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The Slave Who Wants A Palace

In Development, Innocent Killings, Kashmir, News, Politics, Srinagar on 10 June, 2007 at 6:49 pm

Kashmir is a unique place, unique in all manners. For an Indian it is a hotbed of Terrorism – worth destroying every inch of; for a Pakistani it is the centre of Jihad or freedom struggle -which they believe they are dying for; for an outsider it is the centre of nuclear focus and to some a beautiful valley which merits a visit and for a Kashmiri it remains what it has been for centuries- a home.

Then there is yet another breed of people who belong to no land and to no people. They only belong to their masters and it matters not who their masters are because as long as the master throws a bone their way they are more than glad to wage their tails, even when kicked. And, unfortunately such breeds of slaves rule the roost in Kashmir. The latest addition to this group of  opportunists and sycophant is the present Chief Minister of Kashmir and the pet-slave of Delhi- Ghulam-e-Dilli (Salve of Delhi) aka Ghulam Nabi Azad. In all the years that Kashmir has been ruled by a slave, this slave beats them all hands down. Maybe it is the good fate of Kashmiris (if they have any at all)  that his tenure is of three years for if he had six years the number of  Kashmiris arrested, tortured, maimed, raped and killed in custody or fake encounters would have been far greater than a human mind could fathom. His Mr. Clean image gets buried under the debris of pain that he has inflicted on the hapless Kashmiris and one just needs to take a broad view of the events to understand the devil that delves beneath the Karakuli cap.

This fool of a person in an attempt to justify the innocent deaths in Kashmir compares Kashmir to Bihar and has the guts to claim that the number of people killed in Bihar is far higher than in Kashmir. Only an idiot would compare deaths by state sponsored terrorism to deaths due to road accidents. Perhaps he wants to send a direct message to Kashmiris that they should embrace deaths at the hands of the military as a part and parcel of their lives  that will continue as long as Delhi survives in Kashmir, courtesy of slaves like him.

Azad does not stop at that, in his attempts to feel the powers bestowed to him by his masters he wants a palace for himself. Better infrastructure and roads are not needed in Kashmir, the requirement of the moment is a 60 room palace that shall cost the state 11 crore rupees, the palace shall be complete with 15 presidential suites overlooking the Dying Dal Lake. The suits are yet another attempt to blind the visiting dignitaries, by soaking them in the ambience, calm and quite that would surround them- deodar wood panelled walls, Khatamband ceilings, snow capped mountains overlooking a vast lake, to the truth about Kashmir- that its inhabitants continue to die because they dare to call it their home, their paradise.

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  1. Seen the construction of the palace.. It is indeed amazing how “Azad” symbolizes everything that curtails the the “azadi” – also known as ‘freedom’ of the poor Kashmiris.

    And having said all that, the the biggest irony is the fact that some Kashmiris think he is doing a good job. Pretty much like some Kashmiris thought Mufti is doing a good job. And pretty much like some Kashmiris would think Farooq Abdullah… and bla bla bla and whosoever are doing a good job as long as they swear to remain Indian slaves.

    Sad sad very sad!

  2. I read your every post…but lately your frequency has declined a bit.

    Another virtual slap by analyzing the truth…you do a great job…but unfortunately this slap is only imaginatory…it doesn’t hurt anyone..!

    There may be huge number of your readers but they are as helpless as a normal kashmiri is before these power hungry puppet government…..
    My point is: Is there no way left that we can gather all youth of kashmir with a mission??…..we could do some brainstorming…..get some method going that will gradually swarm into a mass movement…we need to generate ideas…

    I am sure that almost every kashmiri youth wants independence…why not pool all those emotions and roll it into a huge movement that could frighten the foundations of whatever grip India has on Kashmir…

    You may think it over….or simply ignore it as a moronic emotional burst..!

  3. Who am I:

    Thank you for being a regular reader of this blog, much appreciated. I hope to be more regular now on.

    The purpose of this blog is not to hurt anyone but to speak about the truth of and about Kashmir, as much as one can. There is a lot of misinformation on Kashmir and this blog aims at fighting that and also analyse the seemingly non-happenings in Kashmir.

    I very much appreciate your idea and believe as you do that the Kashmiri youth need to get together to fight the menace called India. However, I and you can only think about it as of now, as putting those emotions and thoughts to action will take time, but they will be put in action. What we can do in the meantime is let the world know about Kashmir-the realities and wake up the busy in google-goggles-and-gushtaba generation of Kashmir, which is to some extent an aim of this blog.

    Thank you for your comment and please keep visiting and commenting.

  4. “Google-goggles-gushtaba”……..awesome!

    Yes we need to wake this generation up…and you sure are doing a commendable job in putting the things in true light.

  5. […] against the Editor of the newspaper for spreading rumours and creating panic among the people. Azad, through his fantastic understanding of the media, tried to prove his superiority but failed […]

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