a war zone d govt wnts 2 hide frm d peopl cos it mite b hard on their part 2 handle 2 kashmirs in frnt of ignorant publik, its a shame how patel n nehru destroyed some of d most bewtiful places on dis earth, some of our best lands were evn gifted away 2 burma to kip dem happy, it was neva thr fathers property. have stopd cryin bout d wrong dey hf done me but wil neva 4 get to 4 dey have crippled us as a people.
    n to mr rob id say its not d change in lifestyles or standards but d choice of choosing d best 4 ourself, n if we wud hf bin given d chance 50 yrs bak. i sometimes thnk we mite hav ovrdone india in standards, cos peopl frm d hills r mo strait4wrd, hardworkin n simple, xcept 4 d few changed by commin in touch wit indian slave n master mentallity,. we have higher moral ethics den compared to d plain indians where dey worship shakti in d form of durga at d same time burn their bahus n wives.
    hypocracy is in d indian foreign policy, d internal policy, n in d way d elected govt of d biggest sham democracy of d world functns

  4. Bidyut,

    Thanks for your comments. There is a an obvious effect the surroundings have and we do imbibe the beauty that we wake up to each day (in Kashmir and in NE India).

    It’s strange that the war going on in the North East is being swept under the carpets, even though almost all the people of NE are disillusioned with India. The governments at the center have always installed chief ministers in NE as they have in Kashmir and this is how it will stay in the ‘largest democracy’ of India, be it congress, be it BJP.

    You and me both have borne the burnt of acts like DDA, TADA and POTA.

    But the dawn of a new beginning is not too far off.

  5. Impeccable post and great analysis. Reality is offends those with political motives and those in power. I am glad you highlight the truth. Well done!

  6. i have heard enough of this muslims want to be in pakistan..99% muslim ha??? there were no muslims in in kasmir it is the valley of our sages and gets its name from the sage kashyap…you really want pakistan..take all your muslim betraying backstabbing arab-wannabe muslim brothers from india…release us from this curse of being abused by the very people whom we sheltered …after partition pakistani muslims have wiped out hindus and sikhs…and in India muslims enjoy all kinds of power…the fact that so many muslims are educated and can blog etc and be in developed countries or be an Amir or salman khan or abdul kalam etc is because we as indian hindus take you as our people…terrrorists kill so many pundits in kashmir but no muslim is harmed in india…you point to gujrat..deplorable i agree but GODHRA started it…god forbid if a similar thing would have happened in pakistan entire hindu community would be raped and murdered…

    today because we hindus are accepting muslims as our brothers we are being abused by our own lot…why the hell did your forefathers choose to be in India…you arent guys are arab…go to arabia where they recently raped a pakistani girl and deported her…please if you want pakistan…go but take all the indian muslims with you…because this is torture to be humiliated by the ones you considered friends…and dont give me examples of muslims being repressed in study in madrassas and take to crime its not our fault…we allow your religion to be freely practised…shout Azan over loudspeakers at 6 am go to haj on gvot money etc…have your own law board..and compare that with pakistan where hindus cant even cremate their dead and are second class citizens…or in saudi where they have to suffer during Roza and cant freely practise their religion..

    because majority hindus take muslims as their brothers it is that politics is not hawkish in India…otherwise public mandate would easily ruin muslims in India…and yet You whine and cry…i have seen Indian muslims complaining to paki muslims about being oppressed in India…makes me sick better you guys leave us…or be here as full indians..

  7. and if in case you want to fight for freedom..ok..declare kashmir valley as part of pakistan and FIGHT….declare war against INDIA and let this be to the end…and this way we will fight and recapture what IS actually ours…kashmir will then be India..officially..and dont raise eyebrows…THIS IS THE WAY you guys took it from us…by rape and plunder and forced under the sword conversions, you made kashmir muslim,,,so a war will help us snatch back what you snatched from us…

  8. Mr joshi,
    I dont know what the hell ur trying to say…u say indian muslims are arabs and be thrown out of india like a piece of garbage..well remember muslims also fought for independence and died in thousands by sacrifysng their lifes.
    muslims could also ask again for a partition of india..well if we could ask then no will stop us from doing matter how many people will have to die..but we have not asked bcoz we too are indians and very proud of being as Indians..for 55 yaers people like u are dividing indians only for their own greed..there were 4 wars between india and pakistan and whom did indian muslims support..INDIA..if we wanted to side with pakistan we could have done during the wars itself and cretaed a second front and could have started a civil war ..but we did not and we sided with the right side…Mr joshi, people like u are da biggest traitors to india and must be terminated… I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN NO MATTER WHAT U SAY… JAI HIND AND ALLAHAFIZ..

  9. I agree with some point of Mr.Joshi and Mr.Mujeer Khan. But i also disagree both of you. Of course Hindus are so cultured in this world but we dont forget we got independent by AHIMSA not by violance.
    In the same way muslim leader should control their people bcoz lot of youngsters are going in wron way. Its is not important how muslims are inside yhe musjid but how they live in society. Mullah controlled musim should come out.

  10. I apologize Mr. Khan for offending you..regardless i am not saying all Indian hindus are nice and all muslims are bad…its just that such arguments about giving away kashmir is insulting..if you ask me the problem of India pakistan should not be there at all…it is only because pakistani muslims think they are arab that they hate india…i have seen this feeling in some indian muslims too…they claim arab lineage and consider themselves better@@!
    even if you change your religion you should be able to respect your pre-islamic roots…iranians are proud and dont say they are arab etc…they hold the acheivements of their pre-islamic times in great regard…this doesnt make them lesser muslims but a respectable people….

    another genuine comment i am not trying to suck up but pathans are a fierce and independent minded people proud of their background, they pride on who they are not on some remote arab forefathers…i truly respect these my rajasthani ancestors did… your threats amuse me though lol

  11. most of you must be grown men with strict and strange viewpoints, but i think you should see this issue from the point of view of a young girl.. i dont normally ever do this but i have just come home from seeing the movie fanaa and it truly moved me.. after a long time have i seen a movie with an ounce of truth and little hatred of religion.. therefore i came across this blog..

    None of you have any right to say anything for or against kashmir because you are not from kashmir.. this part kashmiri girl living in america can tell you that the reason why the subcontient of india has not passed the troubles and issues that have bothered it for almost 60 years is because nobody in power has been able to be the bigger person.. when i was younger i would always wish that pakistan and india would reunite after hearing all the war storied and of the old stories of my beautiful kashmir.. we had mango trees and horses, we owned gold bars and really had heaven on earth.. in 1947 my family who had fought for and given up life, food, and everything for freedom of india.. we’re forced to leave the area without anything except the clothes on their back.. mashallah we have become just as happy and fortunate here but still i wish to have grown up in the place where my mom tells me stories of beauty and happiness…

    none of you have the right to determine or speculate the future of kashmir.. the world should ask kashmir what they want.. that is the wonder of fanaa… for the first time i have witnessed anything that remotely favors the kashmiri people.. india and pakistan both want kashmir for economic, political and selfish reasons.. but i dont want anything except to one day go to kashmir without fear of bombs and hatred and soldiers.. but i dont think this wish will ever come true..

    sitting here in america.. i have realized why i can never live or be part of that world.. americans have forgiven japan, russia, germany.. but indians and pakistanis wont go past their differences and thus will always remain in conflict over the topic..

  12. Well I see a bit of both bigotry and psedo-nationalism in the comments from all 3 sides here. I belong to Ahmedabad and I hate what gujarat govt. did to muslims. My heard burned when I was watching 2002 riots on TV …stranded at home ..unable to do anything.

    Well azim, everyone has a right to say whatever they wish to. We can talk about kashmir, like all others talk about gujarat.

    bidyut, had it not been India, China or Myanmar would have engulfed the whole of North-East.

    I equally get frustrated when blasts taken place in mumbai trains or in delhi markets or when terrorists kill innocent people in kashmir (hindus or muslims) or even when I hear about civilian’s abuse by Indian Army.

    I agree to certain facts of history given by joshi above, but I have personally heard similar arguments by some of my muslim friends who claim arab descendency as superior and the converted muslims as not so pure. Ofcourse, in a land fragmented by casteism, it is nothing new.

    But get this loud and clear, if we want to go ahead as a nation , we need to be united. I dream of a common united south asian country, that is a world power. Kashmir, North-East are a part of that vision.

    I agree with jigar that it has also been happening everywhere in the muslim world, that the Imams and others are forcing the people to leave their historical pre-islamic roots. Yes, Iranians and Pashtuns are proud of their origins. Turkish people are more inclined towards europe than to middle-east.

    Eg: In malaysia, interior villages are being asked to leave their traditional folk arts. Infact they are banned.

    Now, I am not saying hinduism is pure or it has got no problems. All religions of the world have problems. Times of Aryan Invasion, Crusades are not Islamic ofcourse.

    Take this: Most people in the subcontinent would be happy to live their normal lives, irresptive of what religion or country do they belong to. People want to get richer, keep their families happy and increase their status in the communities they leave.

    Some do it by money, others by politics, some others by using religion.

    Haven’t seen fanaa, but can tell you one thing, before insulting gandhi, nehru, sardar or even jinnah, make sure that you have the capacity to do even 1/1000th of what they did for what they stood for. All gr8 man have different ideologies, they did not just write (like we just keep on bloggin), they executed, they saw a gr8 dream and sold it to others, they united people when the only other options were civil war in the subcontinent. The leader had a vision of a grand secular democratic united country that is unparalleled in the terms of knowledge, quality of its people and where modernism meets spiritualism , where people are happy and yet lead a life of principles without becoming complacent. That perception is alive today in many of us.

    And thus we should rather think of a grand union of South Asia.

  13. Muslims or any other minority religion are the safest only among Hindus, ask the Indian-muslims, Indian-christians, Indian-sikhs and see if they disagree. You will not find a more tolerant religion than Hinduism.

  14. YOu talk about kashmiris muslims being the minority in India, why did u throw out Kashmiri-hindus? Werent they ur brothers ?

  15. Excellent article- very accurate and as a Kashmiri (occupied Kash), I can totally understand what you’re saying. All the Indians on here bent on thinking that Kashmir is an integral part of India will shut up- perhaps you should take a little trip down there and see for yourselves how much you are actually hated- to be called an Indian for us is the worst possible insult. As for the ones who say Kashmir was not historically Muslim- who said it was? But Islam came to Kashmir and people accepted it and it’s been that way for hundreds of years and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. We thank god we’re not hindus- but we are not intolerant of anyone if they come in peace- the Indian terrorist regime and its army are anything BUT peaceful. It’s so unspeakably pathetic how Bollywood tries desperately to make Kashmiris look like just any other people of India- more over Hindus- and how the freedom fighters are demonised- they may not have as much support from the people anymore but India has even less! NONE! Be ignorant if you want and think Kashmiris love India to bits- you’re only kidding yourself. We hate India and always will until it gets its stinking self off our land.

  16. Wow the “indians” here are so hateful

    as for myself.. I am from Junagadh.. when it acceded to pakistan the Indian government claimed it was theres… after all of the muslims left they held a “plebiscite” and the people voted almost entirely for India… Pakistan pretty much stopped pursuing at at this point… Why can’t India hold a plebiscite for Kashmir? They are happy to accept one man’s decision to go for India but when the man in a similar position (Nawab of Junagadh) went for Pakistan India has a problem with that…

    Make up your mind you crazy Indian Nationalists! At least give freedom to the Kashmiris while you continue to kill us Gujaratis…

    Oh yes Fanaa sucks.. what a stupid movie… alcohol.. fornication and sex… If money-worshipping secular Bollywood is trying to do a favor for Kashmiris by portrating them as loyal Indians then they should try and show them in a more positive life reflecting the fact that they practice their religion and have different opinions outside of the Indian nationalist establishment…

  17. Why is that muslims cannot live with people of other religions? It is true everywhere in the world . I do believe Islam is a great religion, but it is also true that muslims are the worst followers. The elderly muslims I saw as a child were kind and helpful, understood Indian culture and their roots. Why are the muslims of today so brainwashed in the name of religion? You may have things against the Government , but why against another religion or another community? India has already been divided once in the name of religion, thousands have been killed, it is sad that even today people want to divide in the name of religion, why can’t everyone be tolerant?

  18. Siri the same could be said of most Hindus

    Bottom line this isn’t an issue of Hindu and Muslim.. This is an issue of right-wing nationalism and justice… JUSTICE is the most important thing… However as long as the secular elitist hawks continue hammering the table like george W bush then no progress will ever be made…

    Free Kashmir, Free Junagadh, Free Hyderabad, Free Goa, and Free Assam

    The disunion of India will not end in bloodshed if the masses are educated and understand that people have democratic rights… as long as there are lies about how a unified India is somehow better for everyone then war and bloodshed will continue

  19. guy_from_gujrat
    i am a hindu indian who now lives in the US. i have always supported the kashmiri cause of plebicite because the truth is i would be very happy when the kashmiris go to pakistan and see from themselves what a ‘wonderful’ country it is! i have scores of pakistani friends from whom i know and understand exactly how chaotic pakistan is. it is an empty society run by outlaws. if not for pres. musharaf it would be run by local landlords.
    musalmah (the kashmiri guy), if you hate us PLEASE get the heck out of india. my family is from lahore and we were forced by your pakistani ‘brothers’ and kith and kin to leave our home. luckily my grandpa was an educated man in the police force and did well for himself in divided india. by the same logic, if you hate living in so called indian occupised kashmir, get the hell away.
    nidhi is right…. the truth is you guys dont have the brains and the capacity to love and accept non muslims and leave in peace. islam today is nothing but a religion of hate. you guys need a reality check! india is way off better without kashmir. our economy is flying and if not for supporting you brainless moronic states (yeah…. mr northeast.. yre part of that too), our federal spending in india could be better spend.
    on a different note… gujrat was undoubtly a horror but its wonderfully convinient how you twist facts, the truth is the riots started when HINDUS were BURNT alive under no provocation by your crazy community. what the hell kind of religion do you follow to support such cruelty?
    pack yre bags and get the hell out of gujrat if you dont like living there. and oh btw…. while yre at it… please tell yre muslim brothers and sisters to get educated and get jobs and not burden the states and federal govts. oh but wait… in yre wonderful religion, women are not supposed to work!!!!
    good luck living in pakistan!!!

  20. indian_to_the_core ur a true hindutva despite living in the U.S.

    The gujarat report said that the fire was caused from inside the compartment of the train and not from outside and when the truth came out, the case was closed despite the truth

    If u take the whole hindu population u will find the literacy rate is 64% out of 800 million hindus while jains, christians, buddhist, sikhs are 95%, 81% , 72% and 70% respectively while muslims are 60% literate [] so the point is simple if u combine all minorities except muslims, hindus are highly illetrate. U know what i mean.

    People of all faiths should show thier relegion or caste in their resumes, application for schooling…isnt that discrimination …is that democracy..

    Indian Muslims cant get government jobs because they muslims…is that democracy..

    No freedom of speech…is that democracy..

    Some people think muslims are foreigners and must be thrown out…is that democracy..

    VHP, RSS are getting trisul and slokas and weapon training…is that democracy..

    Indian history books on indian muslims are rewritten…is that democracy…

    People like modi, thackery, joshi are roaming scott free where they should have been charged for genocide…is that democracy..

    Islam in india spread by peace and not by blood otherwise how could 45% of the indian subcontinent be muslims..

    People are not terrorists by birth but are made by fundamatalist like u.Hindus should know how muslims have suffered and both communities should be unified for a better India.


  21. Sana!!! you are so blinded…base facts…all the allegations of abuse are ok…but look at the Pakistan Hindu population has declined by more than 50% same for sikhs and the same is true in “azad” kashmir…lol…how azad is it…no press reporters are allowed in there…there is no development…afghan tribals etc are being settled there …the terrorists have raped and had short mariages etc…perhaps you want to live there…..about saying we hindus are bad…if Hindus were maniacsa…islam would have been wiped out of India…their numbers would not have grown..and who said muslims are not given…and last we heard a mumbai Imam at the HAJ HOUSE>..heavily financed by the indian govt was involved in terrorist ur imams are also into bloodshed….even the shankaracharya was arrested what did hindus do…nothing because we are better than you…you committ the greatest form of blasphemy by listening to imams and not actually trying to understand the kuran.

    in your paki papers such as DAWN..there are articles which show how daughters of a hindu family were forcefully seperated from the family and converted..then forced to say they dont want to live with their parents as they are non-hindu!!! in front of a imam…is this what you get in INDIA>.. no muslims are doing well..i dont know where you got the muslim literacy rate…madrassah education is not literacy….every terrorist act committed even by american born muslims has pakistanis invovled…backstabbing in your blood??….kargil was a backstab…killing and displacing NATIVE hindu pandits from kashmir was a greatness of Islam…also Mumbai blasts were a backstab….and yet all over India..including me myself have muslim friends and i tell them this openly and many agree muslims are abusing their own religion…


  22. just a few things:

    1. when nehru suggested plebiscite to sheikh abdullah he rejected it. plebescite was never demanded by the sheikh when he was in power. It was a solution created in the UNO but never implimented by Pakistan.

    2. India has a total force of 1.1 million personnel.It is surprising how 0.7 million can be in just one place(kashmir) in a vast coutry like India.

    3.We kashmiries are divided into so many groups and are not sure what we want. some of us want pakistan while some independence and some others are happy with India. In any case we have no desire to live in common with the fellows in azad kashmir.This is sufficiently confusing for the rest of the world.

    4. While muslim minority are at the recieving end in Gujrat we have done one better in kashmir. We made all the kashmiri pandits to run away from kashmir and made sure they would never be able to return by burning their houses. The best thing was that we blamed all of that on Mr. Jagmohan the then Governer.How smart of us.

    at the end i just want to say that the world has got smart about us and we can no longer fool them. They now know us for what we are – a bunch of confused islamists wanting to achieve through violence.

  23. Hi all,
    Why not re-unite Pakistan n India into one great nation were all are treated equally n no more wars n stupid communal voilence..Might sound stupid but just think for a while for a great revolution…might be a reality..Inshallah..

  24. If you dont like India, then I urge you to get away from it asap

    How would you like it if we would go to Sauidi Arabia and convert and terrorise ppl there to become Hindus and Sikhs?

    Hindu, sikh and buddhist holy land is sacrificed to create Pakistan, our forefathers have fought against muslim tirans, only the weak converted, either for food or through rape and dishonour.

    Now you want us to give up Kashmr? FORGET IT!

  25. I thought that Fanaa was an excellent movie, however, you have made some very valid and interesting arguments. Personally, when I was watching the movie I felt angry that Muslim characters were not portrayed in the best possible manner. But after one has seen the movie, you don’t remember little things such as how they pronounced Sri Nagar etc. But instead you remember the fighting spirit of Aamir Khan, dying for his cause. You must not forget that it is not possible to show the entire truth to the Indian audience all at once. Everybody will reject a film which goes totally against what is expected, so you can’t take out things like love scenes etc. because the fact is that so many people watch films for this reason. Overall, I guess it is different for everyone but Fanaa left me thinking that the terrorist was instead a freedom fighter and a hero.

  26. Hi,
    Enough is enough. In the movie Amir was drinking alcohol which is forbidden in their faith and just think the opposite way if anil kapoor was eating beef for which a cow is sacred and is considered a mother, then how would we feel and would not we hindus make an outcry for the movie and ban the movie.So the point is simple.

    Islam spread by peace and not by sword otherwise the whole of india could have beign a muslim country, take the example of indonesia, malaysia and many african countries which converted to Islam. And this is where we go wrong when we say that muslims were terrorising and converting hindus, rape etc and hindus at that time could have come together and staged a holy war against muslims and driven them out of india once and for all.

    Do you want all aryans to go back to europe as they setteled in the north and drove dravidians down the south. would that be possible if we drive all muslims out of india and would that not be foolish.Muslims have become a part of india and our culture.

    Come on indians WAKE UP and remember UNITED WE STAND and DIVIDED WE FALL.


  27. Dear Rajesh,

    Thank for your comments. It is people like you who understand the facts and make the world a place worth living.


  28. Dear Rajesh,

    Well said and Bravo! All those people who have a negative mind about Indian Muslims must learn from you. Indeed the same blood and culture but brains are out of those silly people who have a one way approach . UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL.

    Mujeer Khan,

  29. New Flash!

    India is a rising power. Kashmiris are fortunate to be a part of this nation. Out of all the ethnic groups residing in India, Kashmiris are the most privileged as they get numerous benefits and tax cuts where as other ethnic groups in India don’t. Yet they crib and whine.

    The facts are that Kashmir is a landlocked area next to China and Pakistan. Either nation will try to annex Kashmir to their territory if India doesn’t protect it. Kashmir has no military might, nor does it have an economy to support itself as a nation. These are two big reasons as to why Kashmir cannot survive as a country on its own. In addition to that, India’s rise economically and politically ensures the fact that India won’t lose Kashmir.

    So accept the facts, and forget about forming your own nation.

  30. I apologise for my previous remarks if they hurt anyone. Please note that i have MANY muslim friends (and hindu, christian, jewish friends) and dont have ANYTHING against Islam per se. I do believe in its strictest sense it is a religion of peace. However at the very least please concede that terrorist groups have grossly twisted and misrepresented your religion.
    I urge you moderate muslims to please make the effort to differentiate Islam from radical terrorism. Just the way I as a Hindu am very public about my utter disgust with (certain.. not all) BJP and Bajrang Dal elements, can i please very humbly request you moderates to at least make your voice heard? Dont you think that the Kashmiris fighting for ‘independence’ from India should not have mistreated the Kashmiri Pandits and indulged in such injust extermination? Are the pandits less Kashmiri than you all?
    I FULLY agree that Rajesh’ comments about unifying. All i want is for peace to prevail in India and all over so that we as humans can work collectively towards removing poverty, cleaning the environment and saving our planet.
    PLEASE THINK of the broader picture in life.
    Think about how peaceful life would be for the pakistanis, Indians and the Kashmiris if we resolved this problem.

  31. Sana
    >>Indian Muslims cant get government jobs because they muslims
    For your information Abdul Kalaam is a Muslim by religion, and is holding the highest government post in India.

    The future is really dark for all Muslims, and I just pity them. Leave India or Hindus.. just check what the entire world thinks about you. You have humiliated your own society, and every ones hate you.

    What a sorrow for all innocent Muslims, who are suffering in the hands of these fanatics. You want Shariyat, use it.. You want Taliban, have it… And keep doing all in names of Allah. Kill women, stop eductaion, haev hundreds of wives, and thousands of children send 14 yr old kids for Jehad. Be more barbaric.

    Allah will be praised…

    Keep bleeding India, no one can stop you. Allah will be happy.

  32. Some muslims in this blog have different idealogies and opinions but many muslims want unity with hindus for a better future and peaceful india. But many hindus treat muslims as non indians, foreigners, traitors and does not want peace with muslims.WHAT A PITY.


  33. why not have free elections in kashmir which has not got since 60 years…why not bring narender modi to court and brand him as a terrorist who created the greatest genocide in india..why not make a childerns part out of babri masjid and no ram mandir…why not hang thackery, togadia as they are creating hindu fundamentalism to kill muslims….WHY NOT CHECK UR OWN BACKYARD…

  34. It is not that all movies donot potray Kashmir accurately…although I admit most of then show just one side of the story.If u found “Fanna”‘s reference about plebisite a welcome change….then I wud suggest you watch “Yahaan”(starring Jimmy Shergill,Minissha Lamba).You will wonder how the movie made through Censor Board of India.Perhaps bcos it didnnot have big starcast.But I wud say the movie “Yahaan” has been the most accurate movie so far in depicting Kashmir Issue.It actually shows that Kashmiris want independence,are against Indian Army presence and wud like to scrap the articles 370 …and much more.Check it out..and paste comments.

  35. What’s in a name?

    Kashmiris are the most privileged as they get numerous benefits and tax cuts where as other ethnic groups in India don’t.

    You forgot to mention that Kashmir gets the privilege of various acts as well: DAA, POTA, TADA, Armed Forces Special Act etc.

  36. hindutva extremism is out of hand here

    the obsession with pakistan is even worse

    fix the problems in kashmir and gujarat my friends before you feel so strongly about annexing a country that has no desire to be with us

    recognize the hindu extremists… islam has no monopoly on fanaticism… the scary thing is that the hindu extremists have political power and manipulate the political agenda in the name of krishna… that alone should make anyone p*** in their pants…

  37. we r see who is p****** in thier pants! not muslim nor hindus but all relegious fundamentalist!

  38. welll i read most of the comments about this blog an kashmir annd everything…..

    i really think kashmir has nuttin really to do with culture or religion i think pakistan an inda should let kasmir be its own independent country an let the kasmiris be… i think all this political things are getting into peopls minds an instead of blaming the goverments they start blaming religon. so what if your a differnet religion we are all humans. we all got da same skin same heart same lungs blood everythin we juss classafiy our self to different grops origins. i for one dont think pakistan an india should be ruleing over kashmeir cuz when both of these country have wars all the inocent KASHMIRS are dieing and getting there homes distroyed. i dont hear about any bombs landing in pakistan when india sends dem off nor do i hear about pakistan blowin up sum parts of inda. it allways lands up in kashmir. and another thing i cant stand is how if ur mulim or hindu or cathloic ect.. cant live as one in one country in india or pakistan if we all can live togather in america, UK , canada .. why da hell cant we live in inda pakistan or kashmir… i also think dat both india an pakistan are just feeding off kashmir they both noe that if there was no kashmir none of them would be acting all tough an shyt. both of them just feed of the vegation and good and natural things off of kasmir buh yet then dey say we are helping them become indepents ..what bullshyt is this? its pretty ovious that they are taking money buh were is dat money going i dont see anything happeing about kashmir…. for exaple that earthquake that happened in kashmir…. all that money they got india an pakistan wtf happened to it??? kasmir isnt all that big you noe you probbley got like i dunno more then tenthousand dollers for sure in eurs dolles pound like if you convert that into rupies thats alot of money you can build lots of house an styll have money left for food i wanna noe what happened with that money. well yea i styll have alot more to say about this topic buh im just a 16 year old kasmiri girl livin up in canda where nuffin really is gonna happin. aii imma bounce now… if i have offened any one or have made a mistake i really dont minde to be critasized so yea cuz nah every ones perfect an every1 has dere own oppions aiii

  39. Dear readers

    There is so many people gave their comments over kashmir.Infact we should think what is the real solution for kashmir?Is there is any chance for kashmiri people to get real freedom which is important to live freeley.I request to all reader and writers to please give your comments which make kashmiri people life better and once again they can live freeley not under the 700,000 indian soldiers who killing,raping the innocent people of
    kashmir. Indian and pakistani should think this if its all happen in their country then they like it all this?

    Best Regards
    Hasham SOPURI

  40. Hi guys,

    Nice discussion here. Frankly I liked Fanaa for not so much of historical perspective but mainly for the fact that it showed indian muslims as progressive, forward thinking, urbanised Indians. You always see muslims being portrayed as living in shanty places usually in the “old” part of the city.

    Coming to discussion about what to do with Kashmir, we all have to come to terms with the reality that history cannot be modified in retrospect. People have done things which may not have been right looking at them 59 years later, but that should not cause us the indians to be divided along the religious lines. People of all religions be it muslim or hindu have been equally affected and gone through lot of trials and tribulations in post-independent India for one reason or another. Its wrong to say one religion has been “oppressed” by the powers that be. Its hard to define oppression as such. But being a democracy I believe we do have the electoral and judicial system(though corrupt) that should address the so called oppressions that have happened. Kashmiri folks who have been fighting for independence must know and understand what exactly they are fighting for. As someone said in one of the posts above, Kashmiri economy cannot sustain by itself if it were an independent country. So its just a matter of time before countries like Pak or china who have the history of cccupation will gobble up kashmir if it were an independent country. I welcome the kashmiris to take up the cause of fighting for kashmiri’s at a political level. Form a party of your own if you feel that you have a cause and if your cause if worthy enough and if you have the ability to convince people that its a worthy cause I am sure you will have support of the populace and be elected to State assembly or parliament and then you can introduce legislation within the constitutional framework to help your bretheren. We have a solution of democracy which need to be used. By resorting to violence you are only hurting your cause especially in post 9/11 environment where any violence by muslim group is being termed terrorristic even though there may be a valid cause for the act. VIOLENCE will not take the freedom fight anywhere and will do more harm than good.

    I honestly think that our Muslim brothers have a wrong feelings towards India, the country which welcomed all invaders with open arms. Unlike what some of the Kashmiris claim there is no systematic persecution of muslims and that muslims in India have equal rights in all states I have travelled within India. I cannot say about kashmir since I haven’t been there but I have lots of muslim friends from Kashmir with whom I have discussions on various things. Bottomline all they want is PEACE and PROSPERITY.

    I also honestly think that Political and Bollywood muslim icons like abdul kalam, shahrukh, salman and others are not doing enough to educate the muslims about the benefits muslims are enjoying in India as opposed to how minorities are treated in other asian countries like pak and bangladesh. Muslims are part and parcel of our India and there is no dispute about that. I hate it when some section of muslims living in India give a bad name to the entire muslim community which I think is moderate in India. Thank god Indian muslims have some intelligence to figure out the difference between good and bad.

  41. Kashmiri Kuri:

    It is heartwarming to know that young Kashmiris are still ‘thinking’. Keep up the spirit!


    Kashmiris tried democratic means but the government never allowed democracy to have the upper hand. Do you know that the present head of Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Salahuddin, fought and lost elections in 1987 because of the massive rigging back then. Abdual Gani Bhat, Late Abdul Gani Lone, Syed Geelani all have taken part in the democratic means, but they have been reminded time and again that being in the assembly won’t alleviate any of Kashmir’s problems.

  42. India and Pakistan think tank set from the heart and decide to resolve the issue of Kashmir then this issue will resolve in a few weeks time.Kashmiri people is different nation apart from Pakistan and india.And some people said that its land of pandits.this is reality you can read the history of kashmir.That time kashmir flag is bit diffrent and snake picture on the kashmir flag and its call NAGG dour ,dour mean the time was passed.Its 200% reality that india and pakistan pulling each other and both side wether its indian occupied kashmir or pakistani occupied kashmir ,kashmiri people dying every day.Out there people gave their comments etc etc.But the ground reality is differnt and no body wants to discus that matter and resolve this issue as soon as they can.if pakistan was not separated from india kashmir issue will not be created.And more then 100,000 kashmiri not died like that.Infact tahreek of kashmir(struggle of kashmir)not started by kashmiri people if this struggle started by real kashmir people then its been long time they get their freedom back.The kashmiri leader MAQBOO BUTT who is realy pandit family and he is from indian control kashmir was not hanged up in tahar jail in dahli.His body still not retun to kashmiri people and he berried in the garden of tahar jail in dehli.I ask to indian politician that when Gandhi g started his struggle to get freedom from Britain then that time lard mount batten never hanged him up. He could but he never did.If he did then I am asking to people of India they can,t their freedom back?Freedom is our birth right and every nation deserve to get their real freedom.One side in the name of religion islam,and other side the name of hindu ism you people trying to confuse kashmiri people.India and Pakistani should lookafter their own nations and do not put their nose in kashmir.And we are the kashmiri people saying that we been suffer when afghani people invade kashnmir,sikh people invade kashmir,We seen lots of bad time and now we are not trust no body and we will run our country by our self.If india and pakistan don’t learn the lesson then they fight each other and their people will suffer.they are already under of billions dollar world bank loan and they should make policy to make their country better.Azad kashmir they got their own AK regiment which is dissolved in paksitan army why?Is paksitan army is not enough for paksitan to protect pakistan.When India Pakistan separated that time kabaeley pathan inter in kashmir and start raping killing steel all gold from women infect they destroy the real peace of Kashmir, and put all kashmiri people in the hell grand mother told me that sikh people live our next door and they told us to which is best way to save our lives,we are muslims but sikh muslim ,Hindu live with peace in a kashmir valley.Why these people came and destroy our peace forever?Other people think that kashmiri people very simple,and they got no courage to fight back,is this formula is true?i am asking to all kashmiri people who read this comments.We kashmiri should open our eyes and then we can see out sider make our life’s bad.Why we far behind to take strong initiative to kick out all trouble makers and make our children safe and run our country in a better way.

  43. You said, ” in film that Plebiscite was promised for the Kashmir under their (Pakistan) control as well. The way this character responds back is similar to how most Indians respond back”. Then you quote your point of view.

    Now what I want to know Mr.Kashmir if what you say most Indians respond, Historically where are they wrong? Second about your notion what POK peopel will or will not do, then you establish UN and then pass resolutions to your will. And to make more clear we pandits, dogra’s, budhists in ladakh do not want pakstan or independence and as you have rightly said and I correct 100% percent of POK is muslim and J&K on Indian side is multi-religios geographical place and we also have political claim on the Kashmir valley.

    Third you said as per you there are 0.7 million troops in kashmir, on whose propaganda are you relying, second if it is clear to you it was UN itself that gave india right to maintain appropriate troops to maintain law and order, so if the proxy way has been done by Pakisdtn then plese do not think other millitary planner will sit watching the enemy moves

  44. Hi:
    I have linked your blog to an article at my site. I have used some of your sentences from your writings to showcase how a Kashmiri Muslim feels. I hope its OK with you.

  45. Sujai

    You are welcome to quote from this blog.

  46. Damn this fight over Kashmir. What started as a blog over the ridiculous potrayels in the film Fanaa has ended in a Hindu-Muslim, India-Pak-Kashmir vulgar debate. Although I agree to many points posted by most of you.

    I have given up tyrying to search a rational solution for Kashmir and its people. At the moment, seeing so much hatred against India by kashmiri “Muslims, i think the best solution is that India retains the Jammu part and Ladakh thus allocating it to the displaced Kashmiri Hindu Pandits. The kashmiri muslims and the pakistanis are free to do whatever they want with the Srinagar part, the north and POK.

    In future I am sure we’ll see blogs where kashmiri muslims and pakistani (punjabi & pashtun) muslims are fighting among themselves.

  47. Indian Awakes

    This blog did not start to potray Fanaa, Fanaa was just one of the posts. Not all the people who have contributed in this debate are Kashmiris. It is mostly Indians and Pakistanis who indulge in India/ Pakistan/ Kashmir/ Hindu/ Muslim debate. Kashmiris just want the people to know the truth about Kashmir, the reality of living there.

    Only Kashmiris should be allowed to decide what they want to do with Kashmir, Pakistan should have the same role that India will have, should a situation of the sort you suggest arise.

  48. Hi there,

    It’s been very frustrated to read a mindless, emotional stuff. We all know by and large the Muslim community in India does not connect itself to Pak or even so called Kashmir cause. Yes we have favoritism and all the corruption in India. But it’s a social phenomenon. If I am a Muslim I will have Muslim relatives and I will favour them. If I am Hindu I would definitely have Hindu relatives and more Hindu friends (than Muslim), and I will favour them.

    Less Muslims are in jobs as when the job economy in India started the people got the job first were those who were little educated and forward. And most of them were Hindus. Muslims were in very little proportion because they were highly uneducated and backward in their outlook. The trend has continued till date. They do not get better job because they are not educated. And those who are educated do not get the job because they do not have any one in that department or field to push them forward. So rather than crying about the favoritism of Hindus we shell talk about the favoritism in general.

    And as the Muslims are deprived of better opportunities, they should be given certain assistance to improve their position and their importance in society. But this assistance should not extend forever (as in the case of lower caste reservation). They should be made equal to the rest of the Indian society not special. There is a big difference. They should not be targeted as vote bank.

    Asking Muslims to prove that they are Indian at heart is some thing like asking a child to prove his/her mother. One cannot be sure about the father but every one knows who his mother is. There are handful of people (though mostly Muslims) who do not understand this, that India does not stand for Hindus. It stands for the Indian society.

    We do not get any thing from Kashmir apart from the bad name. But at the same time Kashmir has no future if we leave it on its own. Yes there has been a lot of suffering to Kashmiris by Indian armed forces and by Pakistani policies. But accept it most of the Kashmiris are corrupt. They are very humble and soft at heart. But at the same time they do not have sense of belonging to their own society. They live just for themselves. They want some one else to come some day and fix the problem in their backyard. That’s why we do not see any strong political representation. They have suffered form all the wrong policies by Indian govt weather it is Indus water treaty. Or not making any policies about the economic growth of the state. It’s a step motherly treatment by Indian govt which is responsible for the present situation of the state. We as Indian love Kashmir and Kashmiris. But we do not understand that this love won’t get them food and economic prosperity. This love won’t save them from the bullets (weather from militant or from Indian army). I have a best friend who is Kashmiri. I do not want to see him or his family dying or suffering in the hand of any one. So please give Kashmiris basic freedom needed by a human being to be a well being. They do not need Free State they need freedom. Freedom to be what they can b in all their capacity.

  49. Well, I am basically from Bagh, Azad Kashmir. There is one thing very clear about this mean bad world bro: it doesn’t care! Neither the Pakistanis nor the Indians do actually care about Kashmir or Kashmiris. It’s all about the water that flows through Kashmir to the lower lands of Pakistan and India and as they: Demand and Supply, so it’s their job to make a movie that makes money and big money that is! Though you are right they only use the name Kashmir for money. This uncle of mine was a working member of JKSLF [Jammu and Kashmir Students Liberation Front] during his student and then moved on to JKLF [Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front] here in Pakistan and in Kashmir. There is so much to say but only if writing it down over here would do any good. Nothing will happen, another blog comment on another website and that’s all. But, there is this band I remember, a Pakistani band released this song when I was a kid:

    Andhian Taiz Hain… Kalian Naukhaiz Hain… Toor K Na Phaikna … Har Taraf Daikhna … K Kon Kis Tarah Say Hey …Yeah Zindagi Do Pal Ki … Ajkal Ki Aur Kal Ki… Waqt Hey Ab Bhi Man Lay … Janlay ….. Jaaagooo … Jaaagoooo

    The visuals were based on Kashmir and shot in Kashmir, later on I got to know that was an underground band which came on to screen just to give that message to the public. And we need a lot of people like them, I guess knowing the truth and working for it on both sides, i.e. Pakistan and India so that we could be free from both of them!

  50. Dear Friends,

    I had seen this blog entry quite some time ago but I wanted to reserve my comments till I myself got a chance to see this one. Being not a movie buff I never got a chance (or rather never gave myself a chance) to see this until one of the satellite channels announced the ‘World Premiere’.

    To be honest I was a little circumspect about seeing this movie and did not expect much as our friend K had already written so many kind-and-unkind things about the movie. But I decided to watch it anyway. And right from being told that Shahjehan uttered Agar Firdous… to implicating Kashmiris in 9/11 was really ludicrous. It was the height of fabrication. Bollywood I am told is just utter non-sense when it comes to film making and it simply helped to strengthen that opinion.

    I wonder if they could talk about referendum what made Yash Raj Films and Kunal Kohli forget the atrocities being committed day in and day out on hapless people from the valley. All they have succeeded in doing in making ordinary Kashmiri(s) appear as the biggest villain(s) of peace.

    And another great dis-service to Kashmiris, and I am not surprised.

    Juz A Kashmiri

  51. Hi all,

    A job well done to all who have contributed to this blog. Up on reading most of the entries I have notices hate between religion and love between people. We all suffered by one another, regardless if we are Muslims Sikhs or Hindus. We have done horrific things to each other in past and currently still existing some place. I can prove each and every religion wrong the things they have done or doing. But I won’t do that.

    I am not sure if I am the only one, who is living out side India (Australia), we all need to unite together to make our voice heard. But that can only happen after we understand each other. Regardless what religion we come from after all we are human beings.

    About six years ago I was in Kashmir; I suffered all lot from the humiliation of the troops. Yes they wear Hindus, but I am not go on blaming the religion. All I say is I was at wrong place at wrong time. The point is stop talking lets do something about it. Let us not blame each other on the basis of religion. There are certain people in all communities that are total in-human. I would love to here from you all, please contact me in search of a paradise.

    Ajaz Mir

    Brisbane Australia

    [phone number edited out]

  52. I have read all the comments, but I have not come across a comment from a Pakistani living in Pakistan. So, to be on a fair side we should be given a chance to speak as well.

    Firstly do not confuse the government with the people of the country. I don’t know what my government is up to but can tell you what we as Pakistanis want for Kashmir is to give them the right to vote and decide for themselves what they want. Secondly there are fanatics in every religion after all satti is a practice of Hindu religion. I am no one to judge anyone, all I am saying is don’t think of Islam as barbaric because for few fanatics the very word Islam means peace and we with all our heart and soul believe in this.

    You said that the number of Muslims in India is increasing ever wondered why? it cant be through the might of sword because at the end of the day India is a Hindu majority country so a minority cant overpower such huge population of Hindus. so why is it that people are still converting, because there is more to Islam then just barbarianism.

    Most of you have justed that “if you don’t wanna live in India get the hell out of here”. Now do u call this accommodating? if someone doesn’t want live in a particular place there will be some reason for which he is not happy there. So, instead of asking for the reason you blind-folded say that we have given you everything if you don’t wanna live get out. Probably this was the indication that you gave to the Muslims before partition and if you don’t want to live now get out. So then they said they are throwing us out of our own homes and we ll not let this happen so then they fought for a separate land, and I am glad that they did, otherwise someone would be saying the same thing to me to “get the hell out of here”.

    And as for war. We do not want any war, especially not in this nuclear world, it will bring destruction and nothing else. We wan to live and let live, surely if someone tries to suppress us we will stand up as any other nation would, and will fight to our breath, but this is the last resort, otherwise all we want is peace.

    And please clear your misconceptions about Islam, women surely are allowed to work and get best of education. I hope i have managed to get my message across.

    Take care.

  53. And yeah one more thing, all Muslims are equal in the sight of Allah be it an Arab, Indian, Pakistani or Kashmiri. I am glad to hear that Indian Muslims are loyal to their country because if you cant be loyal to your home you can’t be loyal to your religion. and I am proud to be a Pakistani Muslim and I don’t see a point that why are people relating themselves with Arabs and all, remember all Muslims are equal, Arabs are no better than Pakistanis and Indians or Kashmiris, its your good deeds that make you better not what country you belong to. Don’t be ashamed of being a Pakistani Muslim or an Indian and give reasons to people to talk, seek pride in being a Muslim as that alone is good enough. Remember ‘united we stand divided we fall.’ Be it an Indian or Pakistani or Kashmiri as long as you are given your rights it doesn’t matter were you live. It can be USA, UK, Canada or whatever, only fight for your rights if you are given all your rights and you are happy, fair enough.

    Good luck everyone!!

  54. Kashmir,
    This statement of yours:

    There are 99% Muslims in Azad Kashmir and I am sure they don’t want to become a minority in India and become become prey to a Gujarat like riots.

    intrigued me. Do you know there are hundreds of communities in India where Hindus and Muslims live peacefully?

    But why only focus on the bad – ie Godhra. And remember Hindus have also suffered at the hands of Muslim mobs and thugs – not only in Godhra but also in Aydodhya and independence time – we all know that Jinnah encouraged Muslims to kill Hindus on ‘Direct Action Day’ in 1946 in Bengal ?

    Every society has its riff-raff; not just a Hindu one.

    So please spare me this rubbish ….its us poor Muslims who are always victimised by evil Hindus nonsense.

  55. Skuanigia

    Gujrat riots was not a bottled up expression of people, it was a well organised program of the government. And the people voted the executer of this program back to the highest executive seat of the state. That’s not riff-raff.

    The Sachar Committee Report sheds enough light on why Muslims do, sometimes, get violent in India. Muslims are the worst-off people in India. The Indian Army does not want to employ them. You still think Azad Kashmiris would want to join India?

  56. Hmmm…

    Read all this>>

    So, people have so much of time to think about all this…

    But, reality is quite different

    Being here in Kashmir … things are not the way they are depicted in media or movies…

    Infact there is hardly any true representation of Kashmir… not even in media.

    All those who feel that Kashmir is quite at peace now are absolutely wrong!

    So many innocent killings, fake encounters, sometimes we feel it is all normal … but then something strikes our mind and we
    feel like … no its not fair…. so what if we are Kashmiris…!

    Next time you comment about Kashmir …. think before that.

  57. Shazia:

    Thank you for your comment. Let’s hope more and more Kashmiris make themselves heard. It’s time for the world to hear the Kashmiri Voices!

  58. I have read every comment, all I want to say is just this.

    Whenever you talk of Kashmir and Kashmiri people, please include displaced Kashmiri Pandits in the discussion as well.

    I have noticed that only Hindus mention about Kashmiri Pandits why don’t Muslims mention about them. What does this mean – Kashmiri Muslims dont want them back? Where will they go? what about their future? Kashmiri Pandits are living as a Refugee in India.

    India will never accept forced ethnic cleansing of Kashmir valley done by terror and guns. If Kashmir is allowed to become independent without accepting Pandits, this menace will spread across India, Muslims all over India will terrorise Hindus to convert or leave their homeland.

    According to some estimates, out of 5,00,000 Kashmiri PUNDITS only 15,000 are living in the valley, the rest are scattered across Indian cities living as REFUGEES.

    Kashmiri PUNDITS ISSUE is the issue which has to be tackled in priority. Unless Azad Kashmir accepts Kashmiri Pandits to come back home, all talk about freedom is pointless and absurd.

    Muslims should show goodwill gestures by helping to erect the burnt homes of Kashmiri Pandits

    Muslims should once and all make clear about what they want :-

    1. Multi-cultural, multi-religious Kashmir based on the principles of Kashmiryat, OR
    2. Islamic state of Kashmir, based on Taliban and achieved by ethnic cleansing.

  59. I agree with the comment of Skuanigia. Gujarat is not the only India. Outsiders who don’t live in India love to give that as an example. Gujarat is an aberration, a blot. Why don’t they come and live India and see how well Muslims have integrated here?
    My best friend in school was a Muslim.

    I also know many communities of Muslims and Hindus who live together peacefully.

    Another point that Skuanigia has made is correct – there have been riots where Muslims have killed Hindus. Its the thugs who do the killing, not normal people.

    Like someone said Indian Muslims were not educated during partition. The reason is simple: most of the highly educated Muslims left India for Pakistan. The poor and the uneducated mostly stayed.

    In India by the way literacy is defined as fifth standard education so even if more Muslims know how to read and write, it will not necessarily get them a job.

  60. Take religion out of any problem and you will find a solution.
    Look at it as a humanitarian issue and we may see some progress.
    Look into the past and the future is always dark.
    Look at the future and ignore the past and we will see light at the end of the tunnel

  61. Hi readers,

    I am Muslim from Kashmir studying in Europe. I read all the conversations about Kashmir, Muslims, Hindus, India and Pakistan. Why not all indians think about our lives, our future our progress if they are consisdering us as a part of India??? Why they every time bring religion in between and make stupid comments on Muslims and Hindus…what is in religion??? Everything is same if we unite we will be worlds no.1 country dont think Muslims are not Indians espeacially Kashmiris but if they will show by heart they will killed by unknown persons…this is all polotics people don’t hate each other but politics does everything…please dont think bad of us and our religion I hav lot of Hindu friends and big thing is that I love one Hindu boy from Gujrat we both love from four years but we don’t know our future because of fire which is in whole India about Hindu Muslim….I don’t know why people make this big issue why not other religions???

    Come and unite and spread love and peace throughout India its our nation….come on Indians accept us by heart n make us part of ur heart!

    Take care, Byee.

  62. By chance i read dis blog and everything written there is absolutely more ocassion is there when kajol discloses about amir to her mom on phone..well i guess so far no mother in Kashmir is so much open minded about her daughter that she will allow her to do nikkah with a guy when she hears his name on phone..quite irresistible…these Indian producers should get an idea rest what they cast they never rethink that is it representing any part of truth or not…well dis is the way they r treating we people…we should not blame them when the whole foundation is like in kashmiri we say that” kuntrihan seeth travimeth”

  63. Every one here is so much bothered about being a Hindu or Muslim… Does any one bother about being a human being????? Thank god m a humanistic! It’s better to be a humanistic than to be a nationalist if being a nationalist means blaming other communities.

    People talk about Koran and Hindutatva…. I doubt you all have read Koran and know about Hinduism… Hinduism is not a religion but it is a culture… a religion is rigid but culture is flexible…ever changing… though I haven’t read Koran but I know that there are many things which are similar in Koran and Gita…. why can’t every one just become spiritual???? Following your religion and respecting others…

    Hello you all Indians and Pakistanis—– though, I am one of them… my grandfather came from Rawalpindi…we all belong to same origin…. it’s been just 60 years we people are separated. We were living together happily before that, sharing our religions, beliefs, practices…. and we think that just a short span of 60 years can change entire population…. blaming each other means blaming ourselves… I wish everyone in this part of world just become true human with good moral and religious values…. no religion teaches discrimination, violence… they all are same… we are fools who can’t understand the simplicity in life… we just tend to see the complexities…

    Wish you all the best! Be a true Muslim, be a true Hindu… (I hope you understand what being a true Muslim or Hindu means —being a true Human Being!) That divine Almighty’s unique creature!

  64. What a great shame is there for all who favour what is there going on in Kashmir. This is first time of freedom struggle where the people of its own are being forced to leave their native place.

    The Kashmir drama came to end within a year when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave the valley, now everything that is going in Kashmir is only due to the reason because Kashmir has become a lucrative place for the people involved in pseudo-politics. If you touch to an ordinary Kashmiri Muslim he will reply only one thing that is peace he don’t want Pakistan or Azadi he is interested in peace only.

  65. Hi All,

    I just want you to think ….what happened to Pakistan and Bangladesh…which got separated from India…..what happened to economy of Punjab …when it went with Khalistan movement?

    Thanks all,


  66. KASHMIR is not just about Muslims. India was never a poltical entity. India was a culture which began From Gandhar (present Adghanistan) to as far as s Indnonesia. Hinduism and Buddhism existed in Kashmir much before Islam reached here. Hindus, Budhhists, Christians, Sikhs have as much right to Kashmir as Muslims.Partition was a blunder. Yes Muslms suffered so did HINDUS in Sindh, they did not get a Hindu Sind. There were many Hindu/ Sikh majority areas which remained in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    Pakistan an Bangladesh are Islamic republics. Most Hindus have been thrown out. Those who remain are second class citizens.
    India is a secualr country. Muslims live with full dignity in a Hindu majority india so why cant Muslim majority live with hindu minority, in Kashmir.
    KASHMIR is Indian will always remain so

  67. […] journalist, who said that she found the blog spiritual. My review on Fanaa, showed up on the top of google results back then! My own commitment to anonymity, prevented me from meeting any of these […]

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