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And A Family Cries

In Human Rights, Innocent Killings, Kashmir, News, People, Politics on 23 October, 2006 at 1:34 am

Does a 19 year old boy deserve to be tortured with hot iron rods? Does
the brother of a 10 year sister old deserve to be burned? Does the only
bread winner of a family deserve death at the hands of an occupational
army for the sole crime of being a Kashmiri?

Not he doesn’t, no one does.

However, the Indian army stationed in Kashmir, as occupiers, go all the
way to satisfy their cannibal and sadist tendencies.

People do what they can, they protest

Thousands of people staged massive demonstrations for second day Sunday against the custodial killing of a 19-year-old labourer Muhammad Maqbool Dar on the Shab-e-Qadr on Friday night by the soldiers of 53 Rashtriya Rifles of Army at Pakharpora. (courtesy of greater kashmir)

Doctors do what they need not to, confirm the death by torture

A team of doctors who performed autopsy of Maqbool at Charari Sharif Hospital on Saturday told Greater Kashmir that “he died due to cardiac arrest caused by extensive torture and multiple burns. His private parts had been damaged.”

Kashmir Bleeds!

This graffiti says the truth about Kashmir: “You murder us without explanations because we are aware of Dignity and Justice!”

Opposition does, what it has to, it speaks strongly against

Abdur Rahim Rather, the former Finance Minister and leader of the opposition in the state legislative assembly, addressed the protesters, and condemned what he termed the brutal killing of Maqbool.

Police does, what will never yield a result, files a report

However, the SSP Budgam Ashiq Hussain Bukhari said the accused have not yet been named in the case though a case of abduction and murder has been filed against the troops.

Government does, what it always has, expresses deep concern

State government on Sunday expressed “deep concern” on the killing of Muhammad Maqbool of Pakharpora.

The Army never does what it should: Quit Kashmir!

Somewhere in Kashmir, a family cries

“We had just broken our fast on Friday and were preparing for the Shab-e-Qadr (the holiest night of the Holy month of Ramazan) when a group of soldiers (from Kanidajan RR camp) dashed into the room and took him along. Today they returned his body.” (courtesy of greater kashmir)

And Kashmir keeps on bleeding.

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  1. From the time “zero tolerance” was declared by the PM of India, such incidents are becoming more and more frequent. Why won’t they when the previous ones haven’t been probed, when the guilty are not punished? The security forces become even more fearless when they commit such murders, coz they are not going to be accounted, instead the dead is going to be labelled as a militant and the army awarded for it.

    While someone laments the death of a 19 year old, another Iman lies in the hospital for not listening to the army from the army camp next to his mosque. No wonder he has been accused of having militant links, an accusation which gives them a free hand at shooting or killing anyone they like, They could shoot me tomorrow and claim that I had militant links, and believe me no one outside Kashmir will ever come to know about the truth.

    You and me will keep writing, but people who have closed their eyes and ears to such atrocities will not be effected. However, we will continue to get the truth to light and InshahAllah will succeed in getting justice to the valley. Ameen!

  2. Interesting post. At the same time, if the Indian army were to quit Kashmir and leave, what do you think will happen?

    Do you think the Kashmiris will be left alone to deal with their fate? NO is the answer. One army will leave and another will rush in. I am sure you know who I am talking about. And once you are occupied with this new army – you will wish the Indian Army had never gone away. The Pakistanis, once they have Kashmir will start thier pseudo war somewhere else. This evil of terrorism has to be defeated. Asking the Indian Army to leave will not solve anything. Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so.

  3. Zarafshan

    They are not punished because it is obvious that these acts have official patronage in an attempt to put fear in our hearts, at which they are miserable failing.

    Very few people seek truth, the bulk of the population remains contended with what they are fed from the top – and they happy with that.

    Insha Allah justice won’t elude Kashmir forever.

  4. Selwyn

    Why are you turning a blind eye to this post and attempting to foretell what Kashmiris would feel if the Indian Army were to leave?

    Possibly because you have closed your eyes to the truth, as Zarafshan said above:

    You and me will keep writing, but people who have closed their eyes and ears to such atrocities will not be effected.

  5. […] ~Kashmir~ on violence, the state and the Indian army. Does a 19 year old boy deserve to be tortured with hot iron rods? Does the brother of a 10 year sister old deserve to be burned? Does the only bread winner of a family deserve death at the hands of an occupational army for the sole crime of being a Kashmiri? […]

    • Why are you turning a blind eye to this post and attempting to foretell what Kashmiris would feel if the Indian Army were to leave?

      Possibly because you have closed your eyes to the truth, as Zarafshan said above:

      You and me will keep writing, but people who have closed their eyes and ears to such atrocities will not be effected.

  6. […] ~Kashmir~ on the Indian Army. “Does a 19 year old boy deserve to be tortured with hot iron rods? Does the brother of a 10 year sister old deserve to be burned? Does the only bread winner of a family deserve death at the hands of an occupational army for the sole crime of being a Kashmiri?” […]

  7. Unless the Kashmiris leave their separatists tendencies and ‘Jehad’ is stopped we will keep reading about these tragic things. India can no way let Kashmir go after keeping it for 50 plus years. Why that very act will give phenomenal strength to the numerous rebels present in almost all Indian states.

    Army is an employment to many, people will keep joining it, some of them will be killed by militants, no big deal for the Indian state or for that matter most of people in the world, but the net losers will always be the local people. Hasn’t any of you ever thought that what if jehad is rejected, the Indian union rule accepted what will you lose?

  8. I am sure that incidents such as these are happenning almost every week in some part or other in Kashmir. And unless the perpetrators are severely punished, I see no reason how there will be any less number of innocents dying. I pray for his family, and wish that the guilty jawans/officers don’t get away with this.

    Everybody is so powerless, except the omnipotent Indian state.

  9. Did you raise a murmur of protest when the Indian army officers were tortured by the Pakistanis ?

  10. Anon

    Enlighten me why exactly would I, or for that matter the Kashmiris, raise their voice for an occupational army? Why would we raise voice for those who are responsible for thousands of deaths, custodial disappearances, mass rape and torture of Kashmiri people?

    And you are talking about the Indian ‘army officers’ tortured!

  11. Anon,

    What we are trying to ask is “Why aren’t people raising even a murmur of protest when so many innocent kashmiris are killed?”

    We as kashmiris, as our first step have this duty to inform others as to what exactly happens in Kashmir. As kashmir said, why would we raise a voice against the torture of those who torture us. By saying this I do not justify the torture by the Pakistanis ( By the way, when were Indian Army officers tortured by the Pakistanis in the recent times? Are you talking about Kargil? )

    When opressed people do not get justice by legal means, that is when they go against law. And if you want to believe, many people took up arms against such injustice. And if this injustice continues unabated without the culprits being brought to court, there is no hope for peace. As the PM said, zero tolerance is what is needed, but where is that zero tolerance?

  12. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Indian army officer and servant of India, I am saddened by the actions of a few bad personnel in the army. These personel need to be found, rooted out, and booted out. Those who hid their criminal actions should be booted out.

    But that said, let me say, the pressures of serving in Kashmir are high. There needs to be an increase in rotation of service officers as well all levels of army staffing in order to eliminate this type of criminal actions.

    We all share the sorrow of the families who have suffered. But we must not also forget the suffering of Kashmiri pandits, non-muslim Kashmiris. Both parties have suffered. The healing must include addressing both issues.

    What we have to do is eliminate the insurgents and the few criminals in the army. This is what we must all aspire to achieve.


  13. All my Kashmiri Muslim brethren who spew venom against India and its military stationed in kashmir, how about the innocent 19 yearl old boy or a 10 year old Hindu Pandit who were raped, tortured or killed by Kashmiri Muslim and Pakistani Muslim terrorists? Dont you ever weep for them? Dont you ever spare a thought on their pitiable situation of staying in camps scattered across North India with minimal sanitation, hygiene and comfort? At least you guys are lucky to be staying in your own “so called motherland Kashmir” and still free to travel across India seeking better education and accessing all facilities. How about the displaced Kashmiri pandits? Can one Kashmiri Muslim organization stand up and voice their opinion against the terrorists who destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent Kashmiri Pandits?

  14. Hi Indian!

    It is true that 500 Pandits have been killed during the uprising? Do you know that 100,000 Muslims have been already killed and about 10,000 are missing?

  15. Thing is militants treat both Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits equally. Both are enemies for them. However, when 1000 Kashmiri Muslims die and one or two Pandits die, all the media highlights when pundits die, they get sympathy from every where, every one…! But Kashmiri Muslims are the one who suffered a lot. They are beaten by both army and militants! I think now a days Indian army is proving to be more cruel than Pakistani militants! isn’t it my dear Kashmiris friends?

    Who said that Kashmiris can safely travel across Indian cities?? No my dear friends..No.

    Police of every state in India simply doubt on Kashmiris. they detains them. torture them. for example recently some Kashmiris where arrested in Karnataka. Police announced that they captured some terrorists who were trying to attack on all IT companies.

    You know what their neighbors and landlord say is they were arrested 2 months before than actually police say! (Its the big story I think I can come up with more detail)

  16. Wherever Indian army enters it does the same thing….

    STF: Which was sent to capture VEERAPPAN raped and killed so many innocents that made Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border people to love VEERAPPAN more than STF!! I think Indian army is going to create same situation in Kashmir!

    What about the army sent to Manipur? Just google for their crimes! One lady is fasting since years protesting to withdraw the army from Manipur. Some days back two ladies protested in new fashion by removing their dress, stood in front of army base and shouted pointing ‘He is the one who raped me!’

  17. Well the Indian army has no right to kill those, who are innocent and must evolve a system that people not involved in terror activities are left in peace.
    However, someone, who has picked the gun must bear the responsibility. He will have to face the music and since India has a very obolete criminal investigation system, the families will also bear the brunt.
    So, it is high time that people in Kashmir understand that there is no point in killing innocents.

  18. mineguruji

    However, someone, who has picked the gun must bear the responsibility

    Yes, he must but none of the deaths mentioned in this blog are of militants or combatants, the deaths are of innocents killed knowingly by the Indian Forces.

    So, it is high time that people in Kashmir understand that there is no point in killing innocents.

    Maybe you should be telling this to the Indian Forces who kill innocent Kashmiris. Whenever did Kashmiris kill innocent people?

  19. There is no freedom fight in Kashmir and there was none. From an implicit fight over Muslim religion’s distinct identity, it is now becoming an open war of religion. Islamic rabid jihadis freed from Afghanistan war and sponsored by Pakistan entered India in Kashmir in 1987. It is due to India’s poor administration that we could not stem this inflow and let the situation develop to this extent. We shoudl have brought military in sooner ans summarily executed all jihadi’s. We shoudl have installed Israeli camera’s all along the border. The people of Kashmir are afflicted with the same disease that Muslims who clamored for Pakistan in 1947 suffered from- “Islam” which preached intolerance and hatred of others not belonging to their religion. That is why there was not a single protest when native Hindus were butchered selectively in Kashmir and there is no consideration that India treated Kashmir better than all its other states. It didn’t let people from outside Kashmir buy land in Kashmir which Pakistanis are doing on their side. It didn’t hand over any part of Kashmir to China as Pakistani did. It provided educational and health facilities which Pakistani haven’t done. It provided all the constitutional rights that Indian’s have which Pakistani provided only in namesake. The Kashmir i’s there are treated as 2nd class citizens while in India they can be found in all its educatinal institutions across the country. Yet the Kashmir i leadership either wants freedom from India or to join Muslim Pakistan. I have spoken with both Kashmiri’s and Pakistani’s. The senior Kashmiri’s have told me that the present Kashmiri’s have been brainwashed when they were children into believing that they do not belong to India because their religion is different. Pakistan’s have told me that they do not care if Kashmir becomes independent because ultimately being Muslim, they will join up with Pakistan or another Muslim nation. Muslims all over the world consider themselves one brotherhood and they do not believe in national boundaries only in oneness of religion. Regarding crimes committed by Army, it is not surprising because there are always some balcksheeps in every army institution anywhere and other incidents were accidental. All over the world (developed or undeveloped) wherever army is involved, there have been crimes by army against civilians, it appears to be the nature of the beast. Particularly in a guerrilla type warfare as in Kashmir, it is difficult to distinguish civilians from terrorist as terrorists hide behind the mask of civilians. I do not know what Kashmiri’s are complaining about. It seems to be religion issues all over again. I am fed up. If this is what Kashmiri’s desire, let the blood continue to flow until everybody gets tried and exhausted and wants peace.

  20. […] Indian Armyman kills two personnel in J&K And A Family Cries ~ Kashmir ~ Indian held Kashmir at gun-point at least these two link say many things about how mentally sick […]

  21. I have no sympathy for J&K Muslims, these are the same people who turned a blind eye and supported the murder of Pundits, now when of their own is given the same treatment, they cry foul.

  22. I think the only acceptable solution of KASHMIR is full freedom from both India and Pakistan
    because both countries are occupy KASHMIR – the PARADISE.

  23. Well said Ajay!!

    I have recently visited Kashmir and found that its regaining its beauty and peace.. All thanks to ARMY and the CRPF forces there. The tourism industry is booming and so many people are actually visiting and getting chance to view the heaven..

    I’ve seen, almost all tourist have been very liberal and lenient with the Kashmiri GHODEWALA’s (horse keepers), sledge people. They were paying them whatever amount they ask them to pay (500 instead of 100) plus the tip (which is also too high), just to make sure that these people start loving India and believe that we Indians want them to b one with India. Indian government has been very supportive and providing them with the best possible facilities to make the stay of these Kashmiris there fruitful and peaceful…

    I agree that there may b many crimes against these Kashmiris from Army but let me tell you this was the only way Army was left with to actually make sure that they wont do any such activities.

    The caretaker of the guest house in which I stayed told me that these Kashmiri Muslims still want to be one with Pakistanis and support them. As for example in India Vs Pakistan match where all the Indians get together and pray for the win of Indian Team, these people pray for Pakistani team. Burn crackers and shouts when Pakistan wins. This really disturbed me to the core, that Indian government is doing too much for them (I have seen it myself), and still they are supporting Pakistan, so if the military will b removed from there they will openly support that country and the situation may get worse.

    I request from Kashmiris if you really want peace (which I am sure you want!!), please make love your country, show some patriotism. Because India’s future is bright and if you involve yourself with the activities in India I assure you the heaven will surely get its charm back.

    Together we can make a difference.

    Love you Kashmiri’s and Jai Hind…

  24. I think that after carring out an anti militancy operation once, the Indian Army should give reigns to the J&K Police because the Army is not trained to police an area.

    Army be it in any country knows only these ways.

    And we should not hold them culprit but should replace the Army with the J&K police.

    I am deeply sorrowed by your condition and believe me I used to pray for kashmir daily to Maa Kaali.

    But now have become an athiest.

    Wish all your troubles vanish.

    Jai Hind

  25. Am a Kashmiri girl, migrated from Kashmir… Indianssss…Oh really ‘you people love us,’…some one say this in his comments…you people hate us…that’s why doing all this with us…you have no concern with our feelings, our wishes. I know my comment couldn’t add, but am feeling very relax after saying this, please God take pity on us and make us free form these YAZEEDS.

  26. I constantly read about the situation in Kashmir and nothing makes me sadder as an Indian. All this talk about the need for the Army to be replaced by the J&K police is totally uncalled for. Do you really think the J&K police will be able to stave off a Pakistani invasion ? Impossible ! When the situation is so grim, the Army will definitely not err on the side of caution. Do you know how many thousands of Indian families from all over the country have lost loved ones in the Army ? Why ! It’s just so that Kashmir doesn’t burn ! It’s because we believe Kashmir is an integral part of India. It’s because Kashmir has a future ONLY as an integral part of India.

    Have you seen what’s happened to Tibet once China took over ? They’re DILUTING the Tibetan culture by sending in millions of people from the mainland every year. I assure you this – Kashmir will not be a pretty place to be if Pakistan ever gets control of it. If the battle to keep Kashmir safe isn’t going to unite the spirits of Kashmiris with the rest of the Indians, i don’t know what will !

    We are in this together. We feel your pain. We pray to God that the situation improves. We hope Kashmir becomes a safe place to stay in.

  27. I think the most important part in any of these situations is played by the media…but the truth is that the mass media is more interested in knowing the gossip, sex and cricket. The real truth never reaches to the people. Everyone knows there is some problem going in Kashmir but no one knows who is suffering and what Indian army is doing because anything written wrong about the Indian army becomes the national and political issue and is suppressed by the officials.

    • gaurav:

      You have rightly understood the situation and how the blind India media (blindia, as I call it) is distorting truth – eventually it will be India’s loss when people, like you, would have known the truth. I appreciate your attempt to see the reality of Kashmir and you can continue reading Kashmiri bloggers to get a good idea on what is happening in Kashmir.

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