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A Kashmiri Videoblogger

In Human Rights, Kashmir, News, People on 30 October, 2006 at 1:02 pm

TearingBytes is a Kashmiri videoblogger, capturing the reality of Kashmir on video. His videoblog on Cruxy can be found here.

The description on his home page is an excerpt from Arundhati Roy’s article, which poses a very important question: how can we talk of solutions when we deny the reality?

The reality of India, however, to every ordinary Kashmiri, is an ugly, vicious reality they encounter every day, every ten steps at every check post, during every humiliating search. According to the Indian army, there are never at any time more than 3,000-4,000 militants operating in the Valley. But there are between 5,00,000 – 8,00,000 Indian soldiers there. An armed soldier for every 10-15 people. By way of comparison, there are 1,60,000 US soldiers in Iraq. Clearly, the Indian army is not in Kashmir to control militants, it is there only to control the Kashmiri people.In totally misrepresenting the truth of what’s really going on. How can we even talk of ‘solutions’ when we simply deny the reality?

TearingBytes has also been featured in the official blog of the creators of Cruxy, who write:

The works of TearingBytes are sad, touching, and often disturbing. They are as powerful as any hollywood feature film, but offer no fiction. The most prevalent topic is that of “half-widows”, women whose husbands have been disappeared, and cannot remarry since their spouses aren’t officially deceased.

Having this type of content available on Cruxy is a real breakthrough. While we love indie music and comedic short films, we also built Cruxy to give a venue for those without a traditional means of commercialization. The work of TearingBytes is a perfect case.

It is heart warming to see that Kashmiris are waking up and talking about Kashmir – their homeland. It’s the Kashmiris who matter, the people, those who have to live everyday in Kashmir, far away from those who sit in Casablanca and talk about the solution of Kashmir. Kashmiris have had enough of Indians and Pakistanis talking about them. Thanks to the power of blogging, we can finally talk about the facts, as they are.

  1. Wonderful. There is need for more such blogs.

  2. This is really an eye opener blog about the truth of Kashmir. I also suggest, you must publish some of your articles on merinews to create awareness about Kashmir all over the world. Some of the good articles are published there.

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