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No Longer A Traitor!

In Kashmir, People, Politics on 23 April, 2006 at 8:35 pm

A very interesting development has taken place in Pakistan Administered Kashmir. The President of Muslim Conference (s), Sardar Atiq Khan, has said in a press statement that Sheikh Abdullah should not be called a traitor. Sheikh Abdullah should be given the respect a founder of an organisation merits.

Shiekh Abdullah has so far been abused by people in Pakistan and PaK and he has been considered as the reason for the present crisis of Kashmir.

  1. Let us stop cussing Sheikh Abdullah anymore…though he was tritor.
    Let us care more about our future.
    So a good sign…though they (across border)are always wired shifting their stances now and then.

    Nice to find some one from my homeland n writing for its cause.
    Anyway I am Blogrolling you!

  2. It is about time that Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir also stop maligning the character of Sheikh Abdullah.

    I wonder why is it that we only know two extremes — there was a time when Sheikh Abdullah was literrally worshipped… and then a time when all cursed him.

    Sheikh Abdullah was a politician — a man who did a lot of good for Kashmir… and a man who did lot of bad too.

    I wonder how many kashmiris who malign him cud do better if put in his shoes!

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