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Who Rescued Whom?

In Kashmir, News, People, Politics on 12 February, 2008 at 9:34 pm

One has to marvel at this man. It is no wonder that he remains as indispensable for the Gandhi family (aka Congress) as he did during Indira Gandhi’s infamous emergency. It is people like him and Makhdoom Amin Faheem of Pakistan who define (honest) slavery of the modern era.

It was all over the blind Indian media (blindia) and they gave it the space and the effect it was meant for. It hasn’t been since Sheikh Abdullah’s times that a Kashmiri politician has been able to create a fake truth, spread it like wildfire and then bask in its glory! Even Farooq-I-Like-To-Discoe -Abdullah failed to create such a massive sensation -using the media effectively- over what shall never go down in history – an issue that won’t stay more than a few days in people’s memory – but has created its desired effects and proved, in not so many words, the inefficiency of Mufti Sayed’s administration.

It was not a path breaking roadmap for the resolution of Kashmir. It was a simple rescue mission. The army (and the police) had rescued about 30 people who had been trapped in an avalanche. The army (and the police) had done it again; they had helped the sad people of Kashmir. It wasn’t a rescue mission that would blow the brains of rescuers around the world but the media coverage was aimed at putting to shame National Geographic!

So far, so good!

You may argue, what’s wrong in it? With elections (or the absence of them) near, a little self-glorifying by the Chief Minister should not be shouted at, or should it be?

The Actual Footage

The little actual footage showed the people and not the army (and the police) rescuing. It was the rescued people who were carrying the old and elderly and it was the rescued people who were clearing the path as they moved on (makes one to think which path did the army (and the police) take? And no it was not snowing). The army (and the police) were more than willing to pose for the cameras! The army (there was no police visible) did not look exhausted even though they had supposedly walked miles in snow for the rescue.

The rescue was over and the people of Kashmir were all happy!

However, the government pulled one more trick out of their sleeves and this time the blindia looked side-a-ways:

The Act

Even as the chief minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, was reviewing the post-snowfall situation in various valley districts, his administration pushed thousands of Srinagar-bound passengers into a virtual hell on the Jammu-Srinagar highway.

No less than 3,000 people, including a large number of women and children, have been caught in one of the worst traffic jams on either side of Patnitop.

The Army

“It is only militarily convoys which have free run on this road,” said another stranded passenger, Rafiq Ahmad Bhat.

The Aim

A woman passenger Mehmooda who was crying on phone said that children in the bus were demanding food. “But I have nothing to offer them. This Government is lying. They allowed the traffic from Jammu to kill our children of hunger and cold,” she said. The passenger said that it was a deliberate attempt by the Government to subject hundreds of people to hardship.

The Admittance

Admitting that the highway was not totally fit for vehicular traffic, the senior superintendent of police, Traffic (Highway), Dinesh Rana, told Greater Kashmir that movement of vehicles in slippery stretches on either side of Patni Top, the movement of vehicles was hazardous. “The highway is not fit for traffic between Patni Top and Jawahar tunnel and it would require another two days to make it traffic worthy,” he said.

Interestingly, it was the same Rana who had, on Saturday evening, told Greater Kashmir that the traffic had been restored fully on the highway.

[Quotes source: Greater Kashmir]

The Administration of Mufti Sayed

In 2005, Waltang, a village in Kashmir was destroyed by avalanches. People were dead and so was the government. The government, dead in its own slumber, was unaware of the destruction. It was the local newspaper Greater Kashmir that received information about the entrapment of people and published the same. The government instead of accepting its mistake went ahead and issued arrest warrants against the Editor of the newspaper for spreading rumours and creating panic among the people. Azad, through his fantastic understanding of the media, tried to prove his superiority but failed miserably for the people of Kashmir.

The Army (and the police)

From a prevous post I Can Kill Everybody:

Killing in Kashmir is not uncommon but gradually it appears that the police and the army see themselves as reincarnations of God on earth. Be it the illiterate gun totting policeman or his superior office, they both think that they are the Greater Beings, created to maim and kill the children, the young, the old and the women of Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir Police has turned over the past decade and a half from an organisation supporting the freedom struggle to a people more than happy to kill innocents and it will continue to grow evil. It has already graduated from beatings innocents to killing them, now they just need to expand their reach and increase the innocent death toll. Once India is confident that the police have been trained well to behave as colonial masters, as is the attitude of the army at present; it can reduce the presence of the army, flash a happy face to the world, confident and satisfied at the thought that the same role is being played by someone else. Lessons from the colonial masters, the British, has always inspired India: import officers who can act and behave as colonial masters, obtain the major chunk of the force from the local population and impose evil through them.

  1. Story about the ghost town, curfew imposed. Millions confined behind doors, bajrag dal, sangh parivar superemos under heavy escort walk up to center of Lal Chowk and a slogan “Kashmir Hamara Hai” [Kashmir is ours] and Indian tiranga flying very high, the story continues…

  2. Asalamualuykum………..Peace to all…

    I wonder why do not the intelligent people of India try to understand the truth and facts about the Indian occupation of Kashmir. History remains witness that Kashmiris are peace loving people. Across Indian states, thousands of innocent Muslims and Hindus have been and are being killed in senseless communal violence. Kashmir never witnessed any communal violence against Kashmiri Pandits by Muslims. In spite of being 85% in Kashmir, Kashmiri Muslims never killed innocent Hindus at least till 1989. Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Hindus have been living peacefully for centuries. What Indians and Pakistanis fail to understand that Kashmir issue is not a religious one. It is a clear cut political issue created due to the dirty and selfish politics by successive Indian governments since 1940’s. People in India are so nice but they really need to know truth about Kashmir as they have been mislead by their government. Kashmiris are not demanding any favour. Kashmiri are simply asking for the right of self determination as promised by United Nations and agreed by Indian and Pakistanis government. We have been waiting for a peaceful solution till 1989 and the movement just turned violent out of frustration. I agree Pakistan also had vested interest in it. But the fact is that about 75% to 80% of Kashmiris want to be independent rejecting both India and Pakistan. This has nothing to do with Indian Muslims. Indian Muslims love their country and I am proud of them. Kashmir only demands that Kashmir issue should be resolved as per the wishes of people.

  3. Hi

    You people are nothing just spy of Pakistan…Do you think in this way you will get whatever you want. Dear I am Indian and proud to be Indian, but tell me what is the problem with you people. What exactly you want. If you people want to be independent country then it is ok. Nobody can stop you because it is you dear who decides that where you want to live either with India or separate country Kashmir. But one thing I would like to confirm you that we (Indians) will never accept it that you people become Pakistani spy…That’s it.

    Jai Hind

  4. Dear ~K~, the blogger, Yakub, and all Kashmiri brothers & sisters,

    It is a misconception that an average “educated” Indian (lets not count any political parties with vested interests, yakub) does not understand what atrocities Kashmiris are having to go through as a result of the tug-of-war of power going on in the region for the past 60 years. Most of us actually do understand and condemn that. I myself am an avid reader of this blog due to the portrayal of truth in this blog, inspite of the fact that some articles are anti-India. Brothers, you must understand that India did not have any issues with Kashmir being a free nation right after independence either. But Pakistan’s desire to annex Kashmir and the subsequent demand by the Kashmiri ruler at that time (I don’t know how much of this is true – please enlighten me if I am wrong), led India to intervene. After India had intervened, there have been multiple Indo-Pak wars and at this point of time Kashmir has become a strategic military location for both India and Pakistan (& not to mention Pakistan’s biggest ally, China) due to its high peaks. Now even if the people of India and the Indian government sympathize with the people of Kashmir and set it free and even give it all the assistance it needs to grow as a free country (please note here that India has always supported non alliance and no first attack policies and it never showed any intentions of annexing Bangladesh in their war of freedom in 1971 or parts of Pakistan India had treaded into in that war), there is just no guarantee that history won’t repeat itself – Pakistan was the first to try to annex Kashmir. India would never hurt the sentiments of Kashmir as a sovereign nation if it did not fear Pakistan or China entering free Kashmir and annexing it to get a strategic advantage over India. The UN or the US might pressurize India to leave Kashmir alone but can they do the same with China or even a China backed Pakistan? Wouldn’t the people of Kashmir be calling upon an era of doom both for India and Kashmir with the current demands? Now you will argue that Kashmir has been in an era of doom for the fast few decades anyway. However, India is a country with states containing different cultures and languages and every state at some time or the other faced such atrocities at the hands of governments or political parties with vested interests, simply because every country or community has people who are corrupt and who simply are power mongers. Take for example the riots in Gujarat recently or the Bengal and Bombay riots much earlier. In fact I am in support of Kashmir being a free nation under complete UN supervision such that no one else can claim your land until you have the power to defend yourself so that history doesn’t repeat itself and Pakistan doesn’t invade Kashmir again. But even UN supervision would mean UN troops stationed in Kashmir. You have seen that happen in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it only means more domination by foreign powers. So that leaves 2 options I guess – venture onto the unknown path as a free nation with no self defence capabilities or unite with the vast land of India which has always tried to find unity in diversity (please understand that I am not supporting domination but just calling for unity between 2 nations to form one stronger nation) – fight for your rights as per the Indian constitution, elect your own leaders by voting for your favorite political parties, whenever any injustice is done to you raise your voice, knock on the doors of NGOs and opposition parties who will amplify your voice and lastly appeal to your leaders who would represent you in the parliament to convey your message. Instead of fighting the government why not take part in the government and make your voice heard. In return you can both contribute to and take part in the development of a country with a new and rejuvenated spirit and new goals. The choice to choose a better future for yourselves and for India is in your hands as long as we are united. This can only be achieved if you stand up and fight for yourself instead of letting a bunch of leaders who haven’t even been elected by you and who are not even sure of what they want or what your future would be, lead you.

    May God bless you.

  5. @Ajaz Ahmed “Kashmiri” :-

    —-In spite of being 85% in Kashmir, Kashmiri Muslims never killed innocent Hindus at least till 1989. ——-

    What is this “atleast till 1989” ? It is like a rapist who pleads his defence like I have not raped any women till this woman and so I am not guilty.

    Wake up…..Kashmir is going no where and will be with India till hell freezes over. If you are not comfortable being ruled by India (Hindus) you can do what UP,Biuhar,Gujarat or the rest of Muslims did in 1947…Pack ur bags and move over to the land of the pure.

    We will not miss you.

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