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SAFMA Is Silent Because…

In Kashmir, News on 30 August, 2008 at 9:01 pm

…all it believed in all the time was P0r n0graphy of Peace

p3safma[1] edImtiaz Alam (left), Secretary General SAFMA

…and as Kashmir burned on the 14th and 15th of August, SAFMA was busy in a ‘Cultural Peace Mela,’ – a midnight party…

Peace Mela, India - Pakistan BorderSit In Protest By Kashmiri Journalists

… it is strange that Kashmiri Journalists are still asking questions from organisations that never had any respect for or a desire to see peace in Kashmir!

Media fraternity in Kashmir has taken a strong exception about South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) remaining silent over curbs on media in the Valley .

  1. Shame on SAFMA.

  2. When Kashmiri’s doesn’t want to be with India then why India is compelling Kashmir to be part of it. Only politics prevails in India not peace. Indian’s will always suffer by its politics unless there will be constructive change in their system. Separatists are in India not in Kashmir thats why there is no Unity in India at any level. MNS wants only Marathi’s, Shiv Sehna, RSS, Bajrangdul and there are such separatists in every state of India who are dividing the India in the Name of Cast, Culture, Religion, Region. Who will fight against them?

    • Hi Atiq,

      This is what an Indian sitting in Mumbai thinks :

      Tthere is a strategy to acquire land. It is to be in majority in that land. That is what Israel did to make Israel. That is what China did to get Xingang region (spelling wrong). That is what is happening in Kashmir. First Kashmiri pundits were thrown away to make Muslims as majority.

      I don’t see any problem in an independent Kashmir, but the Kashmir is no more same as 1947 Kashmir. Today’s Kashmir is part of bigger strategy by non-Indian entities to acquire it. India was stupid to let militants throw away its own people out. Bigger question is will Pakistan let Kashmir be independent?

      Frankly, Kashmir has now become more of ego / (whos big) issue between Pak and India.

      Even if India bends down, we cannot see Kashmir going to Pakistan because Pakistan threw away its own people out of Kashmir…

      Please reply…I want to know what Kashmiri’s think!

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