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Gujrat In Kashmir

In Human Rights, Kashmir on 29 August, 2008 at 5:48 pm

“I pleaded before the troopers that I am expecting a baby and have to immediately reach the hospital. But they hit my stomach and private parts with rifle butts and batons. I helplessly cried for mercy but they continued to thrash me. Finally I started to bleed profusely and fell unconscious,” she said and broke down.

Source Greater Kashmir

What can you say about a woman eight months pregnant who begged to be spared. Her assailants instead slit open her stomach, pulled out her fetus and slaughtered it before her eyes.

Source Boloji

But this then is the character of the Nation called India, it matters not whether the assailants are wearing government approved uniforms or not, they have the approval from the corridors of power. Be it the blue turbaned Manmohan Singh or the poet Atal Behari.

  1. Nothing unusual, these people didn’t even spare a orphanage in Orrisa, they burnt a nun alive; this nation is the nation of Hindu [edited out] only.

    • Dear Rufi,

      A religion which so ever (Hinduism or Islam) do not teach us to kill innocents, misbehave with women or thrash children. Any person involved in such a misdeed is highly unreligious. Osama bin Laden caused so much destructions worldwide, for that Islam was not responsible, Christianity never taught Americans to DROP A NUCLEAR BOMB on Nagasaki. Similarly whatever inhumane is going on in Kashmir is not because of teachings of Hinduism. Mahatma Gandhi has said –AN EYE FOR AN EYE WILL LEAVE THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND.

      I know there are situations when we get carried away. So,instead of blindly believing on such articles we must first check its authenticity. Most of the times such issues are raised for political propaganda. Anyhow if such a suppression is true story I as a true Hindu, an independent resident of a democratic country and above all a human being condemn it. But I would say have faith in democracy it has all the space for peaceful protests.

      Jai Hind.

      • i being an eye witness for many times in kashmir when army misbehave with females and i as a common man or u can call me weak person just stay mum because i knew i can do nothing , i firmly belive this is teaching of hinduvta.

  2. This is really horrible, how come India, who claims to be a democratic, can do that, basically they are all liars and game players, they have made life in Kashmir a hell and no one so far has looked in to this mater, they have killed more that one lakh people in Kashmir and being a Kashmiri I must say that they were all innocent. no one is there to ask them, they have raped the women and no one has asked them, they are killing and beating innocent children and no 1 asks them, they are the real terrorists not kashmiri people who are fighting for their right and are getting bullets in turn, what the hell after so many wrongs they easily lie in front of median and suppress Kashmiri voice and no one investigates that. Save Kashmiris from Indian army they are most brutal and ruthless. They have forgotten that they them self have fought for freedom and were begging in front of British army and they behave as if they are the worlds best. It’s a country of crimes and killings and they have started same in Kashmir.

  3. If you don’t want to be in India, solution is simple get out [deleted], we don’t want you here either.

  4. I really wonder how come the Govt of India allows these things to happen. All these activities are of terrorists and not security people. How can someone forget the ethnic cleansing of the valley by the terrorists who sent millions of Hindus packing to other parts of India? They raped their woman folk, killed the innocents and took their property. A lot of Muslims also were killed but then who is to blame? Again Muslim terrorists!! They killed our Muslim women & innocent other people…

  5. At least Indian Army made up of mostly Hindus, treats Kashmiris far better than Muslims treated fellow Muslims in East Pakistan in 1970-71.

  6. We Kashmiri people are in trouble here because Indian occupied forces kill us, they looted our property. We want complete freedom. We are ready to die for our cause and InshAllah we will achieve our goal.

  7. You are responsible for this cause what you want is Azadi what about
    Muzfarabad, Gilgit, Balkistan, Saksham Valley, Sakrud, Aksai Chin which is also a part of Kashmir why didn’t ask your separatist leaders about that part which has make them in two parts, one is Northern states and POK both want freedom from Pakistan and want to be part of India.If you really are interested we can post you there and call our brethren who are treated as slaves in the hands of Pakistani dictatorship of their army.

    I will be pleased if you leave the sacred place of sufis and saints who were not interested that Kashmir to become hell. You have lost your image internationally everybody knows the fact of Kashmir problem and who is provoking. Pakistan is exposed and he cannot take even inch of land of Kashmir. We will prefer our soldiers to die for the cause but not to give our territory.

    You talk about Muslim countries will fund you and support you they have taken back foot by recent agitation of Jammu peoples.

    You have sow the seed now it is our time to reap it.

  8. […] be considered as Curfew Passes, though such consideration was not shown the last time when even a pregnant women on way to the hospital was beaten ruthlessly by India’s Army. A local cable channel has again […]

  9. They don’t care whether there will remain any human being alive in Kashmir, they just want their security and for that they could kill all the Kashmiris, viz: India and Pakistan.

  10. Kashmir problem is the fruit of Wahabbi Islam.

  11. This is really barbarism. Who gave the right to Indian soldiers to beat a pregnant innocent women. And what the hell the people around her were doing that time. Why the public didn’t killed that [abuse removed] soldier terrorist. Don’t forget that we are Muslims and we have courage inside us to reply on such barbarism just you have to realize it and fuck these Indian army out of Kashmir and should fight till or last blood remains in our body. This is Muslim. Don’t live like insects live like tigers. this world is ours.

  12. Being Kashmiri and a Muslim I believe those who talk only about Muslims of Kashmir don’t represent Kashmir don’t forget Pandits are part of our soul and they will remain doesn’t matter, most Pandidts are against Kashmiri Muslims but still I find few voices who still love us.

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