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Pakistan’s Hypocrisy

In Kashmir, Politics on 8 July, 2006 at 10:56 am

Whenever international Human Rights Groups criticise the activities of India in Kashmir, Pakistan basks in the glory and feels satisfied that its claim has been endorsed by independent groups. But, Pakistan falls silent, as if it is an innocent bystander, when human right groups reveal Pakistan’s hypocrisy in Kashmir.

Are you listening Mr. Geelani? Or do the curbs, put on you by India, prevent you from accessing information and thus you are blissfully unaware.

“The restrictions on political participation and the harassment and persecution of Kashmiri nationalists in Azad Kashmir violate international standards on free expression and expose the Pakistani government’s hypocrisy about Kashmir.”

Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch

Read the report here and an appendix on accounts of unlawful arrests here.

  1. The human rights in azad kashmir needs to watch very carefully.Its azad kashmir pupit gov,t who are work under the pakistani gov,t and they just call azad if they are azad then this recent election why they regect JKLF,NLF And other real kashmir party’s.Is this justice and pakistan help us to get the real freedom for kashmir people.Its very clear that sardar Qayum when he is on the stage say something else and when he down the stage then he said something else .Infect they are all corept and they are agent of paksitani agencies.28 april agreement of karachi between sardar abraheem khan and paksiani M. A . Gormani (no official post) Just made folse statement that gilgit baltistan for some administaration problems its goese to under of pakistani gov,t jut for temproy basis,Its not tru.Sardar abraheem khan regect this all rubish plane and he said i didnot sign any agreement for gilgilt baltistan and its all made up story by pakistani agencies.More then 10.00,000 people who live’s in gilgit baltistan they got no right of voting,They kept far behind with well orgnised planing aganist kashmiri people.They need to re unite with kashmir .what is the purpose to say only 4000sq mile area azad and what about the rest of kashnmir which is all togather more the 85000 sq mile. Why india pakistan pulling eath other and inbetween kashmir people suffring in the middle of two country’s.Our pupit go,vt need to look at the reality and tell to india paksitan that LEAVE US ALONE FOR GOD SAKE.

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