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Gulmarg Gondola Shutdown [Now, Fixed!]

In Development, Environment, Gulmarg, News, Tourism on 27 January, 2007 at 3:14 am

Not satisfied with their failures so far, the Gulmarg Destruction Agency (wrongly called as Gulmarg Development Agency) and the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department have proved beyond doubt their total uselessness. Not only are these departments speeding up the ecological destruction of Gulmarg but are also destroying the present infrastructure.

Gondola ‘freezes’ due to cold attitude of authorities

Greater Kashmir reports on the shut down of the Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car, the highest cable car of the world in the worst hands. The shutting down of the cable car has forced a large number of foreigners to pack their bags and will lead to huge financial loss for the local businessmen. Knowing the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department’s eternal slumber, it is highly unlikely that the snag will be fixed soon.

Since launch of the Gondola, the JKCCC has been claiming that it maintains the cable car under international standards keeping in view the local climatic conditions.

But, sources said due to lack of maintenance and ferrying of raw material for constructions, the second phase of the cable car has been damaged and closed for repairs.

“I had surely not come from Australia by spending my hard earned money to see the Gondola closed. It is sad and disappointing,” Charles Bonita, a skier told Greater Kashmir.

Yet another Australian, Peter Robin son, who runs an internationally reputed ski-tour company ‘Ski-Himalayas’ and facilitates visit of the largest number of skiers to Gulmarg, is all fire against the authorities.

“There is definitely lack of coordination between the different authorities as a result there is confusion in managing the state of affairs of Gulmarg. Proper delivery of services to tourists is a matter of human element,” said Robin son, who has employed many local youth for assisting the skiers.

The hoteliers too are concerned about the condition Gondola as a large number of skiers have made advance bookings. “Many skiers have already left after the closure of 2nd phase of Gondola. If the problem is not rectified immediately, we might face huge financial losses due to cancellations of bookings,” a group of aggrieved hoteliers said.

Fixing the cable car through email!

The department has also come up with a novel method of fixing the cable car: it has emailed (or snail mailed) photographs of the snag to foreign engineers for consult!

An employee of the JKCCC said the corporation does not have the expertise to rectify the error. “We have mailed the photographs of the damaged machine to the foreign engineers and are waiting for their suggestions” he said.

quotes courtesy of greater kashmir

You may also want to read Kashmir Tourism Department’s Eternal Slumber on this blog.


It’s working!

To confirm the present status of the cable car in Gulmarg, an email was sent to Peter Robinson of Ski Himalaya, a ski tour company, and the following response was received:

“The gondola is fully operational with excellent skiing off the top.”

Ski Himalayas is the only regularly updated website about the skiing scene in Gulmarg. It also has the facility of booking ski-tours online, which is one of it’s kind for Kashmir.

  1. Aahhh!!!!! I’m supposed to be coming to ride at Gulmarg next week. What’s the latest news? Have they solved the problem?

  2. Is it really fixed?! Is the gondola operating for the 2nd section?! If yes, we´re going to book our flights.

  3. Tyler, Andy:

    It is working as per the email we received from SkiHimalaya. The fault was in the second phase and it has since been fixed.

    Have a wonderful time in Gulmarg!

  4. Both the phases were working the two times I’ve been to Gulmarg this year, Feb and August.

  5. Sharminder:

    The Gondola was up and running in February of 2007 itself, an update was posted at that time (as can be seen at the end of the post). Thanks for the updated information though.

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