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Can’t Send

In Kashmir on 7 January, 2006 at 9:54 pm

The ice between India and Pakistan is melting. Slowly but surely, the people of India and Pakistan are getting closer and closer. Trans-border cricket matches, fashion shows, food festivals and easy visa policies are now a part of the lives of the peoples of India and Pakistan. Indian and Pakistani mobile companies are providing international roaming in Pakistan and India respectively. Travel has become easier, cheaper and more comfortable.

Where does Kashmir stand?

As India and Pakistan better their relations and as the world shrinks to a global village, where information and it’s spread across traditional human borders is a non-issue, Kashmir continues to suffer from the short-sighted vision of policy makers.

SMS can no longer be sent from Kashmir to cell phones in Pakistan. This is the new year gift to the people of Kashmir. As the world moves into a ‘new age’ Kashmir is being pulled back to the days of yore. Sending an sms to Pakistan from Kashmir is an impossibility in the 21st century. Pakistan is a six hour drive from Kashmir!

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