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I Am The Supreme Commander…

In India, Kashmir on 28 August, 2008 at 2:55 am

Indian President!

… of The Indian Armed Forces And This Is What You All (the people of Kashmir) Shall Get and Should Expect From The State Of India!

President of India posing with an AK-47 (Assault Rifle, allegedly recovered from Militants) on a Visit to the Indian Occupied State of Kashmir.

  1. so are you doing this writing from grave ?

  2. Praada:

    Yes, from the grave of India’s democracy.

  3. The CRPF did not fire to injure, they fired to kill.

  4. Its so wonderful of u guys portraying that wimp Indian president as a person who wants Kashmiris to die. I am sure anyone looking at the picture above would agree.

    Any ways, I was just a little worried about how is Kashmir going to manage things after getting the independence that it desires to have. How is the economy gonna groom and flourish. Going to Pakistan would mean going a century backward in time and staying with India is an option you have already ruled out, even though the whole world sees it as a land of opportunities. I am also a Kashmiri and I have no qualms when i say this,that India is the best deal Kashmir can get.

    We have already suffered because of the trouble we have in the valley rite now…n u guys are in deed rite in portraying that in the website as well…but i am sure if our inclination towards peace and prosperity increases, n if we make up our mind to stick to india…we will grow and prosper like any other Indian is doing.

  5. I also support your point of view that Kashmir indeed does not belong to India. But thinking in a realistic way, I feel, Kashmiri people can opt for three options. First, Get Independence. I believe this option is not viable and realistic considering the economic, security and development aspects. We cant manage it ourselves..we are too small for being self-sustained and too backward in doing that and there would always be a threat from India or Pakistan to take over. Second option is to go to Pakistan, which is again a failed state. They can’t manage themselves…forget about Kashmir…and the rouges that they are, there is nothing in Pakistan that might help Kashmir to proper in the coming days…And the third option of India…which we don’t want..But think once WHY? If the atrocities and the human right violations end , then Why Not India? India is a nation that’s shining..the whole world looks at it with respect and its economy is blooming. Every one is India is earning more and living a better life. As rightly said by Andrew, its really a land of opportunities which the Kashmiri youth should grab and make their lives better.Violence cannot take us anywhere..

  6. Going with Pakistan may be ”centuries” back in time, but as a Pakistani-Kashmiri I want to add, don’t make such narrow minded perceptions Andrew, it’s actually getting by fine, not flourishing but still people are overall content WITH Pakistan!

    • Things may not be the same for the kids and grand kids. Kashmiris have to think 50 percent for themselves and 50 percent for kids and grandkids. May be 100 years later religion is not as big a force as it is today. The world is learning to live together. I feel its definetly better for Kashmiris to go with india.

      Samar, New Delhi.

  7. I have one basic question? If you guys don’t want to be part of India then why do use the facilities of road, railways and other commodities from Indian States. The government of India has pumped in some much money for infrastructure projects in Kashmir and because of some much funds being allocated, proverty rate in Kashmir is the lowest in the country. The Hurriyat if it calls true representative of Kashmiris, why cannot it participate in elections ? Why 40-50% of people cast their vote in the election ? I also want to know why is there more voilence wherever Muslims are of major population. Why cannot Muslims in Kashmir or in Pakistan embrace peace as they do in Saudi Arabia ?

    If Kashmiris do not want to be part of India, then they should not use any of the facilities economic, infrastructure provided by Indian government or benefits due to Indian Tax Payers money. Kashmiris realised what happened when trucks were stopped in Jammu. So try to understand the reality and don’t unwanted noises.

  8. Arun:

    Why did Indians use the roads, schools, colleges and universities built by the British? (and still do)?

    Roads? Infrastructure? Where? I see none? I see a four lane road being built all the way to one particular resort (Gulmarg) at rocket speed and haven’t seen the road where I live being reparied for as long as I remember. It is not surprising to note that the road to Gulmarg also leads to a strategically important Army cantonment and an Atomic Research Center. And, in case you are wondering we pay taxes too, much of the money you pay seem to be keeping the 0.7 million forces in Kashmir; we would anyday welcome their retreat to the plains of India. Thank you.

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