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Jagmohan Dunnit!

In Kashmir, People, Politics on 6 September, 2006 at 12:53 am

Kashmiris have always believed that Jagmohan planned the evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley. Kashmiri Pandits brush this claim aside as nonsense. However, none other than the former Chief Minister of Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, has gone on record to say that Jagmohan did indeed plan and execute the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

There is a continuous propaganda going on that Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out by the Kashmiri Muslims. Do you agree with that?

No I don’t agree with that. But the situation was such that they were frightened that they could be a target. And the Governor of that time Jagmohan told them to go away for some time promising them that they will be brought back.

So Jagmohan instigated their exodus?

Yes of course he did it. I have always said that. I am on record to say that.

What is your opinion about Jagmohan?

I think… I don’t think I should give an opinion about him.

Read the entire interview at Kashmir Affairs.

  1. I don’t agree that what Jag Mohan did was wrong. Mass Migration took place in March, 1990 but in february,1990- Mr. Lassa Kaul,P.N.Bhat, Retired Session Judge Ganjoo, Mr. Bhan int. officer, Taploo and others were selected tragets of terrorists to increase the pace of migration. Assuming for the moment it was not so, then since last 16 years why only Hindus are being killed in bulk? There are many other reasons I have to say that Jag Mohan had a vision and he knew the coming danger actually he saved the community. Kiran Jani.

  2. I think Jagmohan saved thousands of lives by doing so, he surely is responsible for mass exodus of kashmiri pandits & also the reason why they survived.

  3. Kiran and Sumeet:

    There has been a continuous propaganda by the Kashmiri Pandits that it was the Kashmiri people hand in hand with the militants who threw the Pandits out of Kashmir. Kashmiris have time and again denied it and have always held the opinion that it was Jagmohan who planned it all. However, since a Kashmiri is considered a ‘terrorist,’ his words are insignificant. Farooq Abdullah’s words falsify the claim of the Kashmiri Pandits, who have time and again been blaming the Kashmiri People.

    The only reason he moved the Kashmiri Pandits was not so much out of love for them, as it was out of fear that he could not have a free hand in doing what he wanted to do.

    90,000 Kashmiris have died as a result of the presence of over 700,000 troops. Are these deaths so insigtnificant that they do not even merit a mention?

    • He might have saved lives of Pandits but made gypsies out of them, it’s a sad issue and can never be outrightly concluded unless an independent investigation is ordered into it.

      How can it be that small number of Pandits in Kashmir are safe as compared to 300,000? Anyways hope Pandits return especially the ones from rural areas.

  4. Pathetic really pathetic… its about the time you Kashmiris accept some of your faults… Where is your self-criticism? The movement in Kashmir is not based on ethnic differences (there isnt much difference between Indian,Pakistani or Kashmiri blood) but religious difference.

    Dont exonerate yourself of your crimes while hiding behind the crimes of the Indian state.

    Despite the fact that perpetrators of Gujarat massacre were Hindutvadis, it IS the Hindus who have been their harshest critics.. I dont see the same happening between Muslims vis-a-vis Kashimiri militants and the wider jehad against India.

  5. Why do the comments of Sheikh Abdullah a regional tin pot wannabe acquire so much weight in your mind ? Would you quote him with as much of a wah wah if he said all of Kashmir rightly belonged to India ?

    Why would Jagmohan have had a free hand if Pandits migrated out of the valley ? What could possibally be his motive ? How did the presence of Kashmiri Pandits hinder his style ?

  6. Kashmiri people live with peace side by side since thousand years. Kashmir is multi language and multi cultural country.Kashmiri people saw so many bad time and its always disturb by out sider who invade Kashmir and humiliated all human rights.But could not hold Kashmir for long time,Wether they are afghan,mogul,or any out sider who trying to stay in kashnmir but they could,t.I want to say that what crime we commit that we cannot live with peace.Is hospitality is our big sin?Kashmiri people should develop their own forces and get they latest weapons from America and fighter aeroplane then our border should be tight and if any body trying to come in Kashmir then our embassy’s should issue the visas then any body can inter in Kashmir.All natural resources should be control by Kashmir people and all money should be use to make Kashmir life better.Its more then 40 river in Kashmir and all neighbour county’s water needs depend on Kashmir.We got huge opportunity to built hydro dam and produce huge electric city which can full fill the our requirements and our neighbour country requirement.Our forest and coal mines gas resorses,marbel,There is so many things in Kashmir which is still needs to discover and utilise for benefit of Kashmir people,There is huge production of fruit,saffron,carpet industry,natural beauty which is invite the World tourist in Kashmir and we can earn huge amount of foreign currency,internation air flights can be started,There is so many things which make Kashmir people life better.Its needs to take everything in control by real Kashmir people not pupits.

  7. Will you leave your home and hearth, if someone suggests ‘hey why dont you move somewhere else for a few days’?, especially a politican. This is beyond silly really.

    However, if you do not feel protected, if your own brother stabs you in the back and issues death threats. If coming from the ‘masjid’ you have bowed in front of with reverence suddenly fills up with the cries of terrors and rent the air with the sound that they will kill and rape you then perphaps for your daughter honour or for your kins safety may force you to move..mind you not into some palaces but in strange world of tents. That said one has to remember violence is a vicisios cycle, I pray for an end.

    That said it is not pity that the Kashmiri Pandit’s are looking for!! Our children know how to flourish even under hard conditions. Thank you to those who have taught us ‘life’! & we do feel deeply sad for the state of our motherland and our misled brothers & we pray that all Kashmiri children flourish & with time the pain goes away.

    One last point I would like to make is that: I am a Kashmiri and so will my children be, as I will bring them up with the same traditions and values that I was brought up with. I feel sorry that inspite of living in Kashmir some of our children there shall completely miss out on the importance of love over hatred and the beautiful teachings of our sufi saints!

  8. Dear hema

    I am proud of you that your thinking and hope for future is great.I hope that time will come soon when all kashmiri people see the happy time and kashmir valley once again glowing like before.Look we need unity with each other then we can bring good time for our brother,sisters,mothers,who suffer alot.We need to kick out,those people who interfear in kashmir from out side for their own benefit and make our valley like a hell.We need to be unite and make a plane for future.How can we make kashmir secure and all out side forces should be out and we need to make our army who take control and make this valley safe but the same time kashmir army will not behave like indian army doing in kashmir.Indian army working under their parliment gave them open hands for killing,rapping,etc which is stop right now.

  9. Brother Kashmir,

    When govt ask a community of 3,00,000 people residing in a state to leave the state….they leave it!!!!They leave it.. leaving behind their homes and most importantly buisness.They leave it and go to delhi and leave in camps for 18 yrs…they falsely accuse mujhadeens for 18 yrs of forcing them leave the valley …they completely forgot that it was the govt. which forced them leave the valley!!!!

    Do people leave their homes if somebody asks them….leaving behind all wat they earned in lifetime…leave buisness..leave relations.

    You allege that the Indian govt wants muslims to leave and it commits all unmentionable crimes aginast you to achieve its objectives….but did u leave??On the other hand the govt. just asked the hindus to leave and they left??????

    Further…..Let me assume for a second that your statement to be true that “Kashmiri pundits were told that they cud return to valley after 2-3 months.”Surely KP must have asked to give some written assurance.No community of 3,00,000 people wud leave without any written assurance.

    2.OK.So KP lived in delhi for 3 months.After that they must have asked govt. that they cud return to valley or not??Surely if the govt doesnot send them back..they must have tried to return by themselves by catching the trains in the past 17 yrs.Did they do so?

    3.If govt did not allow…they cud have blamed the govt….not the mujhadeens.Afterall, it is the govt. which didnot allow them to return according to u.Right???

    4.If they had been threatened, still they cud come out.U always say that Indian army threatens u right??Still u blame Indian army not mujhadeens,Do u bow down of fear n blame somebody else??NO..then why wud KP fear to blame the govt.???

  10. Brother Kashmir,

    Had it been the view of a few people that Jagmohan threw them out I would have thought about it…but all the 3,00,000 displaced kashmiri pundits are unanimous in their view that Mujhadeens threw them out.Can 3,00,000 people who have beeb directly affected lying at the same time???

  11. Abhishek:

    I did not claim that the Governor planned exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, it is the then Chief Minister of Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, the staunchest supporter of India who is on record to have claimed so.

  12. Brother Kashmir,

    Pls take a look at the response you posted to Kiran n Sumeet.U have written ‘There has been a continuous propaganda by the Kashmiri Pandits that it was the Kashmiri people hand in hand with the militants who threw the Pandits out of Kashmir. Further U went ahead and said that Farooq Abdullah’s words falsify the claim of the Kashmiri Pandits, who have time and again been blaming the Kashmiri People.” .

    From your very response it seems that you do believe that it was all a PROPAGANDA by the kashmiri pundits.I m sure that u r aware of the meaning of the term “PROPAGANDA”.

    Secondly,,Does one Farooq Abdullah’s words falsify the claim of 3,00,000 kashmiri pundits?Then by the same have to believe that Farooq Abdullah’s other words(which sepetarist groups claim to be not in consistent with reality in Kasmir ) to be held true as well??I mean if u believe Farooq right now over 3,00,000 people ..then do u believe everything else he says/said?

  13. The reason me and my family ran away from kashmir was quite simple.
    My father’s name was in the hit list.
    Reason:-He does know how to use firearms.
    How did “THEY” realise it???
    Well when I was a kid was fascinated by a rifle and on one of his routine drop which Father got in shaktimans.I was curious enough to ask my dad to ‘show it off’ to me(probably so that I could brag about it next day in the school).My father just disassembled it and assembled it back .

    This made “THEM” think he could be a potential trouble further on in the struggle.!!!!!

  14. Kashmiri always want to justify there course of actions whether it is the mass murder of sikhs, hindus by kashmir terrorist or so called kashmir jihad.
    When hindu do mass exodus u have problem even they were staying then kashmir terrorist have problem.
    kashmir terrorist or jihadi are fighting for that illusion or freedom which is so near yet so far. hindus leave for there safety when kashmir muslims were butchering and gang raped them and now they are paying for there sins

    Hope u kashmir people get freedom from india and real freedom in pakistan like baloochi people and afghanistan people.

  15. Hi All

    [Kashmiris] are not telling the truth today, A Kashmiri Killed the fellow Kashmiri? It is sad truth but it is a fact? Take the case of JKLF,HM Etc its cadres were responsible for the murder of the Kashmiri Pandits. Well those persons who used to paste the threatening letters on our doors and on the electric poles near our house were our own neighbors, to tell you more bluntly our own Kashmiri Muslim neighbors. The persons who entered in the KP’s houses and killed those KP’s by bullets or silting the throats were our own Kashmiri Muslims.. I have been told many a times that Jagmohan was responsible for our mass exodus, I have not seen Jagmohan for life till date but yes we have all seen those terrorists-masked & unmasked who lived in our own neighbourhood and their behavior,they are responsible for our exodus. A killer of locality five in five would be masked while as in locality one he would not be masked.

    ‘The only explanation that is given to us is that Muslims are being killed by security forces (which in any case I do not justify) but we KP’s were killed by our own Koshur Musaalman, this is very much true. And if we raise our voice KP’s are told that we are communal. One thing I agree there was a saner element in Muslims but damage has been done by whom? The slogans that were given were Yahan Kyaa challega Nazzami Mustaffa? (What will prevail here a rule of Islam) in that no-where do the other non-Muslims fit in and it was better to be in freedom than in that. We have made the self-determination?


  16. It is sad that the most beautiful place on earth has to see this ugliness…Sometimes I wish that we would let Kashmir be independent, if that is what the people really want (?). Why force them to be a part of India if they feel they are not?

    I used to dream that things would return to normal, they did in Punjab…but now I wonder…Most of my family now has built a new life for themselves…the grand-parent generation have died their sad deaths far away from the place of their births, never reconciling to ‘other’ lands. The younger ones have only heard of the strife in which their houses were either looted and destroyed or focibly occupied by their own neighbours…
    Besides, if Kashmiri Muslims feel that Kashmir can be Kashmir without the Pandits, then it is best it be so. They are the ones who have bought the land that the destroyed houses of KPs stand on!

    But we (Indians) must be ever united and make sure that minorites always feel safe in our country. Bigots will always be there, but we must fight them. Without our colourful diversity, we would not be Indian.

    Hopefully, most of us can stay tolerant of our cultural and religious differences, and not want to carve out our own countries! :)

  17. Dear Pro-Jagmohans,
    From your response, I can make out that you believe Jagmohan catalysed the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits but Pandits have never admitted it politically. Even I heard Jagmohan during some interviews saying that he had absolutely no role in the exodus. But it is a hard fact that Kashmir Pandits Exodus were encouraged by JM but I do admit that the ‘The Rising-1989’ actually cowarded the Pandits to make their minds. I understand and share the pains of the Muslims and migrated pandits ( both before and after migration) but I don’t subscribe to the idea that ‘JM did anything good for us’. He destroyed the communal atmoshere of Kashmir irrepairably. Otherwise, all those kashmiri muslims who were victimised by the armed group during the uprising of the movement would have also migrated. How many pro-india muslims migrated (or were clandestinely directed to migrate by JM) from Kashmir? What policy did JM & the central agencies adopt against the whole civil population immediately after the pandit migration? How many massacres did he commit, for how many days did he impose , how many youngsters were slaughtered during operation catch kill etc.

  18. Why is it that the Keshmiri Pandits don’t bemoan the death of 160,000 Keshmiri Muslims? They don’t even mention that by mistake …. where as they are beating drums about their cause! Is this what blood brothers means? Lets them mix ethnically & socially & racially with their true blood brothers the Indian Hindus, since they always defend them, be it the army, or the Indian accursed government! Do they take Keshmiris for two toomani fools who will be made infamous by their [nonsense]…. the world is not blind …the Keshmiri genocide is equal to the Armenian genocide & the Holocaust & simultaneously the Indian demons are equal to the Turks & Nazis…to hell with all three of them!

  19. What Mr. Iranian doesn’t seem to know (doesn’t seem to care) is that India does not have a single race. It doesn’t have a single religion. It cannot be compared to Turks or the Nazis. The world knows this precisely, and that is why India continues to be respected, even by your own theocratic regime of Iran.

  20. […] Killings are still fresh in the minds of Kashmiris. Though Indians have shown sympathy towards the exodus of Kashmiris Pandits, which was a human tragedy, but they have always considered the wailings of […]

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