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Hang Them?

In Kashmir, News, Politics on 24 June, 2006 at 10:07 pm

Still in power!

Two members of the legislative assembly who were arrested and are very much involved in the sex racket still hold the mandate of the people.

Both the parties, Congress and Peoples Democratic Party, have neither issued any statement, nor suspended them from the party, nor have they been expelled them from the assembly.


The most probable reason is that politicians, who are even more powerful, are involved in this sex scandal and the fear that these two criminals might reveal the names might be keeping the party from taking action against them.

This is a pointer to the how deep the racket actually extends.

DeM has demanded that the accused should be hanged, I say that would be being merciful.

  1. I would agree with you- its time that these damned politicians are taught the lesson! but, who is going to bell the cat?

  2. These politicians are just part of a conspiracy of Indian intelligence agencies… to demoralize kashmiris… using rape/prostitution tactics… these are very ruthless and most cruel people in the world… yet the world outside India holds an image of hindus as being peaceful and non-voilent people… they think they are Gandhi-likes…

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