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Apples, Apricots And Almonds

In Development, India, Kashmir, News, People, Srinagar on 23 June, 2007 at 1:20 am

The economic system of Kashmir was totally shattered by the militancy claim many a learned people since it destroyed the back bone of Kashmir’s economy- the tourism industry, employing not more than 20,000 families. Yes, not ever Kashmiri is a Shikarawala or a Shawl-seller, there are others as well. Those learned people also praise the Indian government for doling out billions to the people of Kashmir in subsidies and aid. Those learned people though forget to mention that those billions for meant for the upkeep of the 0.7 million Indian security forces, busy fighting the 1,500 deadly militants.

Facts and figures tell us that the economy of Kashmir is not totally dependent on tourism and that the traditional industries in Kashmir have done very well during the last seventeen years, helping Kashmir survive and once again it is not the billions doled out to Kashmir by India or just blood money that’s circulating in Kashmir.


Exports in 1989-90 Exports in 2005-06 Expected in 2006-07
Rs. 1.5 Billion
(150 Crores)
Rs. 11.50 Billion
(Rs 1,150 Crores)
Rs. 15 Billion
(Rs. 1,200 Crores)



Turnover in 2005 Turnover in 2006 Expected in 2007
Rs. 9 Billion
(Rs. 900 Crores)
Rs. 11.5 Billion
(Rs. 1,150 Crores)
Rs. 15 Billion
Rs. 1,500 Crores


Fresh and dry fruit

Revenue in 2006 Revenue in 2007
Rs. 19 Billion
(Rs. 1,900 Crores)
Rs. 21 Billion
(Rs. 2,100 Crores)

And the Kashmir government’s much promoted Wazwaan is not bringing in any money. 

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  1. Yeah, and you’re not even counting the drug money…

  2. Can you give a bit more information?

  3. Manas

    I do not have first hand information but you could have a look at these reports at Livemint and Rediff

  4. These stats might be correct but how much of these do Kashmiri or Kashmir get…that’s why they are asking for freedom and this is an ans for all those who think that Kashmir can not survive as an independent country…

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