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Google Eye On Indian Cantonment

In Kashmir on 9 July, 2006 at 8:41 pm

The Badami Bagh Cantonment in Srinagar, Kashmir is the largest Indian army base in Jammu and Kashmir. Google Earth’s high resolution image of the cantonment gives a ‘visual idea’ of the huge military presence in Kashmir of the Indian Army. According to official estimates around 1200 Militants are active in Kashmir. Kashmir also has around 0.7 Million troops active to combat the 1200 Militants. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.


  1. My…

    Its utterly tragic that our newspapers are always filled with horrific scenes from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Checnya but when it comes to Kashmir, people usually just stifle a yawn. It’s old news now for most. The decades long war, conflict and tragedy in kashmir have made people accustomed to the cruelties that are meted out, a little above in the North.

    Apathy or indifference is the most dangerous disease to plague a nation. Unfortunetly, here in Pakistan it is the norm–not to be bothered and to mind one’s own business.

    Kudos to your effort of keeping this tragedy alive and trying to find a solution for it. May Allah make your succesful in your mission. Ameen.

  2. And the reason is…our friendly wicked neighbor Pakistan and the infiltration of terrorists into the mainland thro’ Kashmir.

  3. Who wouldn’t be infiltrating if it weren’t for my country – India – that continues to rape, harrass, pillage, and continue to deny the rights of Kashmiris which they were promised long ago!

  4. Where was the Indian army before 89 ? Why weren’t any Indian Army attrocities then. Where did you get your statistics of 1200 militants from ?

    The elections were promised for whole of kashmir not Indian Kashmir. When we have the whole of kashmir we can talk about it.

  5. hey ..its grt to read all u hav written .. its sad to read all u hav written .. u hav facts ..true expriences.. maybe i cant comment being in bangalore what u hav seen or exprienced..notions exist n thy will ..may be i wish u all the freedom u wan to enjoy surely ifnot as an indian surely as a kashmiri or any nationality u choose to be closer with …life isnt same .. u speak.. freedom n freedom .. u talk all brutalities.. murders n ur sad city ..maybe as an indian i can comment wht my country has done in past n in future ill be all of wrongs as there is somthing called democracy which is not fit for us … best wishes

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