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Azad Kashmir Pictures

In Kashmir on 27 April, 2006 at 4:59 am

On way to Azad Kashmir.jpg

On way to Azad Kashmir.


School Function in Azad Kashmir (1).jpg

Children performing at a school funtion in Azad Kashmir. 13 students of this school were buried when the October earthquake stuck. Most of the students in this school are Kashmiri Refugees from Indian Administered Kashmir.

School Function in Azad Kashmir.jpg

 Children, dressed in traditional Kashmiri dress (Pheran), performing at a school funtion in Azad Kashmir.

  1. This is an amazing website. I am a Kashmiri from Azad Kashmir (ghamir) and I was reading the article on Fanaa and I agreed with every statement. It is very well written.

  2. How funny…Azad Kashmir..WOW!!

    No Jehadi camps???

    No Pakistani Army…???? Its so serene….

    And when you show the photos of actual J&K…its either a grenade attack or an innocent Muslim dying in somebody’s arms.

    [irrelevant to post content deleted]

  3. Kashmir, I just went there for 2-3 weeks for relief work. But, after I understood Kashmir is an amazing area I extended my visa and stayed there for 4 more months.

    Now I am going to Kashmir again but with my wife and we will settle down in Kashmir.

  4. Kashmir wonderful place!

  5. I really love this website it makes me feel so excited becuase I love the scenery.

  6. Kashmirs is a paradise on earth where I was born and bred but the government is corrupt and I feel sorry for the victims of the earthquake.

  7. Hey! I just came back from Azad Kashmir few days ago. I am from Rawalakot, living in Toronto for my whole life. I loved that place so much. I am so glad I was born there and that I have such a history. If you would like any more picture feel free to contact me.

  8. Hi,

    I am living in Kotli, Azad Kashmir. Kashmir is a real dream land. I Love Kashmir. I love his peoples.

  9. Salaam,

    I am from Rawalakot district of AK too, talking about the beauy of Kashmir is a cliche but I would still like to say that Azad Kashmir is one of the most places I have ever seen. And about the post by Sanjiv, it amazes me how ignorant people on the other side of the border are especially in India.

  10. Hi!

    I don’t know who you are but after quickly scanning through a few pages of your site shows that you’re in favour of Muslims and anti-India. While it’s good to favour your brethren Muslims, but it’s awful when you’re anti to your own country India, who feeds you.

    Ask me how militants drew me away from my lovely home in Kashmir and burnt it down, 18 years back and then you’ll understand why the army is there to restore some animals (militants) to normalcy.

    BTW, why are all the comments which praise you posted in full and that of Sanjiv curtailed???!!!

    I don’t care whether you post my comment or not, just wanted to tell you some truth.

    -Rakesh Raina
    (Sufferer of Kashmiri Militants’ atrocities)

  11. Hey,

    There are many Kashmiris that are Hindu and many that are Muslims. However, most Hindus live in the Indian side of Kashmir. The Kashmiri militants are not any Al-Qaeda extremists…although I don’t actually support there ways, but to clarify these militants fight for the freedom of their land…they want to be free from India and want Kashmir as their own independent nation…they are not worried about forcing the entire world to convert to Islam…however, some extremists take advantage of that and implant their [nonsense]…both Pakistani and Indian governments don’t care about the people of Kashmir as much as they want Kashmir as a property…they don’t care who is blown up, or who is not….none of them wants to be the big guy and give up Kashmir for peace. Their ego of many years is still going on……

    But nevertheless, from where I come from, most Kashmiris prefer to be with Pakistan if they had to choose a side….notice our flag… since most have relatives who have immigrated in Pakistan, the Indian media in India implies such that Kashmiris want to be with India

    I was born and raised my whole life in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir….and in Mirpur, the people progress by providing money from their own pocket, the government never helped us and sure didn’t do much after the earthquake because most media attention was in Islamabad, and then came to Canada and have not gone back since for almost 12 years….although where I lived, most people spoke Urdu…and I never got to go up north in the mountains and see the real true Kashmir…but from the glances I had…Kashmir is truly the only paradise on earth…and Mangla is beautiful.

    One Persian poet said about Kashmir that, “if paradise exists on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here,” I forgot his name.

    But truly, Azad Kashmir is different from the Indian Kashmir,…there seems to be more peace…..maybe not so much close to the border…I haven’t been there…so I only know of rumours regarding that.

    Anyway, I hope Kashmiris, Hindus and Muslim can unite and Kashmiris can succeed and optimize in their potential and finally someday soon find peace and enjoy their paradise


    Faiza Ahmed

  12. Hi I don’t know who you are I think it is one of these Pakistani government plots to spread hatred among my Kashmiri brothers against India. I agree there are a lot of mistakes that the Indian soldiers have committed but lost have them have also died protecting us, a soldier as a person can be wrong but as a country India is the reason behind Kashmir’s existence now. If it had not been India we would have been either a part of a country globally known as the terrorist country that couldn’t set its democracy for fifty years or turned communist.

  13. Hi All, Here I noticed that those who are in favour of Azad Kashmir are all [abusive word edited] Paki agents. Kashmir is not only for those [abusive word edited] agents but also for the Pandits who are now home less coz of Paki [abusive word edited] head militants. So forget about Azad Kashmir in Dream as well!

  14. Hi its so so so so cute web site! I love Kashmir cho chweet…

  15. Hello All,

    I am just laughing at these Pundit boys and girls who respond here with hatred to the same Kashmiri Muslims who loved and protected them while Hindus in rest of India were killing Muslims.

    Prior to the freedom struggle can anyone prove that Pundits were harassed in Kashmir. They are out of their motherland only because they believed Jagmohan that once he is over with killing Muslim youth they will come back to sit on the heads of Muslims. Poor people seem frustrated by the treatment they got from their darling Indians in refugee camps

  16. Hi,

    I am a Kashmiri not Pakistani or Indian, OK? The only thing I can say is that Indians hate Kashmir and Kashmiris everyday in Indian controlled Kashmir. Peolpe live in fear – women are gang raped, men tortured and killed, there is a curfew so people can’t go out after sunset or they are killed. Indians can only talk about their own kindness but that’s a lie, the truth is in the human rights abuse documents you can find from Amnesty as proof and Indians can easily discuss Pakistan and though both countries want Kashmir as more property. Greedy isn’t it? Because India is so big anyway and so is Pakistan. Ok back to the point at least in Pakistani controlled Kashmir people don’t live in this fear for their lives, they live in peace and the truth is in its long history. Kashmir was NEVER EVER part of India even during British rule it wasn’t, it was a separate country. All you have to do is read about its history and people and you will see how disconnected they are from India but India who has the world on their side needn’t ever admit that!!

  17. “Prior to the freedom struggle can anyone prove that Pundits were harassed in Kashmir. They are out of their motherland only because they believed Jagmohan that once he is over with killing Muslim youth they will come back to sit on the heads of Muslims.”


    Whom are you trying to fool? This line of argument can only work with foreign correspondents who have never visited Kashmir. I very well know who drove me out of Kashmir . I know their names, their faces and in fact entire genealogy and let me assure you, it was not Jagmohan. These were the same people with whom I grew up, attended school, quarreled together and made up. so, when one such friend came to our house in the winter morning of 1992, I thought he was coming for a cup of tea. I never realized that these people whom we considered friends had so much poison inside.

    [libelous irrelevant to post content deleted]

  18. Hey Kashmiris,

    I hope that you have some sense of common sense in your head and you decide what you want your future to be .

    Do you want to be with a Failed state of Pakistan where there is nothing but terror and violence ?
    Do you want to be with an Democratic India which is on its path to become a Superpower ?

    One will have to be a fool to be think about being Pakistani or even an Independent Kashmir, which will become Afghanistan-like favorite bombing site for Americans

    I hope that you don’t want to entertain American troops with your the blood of near and dear like in Pakistan and Afghanistan ? Do you ? Yes you have sense. You will never.

    Pakistan is a nightmare, an unnatural state which is on the verge of its collapse. I bet that in a decade it will break and it will become part of India.

    I am really amused to see that how Americans can just walk around killing the Pakistanis. What a great scence for a nation ???

  19. Hey Alex. Thanks for your unsolicited advice. From your address “Hey Kashmiris”, it is clear that you are not a Kashmiri and consider “Kashmiris” as a separate people. In that case why don’t you just shut up?

    If Pakistan is a failed state, too bad for them. They should be more careful about their country. If India is going to become a superpower, good for them. Convey our best wishes to our Indian friends. However whether India or Pakistan or Uganda or Switzerland is a successful country or a failed country, what has it to do with Kashmir?

  20. I am from banglore, born in Srinagar. Its really safe for the tourist. Its only the politicians who are responsible for the brutality which is happening in valley. Is Kashmiris blood cheaper than Indians?

  21. Hi

    I am a Pakisatani and I read here that some people write that Kashmeir is not a part of Pakistan, whoever writes that is wrong. Kashmeir is the heart of Pakistan, so please do not write such text.

    I love with my Kashmieries brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers.

  22. Hi,

    I am Kashmire. My village is Prame Kot. Now I am in Karachi. I love all the Kashmiries. I think the beauty of Kashmir is matchless and the peoples are also very attractive.


  23. Hi Khalid,

    Please don’t say that Kashmir is the heart of Pakistan, if it is, its too bad. Islamabad should be instead, don’t you think?

    Kashmir was, is & will always be part of India. India will never be broken into any other piece, what so ever. Take care.

  24. We are not Pakis for Indians we are Kashmiris from the heart. Pakistan or India doesn’t crap for us. It is us who should stand up and not depend on people who are torturing our people. Kashmir will be a country one day. And the people that say that we should be part or Pakistan or India need to keep their mouth closed. If they can’t deal with the people in their own country, who the heck are they going to handle Kashmir? We are better off without them. It’s not like they help us now that we have to depend on them…!

  25. I am from Poonch Kashmir. I simply say Kashmir is of Kashmiris living both sides. Pakistan and India are two brutal occupiers in Kashmir. Kashmir was a separate independent country and in 1947 both countries India and Pakistan made this state their own property but they will not succeed.

    One thing more if Kashmir was part of India and Pakistan why these two cruel and shameful countries bring this issue to United Nations for plebiscite?

  26. Salaam I am Kushi I am live in Rawalakot. It’s a very beautiful. Kashmir – please email me Rawalakot picture.

    Allah Hafiz!

    God Bless You My Azad Kashmir Or Geo Azadi Se [Live Free!]

    [Email and Contact Number, Edited Out]

  27. Hey

    Kashmiris are people not belongings of either India or Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is not free, Pakistani government has exploited Kashmir, look at Mangla many were made homeless and will be in the future when the dam is expanded. Kashmiris pay twice the amount for electricity, the electricity that is made from Mangla, Pakistan get it for half the price. No royalties are paid to the Kashmiris for the resources Pakistan Government takes from Kashmir. There is a large number of Mirpuris living overseas who send money back home, this revenue is taking by the Pakistani Government and spent on Pakistan. Azad Kashmir has had no development in the form of job creation, Universities, no investments from the Pakistani Government. Indian Kashmir has done a lot better in all aspects.

    What is Azad (free) about Pakistani Kashmir? Pakistan does not recognise AK as a province of Pakistan but yet exploits it.

    Anyone who wants to take part in public life in Azad Kashmir has to sign a pledge of loyalty to Pakistan, while anyone who publicly supports or peacefully works for an independent Kashmir faces persecution.

  28. Thr dinosaurs became extinct so will the humans. How many gods are there in India they’re not doing a well job for India. KASHMIR will be independent from Indian aggression just wait and see.

  29. Hey Kashmiris…it is amusing to see all you guys dreaming of a separate Kashmir and do you know where the word Kashmir originated from. It is Sanskrit and by the way all you people for a separate Kashmir go to hell cause it is a part of India and always will be and so will Pakistan in a decade’s time. What goes around comes around.

  30. I hope that U.N help Kashmir people because Indian police they killing them and steal girls to sell them in Mumbai for sex with force. I hope Indian government must be stopping it now. I `m very sad about Kashmir people.

  31. Hi,

    I am bharathi from Tamil Nadu, India. I like Jammu & Kashmir very much I really like the people, their culture and customs. I would like to marry a Kashmiri boy (Hindu).

  32. Hey, I’m Kashmirian.

    Just wanted to say I miss you Kashmir (Kotli) – (Azad Kashmir)!

    God, anyways I won’t miss you too long because I’ll be there, this time next year!

  33. Hi

    I am Nasir Shafait from Rawalakot Azad Kashmir, I am in UAE & I miss my lovely Rawalakot. I love Kashmir…Kashmir is a paradise on earth… I love Kashmir.

  34. @ Khalid Jan Pak

    “Kashmeir is the heart of Pakistan….”

    @ Snehal

    “Kashmir was…..always be part of India. India will never be broken into any other piece, what so ever. ”

    Response: Sheer ignorance and bloated ego in both cases!


  35. Dear Friends, the comments by our Kashmiri pundit brothers and sisters clearly indicate they are the victims of hate campaign by Hindutva elements in India. They have been able to fill the hearts of these erstwhile Kashmiris with hatred. You can make out this from the kind of words they are using against the struggle. I congratulate them from accepting the ugly culture of hate from Indian society. Yes, Pakistan has failed as a true Islamic state, but so has India as a true democratic and secular state. Democracy is not all about holding elections. With more than 25% of Hindus being fanatic and anti secularism, I mean the supporters of Hindutva, India has ceased to be a secular state. Look at tens of thousand of Gujratis, Marathis and other Hindus killing innocent Muslims. Thank God, Kashmiris are still safer from becoming communal in spite of provocation of Indian agents and also to some extent Pakistani agents. Recent peaceful protests against Amarnath Lang grab issue in which not even a single yatri was attacked is witness to the secular credentials of Kashmiri Muslims. Long live Kashmir.

  36. Hi, this is Muhammad Aqeel form the Kotli Azad Kashmir.At this time I am Luton (U.K).I am missing my Kashmir, Kashmir is my love. Kashmir is so beautiful. Salaam Kashmir this is message for all the world. My city is Kotli. I love the Kashmir. My feeling is Kashmir.

  37. Gentlemen and Ladies. stop cursing and derogatory remarks about each other,Every Kashmiri has right to live and enjoy his life in Kashmir, but not any kind of killers conspirators colonial dreamers, we want independence from both and live with our own way of life.You both nationals are welcome to Kashmir as visitors or tourist.[ sentence deleted] Long live Kashmirastan.


  38. Funny

    I like the Islamic philosophy of killing, forcibly converting and then driving out the other religions and then calling an area their own. Just like Kashmir. Note that Kashmir comes from Kasyapa or Rishi kashyapa. Kashmir is the heart of Hinduism, Abhaida Shiva, Tripura Sundari. Half of our Devi mantras refer to Kashmir because Kashmira is another name for Uma.

    Of course of late the illegal occupiers of Kashmir have taken to destroying ancient temples and renaming Hindu sites e.g., Abhinava Gufa is now some Muslim name, soon Srinagar (named after Devi) will be something else.

    The Sharda Peeth is already in POK and totally destroyed (don’t know how many of you know Adi Shankracharya; oh I forgot all of you came from Arabia in 1200 AD).

    And frankly I don’t care what fake Kashmiris (Turks and all the other subverters who were let in by the Syeds; and of late the folks from occupied western territories of India (Pakistan)) think. Other than the Muslim converts (Pandits who converted) who are a bit deluded all the others are occupiers who need to be evicted from our holy land.

  39. I want to appricate the persons who maintained the site.This is a real picture of Azad Jammu&Kashmir.
    I am proud of my home land.

    M.Ashraf Khan
    Bagh A.K

  40. Good work…

    Raja Naeem
    Bagh AJK PAK

  41. Hi!

    It’s very nice to see this web page about my birth place. I was really young when my family left Kashmir and were called migrants in our own country. I have read nearly all the comments, and I am not satisfied with a few, we are Kashmiri Pandits and our clan was highly educated and respected, we Pandits are known for discipline and mannerism. In the comments many have written that Kashmir was consisting of both Muslims and Pandits, but that’s not true Kashmir. And we Pandits have left our land and our homes were burnt! This is a rotten argument of Muslim and Hindu! I believe no educated person will hurt any one or push any one into crime or hatred!! Leave the topic if you can do something then go ahead don’t sit and mail! Kashmir is still suffering!! God also needs help now!!!!

  42. Hi to every one.

    First of all all I would like to introduce my self I above named living in Maneel Batala Kotli Azad Kashmir and working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from last three months. It’s very nice to read about my birth place. Kashmir is known as PARADISE in the world and mostly peoples know that. I would like to request from peoples that if you do not have enough information about Kashmir please do not write.

    Thanks & Regards

    Syed Sajid Hussain Shah

    [email ID and Phone Number Edited out – please refrain from posting personal contact details]

  43. Hey

    Would like to say its amazing website v nice pics but honestly Kashmir is even more beautiful its jus so special and incomparable. My parents come from Muzafarabad Kashmir so called Azad Kashmir I don’t consider it ‘Free’ until it is ruled by armies Pakistan on one side with sweetness and India on other side with brutality…. I first came to Kashmir Muzaffarabad Which is capital of Kashmir in 2001 and lived there for 3 years it has been a nice experience but I have noticed Pakistan army influence in al walks of life …. Every aspect of society has Pakistani stamp on it, I am not anti Pakistani but we have nothing to do with Pakistan or India InshAllah Kashmir will emerge as a separate state in world map one day.

    To Indians here:

    You got no chance Indians we jus don’t want u!!!!!! Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri s that’s what we say and…..

    To Pakistanis:

    Who gave you the authority to gift Kashmir land to china, make Gilgit and Baltistan as ‘Northern Areas!

    Thanks for your ‘moral’ support which changes with every government one day its freedom struggle other day its secondary issue!

    Kashmir free from India and Pakistan that’s what we dream of and will until…. it comes true!


  45. Why Pakistan claimed Kashmir is very much clear. The reason’s are:

    (1) According to Pakistan, Kashmir is a Muslim majority state. So it is an unfinished business of India Pakistan partition.

    (2) Its geo-political location is vital. It shares is borders with Russia which will give access to central Asia. It shares its borders with Tibet, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

    (3) Major rivers of Pakistan which are the lifeline of Pakistan flow through Kashmir. They are Shylok, Indus, Zaskar, Chenab, Jhelam and Ravi.

    (4) If Kashmir becomes a part of Pakistan then it will give Pakistan geo-political as well as military advantage over India and will strengthen military and economic ties with China.

    (5) As Kashmir is known for its beauty so if Pakistan captures it then it will be able to earn vast foreign exchange and it will become more prosperous than Switzerland in terms tourism.

    (6) It had lost East Pakistan in 1971 war so if it gets Kashmir it will compensate the loss.

  46. Aslam-o Aliqum to All,

    I am Syed Saghar Hussain Jafery from Bagh AK. As you know Kashmir is very beautiful, further I would like to invite you to visit Bagh Valley which is full of beauty specially Ganga View, Lasdana, Haji Pir, Haveli, Hillan and Khurshid Abad.

  47. Assalam-O-Alikum,

    I am Zia Kashmiri From Khui Ratta (Kotli) AJK.
    I would like to invite you to visit Banah Valley (Heart of AJK)

  48. Aslam-o Aliqum

    I am Muhammad Fayyaz Awan from Bhimber AK.


  49. Yes, Kashmir was paradise on earth. But todays we see everywhere in Kashmir, hue and cry, molestation, killings, sufferings. But how long we have to see it? Where is world community? Are they in a great sleep or they are watching the screens? Hope they will wake up now and restore the paradise again!

    • Mr. Awansib thanks for coment. I would like to ask you to discuss on land grabing in Kashmir by India and Pakistan. Pakistan’s recent step on Gilgit and Biltastan can be called daylightrobery. Geographilcay historcally and admitted by wold comunity that Kashmir is a disputed and seperate state and not a part of India or Pakistan. In this case there is no difference between India, Pakistan and Israeli policy. Leadership should protest in the UNO against this landgrabing.


  50. As-Salāmu `Alaykum Peace be with you

    I am a Canadian and it is one of my goals in life to visit my Kashmiri sisters and brothers to help them in any way possible. Honestly, I am not well aware of how the Hindus are treated in Kashmir. I only have one family friend (From Rajuri Poonch) whose father was killed by the military yet whenever she speaks about the Hindus of Kashmir she only has good words for them. I am a practicing Muslim and my suggestion to those who think that Muslims are messed up or our religion spreads violence; please study Islam, if possible go to Europe and study Islam because they will have facts for you. I am saying Europe because if you go to a muslim state it will be from their point of view and i am not sure about studying in another country. I promise if someone here is willing to study my religion in India or anywhere, Wallahi I am willing to $500 in my university to get a religious course on Hinduism.

    Please I am neither on Pakistan’s side nor on India’s side. I want the Hindus and Muslims of Kashmir to treat each other the way they would want to be treated. It breaks my heart to see my sisters being raped and my brothers being beaten on the streets. My appeal is with the Hindus to hold hands with Muslims, educate their children to be successful and treat them equally. Wish for them what you would wish for your children. Do not take sides with the military because we all know that if Gandi gi was here today he would not have taken his side with the military only because they are Indian. You have to be just. The military is doing their job when protecting you but when they are committing serious crimes on the Muslims you should never justify their actions.

    My appeal to the Muslims; please do not treat the Hindus badly for the crimes of the few. Do not take the side of radical militants who believe that wiping out Hindus is the only solution to the problem. When we are faced with calamity we should not forget our religion. We are one ummah and we always pray for our brothers and sister in Palestine and Kashmir and Afghanistan. Please do not give up hope Allah is most just and inshallah he will not let you down. He is all-knowing and he is with those who have patience. Please do not forget this life is short and this world is like a prison for the believer and a paradise for the non believer. Look at yourselves and think when you meet Allah which of your good deeds is He going to praise and what bad deeds are you going to hide then. Surely nothing is hidden from him. A hadith from our beloved Prophet PBUH that on day of judgment we are going to be questioned even for the cold water Allah gave us.

    “and you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received the Scripture before you (Jews and Christians) and from those who ascribe partners to Allaah; but if you persevere patiently, and become Al-Muttaqoon (the pious) then verily, that will be a determining factor in all affairs”[Aal ‘Imraan 3:186]

    Our attitude must be clear; we must explain to the kuffaar the ruling of Islamic sharee’ah concerning harming and killing others. We should tell them that Islam forbids harming innocent people in any way, whether that involves harming their bodies, their wealth or their honour. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm.” It is not permissible to kill a kaafir who is not hostile or who has a legitimate peace treaty with the Muslims; rather treating a non-hostile kaafir with kindness is part of the Islamic religion, especially if that is done to call him to Islam and soften his heart (towards Islam). Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “Allaah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allaah loves those who deal with equity”[al-Mumtahinah 60:8]

    At times of war against the kuffaar, it is not permissible for a Muslim to deliberately kill a kaafir child or woman who is not bearing arms against the Muslims or helping in the fight. It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to the Muslim army: “Go out in the name of Allaah and by the help of Allaah, following the way of the Messenger of Allaah. Do not kill any old man, infant, child or woman… spread goodness and do good, for Allaah loves those who do good.” (Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2614; its isnaad includes Khaalid ibn al-Faraz, of whom Ibn Hajar said in al-Taqreeb, he is maqbool (acceptable) i.e., if there are corroborating reports)

    This is supported by the advice which Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq (may Allaah be pleased with him) gave to the commander of his army: “I advise you of ten things: do not kill a woman, or a child, or any old person, or cut down any fruit trees…” (al-Muwatta’, 982, Kitaab al-Jihaad).
    From Islamic Q and A

    Jazakallah khair

    Allah hafiz

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