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S ex And The Valley

In Kashmir, News, Politics on 11 May, 2006 at 6:15 am

Prostitution in Kashmir has a history of it’s own. The Dogras supported and encouraged it officially as it brought them the much needed money in the form of tax. The Dogra’s taxed everything in Kashmir. They were unable to form a mechanism for taxing breathing otherwise they would have done so as well. Karan Singh, is the descendant of the Dogra kings of Kashmir, and was the Sadr-e-Riyasat as well. He probably owes an apology to Kashmiris, but never mind we are a tolerant people.

A s.e.x racket, whose investigations were revealed to the press, has shook the valley for the past one week. According to reports politicians, police, BSF and top businessmen are involved in this s.e.x scandal. The names of the girls involved have been revealed but not of those in power. Protests from all quarters has shaken the administration. The political parties in power, political parties without power, separatists, social groups, citizens, lawyers and even bollywood has demanded answers from the government as well as a thorough probe. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has handed over the case to the federal investigation agency of India, the Central Bureau of Investigations, but has not revealed names. This has satisfied none.

According to reports nine ministers of the previous coalition government figured in the 2004 investigations and Mufti Sayeed personally intervened to save his government. I am awaiting for the names to be revealed as that would, at least, bring to light the truth about the PDP and Mehbooba Mufti – who claims to be the voice of the hapless Kashmiri women. Voice or an abuser? time will answer my friend.

The government does not care about the poor girls who have been drugged and dragged into this s.e.x-for-favours racket but is trying it’s best to hide the names of those who are guilty of the crime.

The drama continues, the moral police of Kashmir ( a little known organisation called Al Madina Regiment) has demanded that all cable operators stop broadcasting cable TV channels. They claim that the cable TV is the ‘reason’ for all the ills of the Kashmiri society. If cable TV really is a tool the government is using to spread ills, the government could air for free all cable channels! While there are cable channels which, without doubt, have an effect on the people but banning it is a stupidity. Those involved rarely are effected by bans on cable television. Those who seek dirt will always do so. They will innovate ways to satiate their hunger. They will be even more careful. They have ways, money and methods to achieve their desires. It is the Kashmiri, devoid of any entertainment, who will suffer. TV is the only entertainment he has and snatching it away from him is inhumanity. But Al Madina has to become famous and known and what could be a better way!

A twist: DeM has claimed that the threats to the cable operators are being issued by the Government to divert the attention of the people. Hizbul Mujahideen has also claimed so, and in the same statement HM has appealed the militant organisations to lift he ban!?

More twists: According to news reports two Pakistan based outfits have identified locations were s.e.x ring operators are active. They have threatened the s.e.x ring operators of dire consequences if they do not mend their ways. These militant groups would have known about the presence of the s.e.x rings earlier as well, why didn’t they act then? Why now? Why act only when everybody is demanding answers? It appears that these organisations are simply cashing on the popular sentiment and trying to look like good guys. They seem to be least bothered about the presence of such brothels, if they were, they would have taken some action as and when such s.e.x-rings came into their notice.

I think that a week or so from now, Dukhtran e Millat will issue dress code warnings. They will command women to wear a proper Islamic dress. They will claim that this waywardness in our society is because of the absence of the dress code. But, they will forget to ask men to lower their gaze when they see a women (this is ordained for men) but DeM seems interested only in the women’s dress code. I wonder why!

These protests have revealed an aspect of Kashmiri people: that they can come out on the streets and demand their rights when they feel walked upon. They only need a leader. Yasin Malik usually claims that Kashmiri people are being treated like sheep, it appears that’s because he, as a leader, is incapable of leading. This is true for all other leaders as well.

A senior counsel has said,

“It’s not prostitution. If there is involvement of police, bureaucrats and politicians then you have to look at the issue in different angle. It might be deeper conspiracy to humiliate us as a nation.”

True words. With Congress and PDP in power we are already enslaved and humiliated, everything else is a perk.

Acid and paint attacks will soon return to Kashmir and so will summer or maybe not.

  1. It is very irresponsible to say that “acid and paint attacks will soon return ……..”.

    Don’t you have a mother, sister or wife.

    Or you don’t value the women ?

    Men are also equally as guilty – do you ever target tehm the same way ?

    Dcency would say not to take the law into your own hands and let the democratic process or courts decide.

  2. I think that this scandal has brought to light the reality that many Kashmiri’s try to hide, namley that Kashmir is not such a conservative Islamic country as many people claim and that Kashmiri’s are not angels. I think that it serves well to dint the false self perception that kashmiris have about themselves.

  3. Kashmiri Nomad,

    I agree that we, Kashmiris, need to take a long look at ourselves. We do need to shrug off the fake covers under which, we think, we are hiding. But this sex scandal won’t dint the perception. Each one of us will think that it is ‘them’ who are/were involved, ‘I’ am still an angle. The scandal does expose the government-army-prostitution axis of evil in Kashmir.

    I am blogrolling you.

  4. I think this is most devastrating thing happened,this has to be bring into public notice to alert such kind of things,so that further crime dosent happen again

  5. We are a normal society with all kinds of people…but most Kashmiris are markedly moderate.

  6. With the youth going through a phase of tremendous suppression pertaining to their independence and sexuality something like this was bound to happen. The degradation of society could be attributed to death of morality and negative influences from the west.Very sad though !


  7. Exploitation in the name of sex is bad, but sex in-itself is not. No moralism please. No blame-west thing even. Youth needs a vent of emotions and our society is suppressed and no wonder that we have terrible things happening around. Blaming Dogras for sex is quite dull. Yes, politics is quite interesting. Kashmir wants to be free, is fine and needs to be encouraged, but what is this silly moralism and old style of functioning in a modern society. We need to question environmental problems more than these sexy details. Think of music and freedom and love of sufi poetry in Kashmir. it is great to be Kashmiri, profoundly…

  8. My comments are the same as reflected by any other Kashmiri who cares for his motherland. We are a oppressed nation. We are being exploited by everyone. We can tolerate any atrocity but will never tolerate this sort of shameful deed. We shall unite and stand against all those who think they are above law and humanity.

  9. Raj:

    No one should be allowed to think that they are above law and humanity. It’s time for the Kashmiri Voices to be heard.

  10. Men equally guilty as women because it is not only women who had sex with themselves men had equal contribution in scandals and too they were older ones with one foot on the grave then why we only blame girls?

  11. I dont think you should call the Dogras ‘Kings’. Kings are gracious and magnanimous defenders of their people not act like leeches. Having the word ‘Dog’ in their names is an insult to dogs. They were pimps.

  12. It is very sad to see that the government officials can take advantage of young girls in this way, I think they deserve to be castrated-for the psychological torment that they have inflicted on these women and because they are such filth themselves. I feel pity on anyone who even dares to think it’s the fault of the woman in cases of sexual harrasment, rape NO WAY is it the fault of the women- it is always men who commit such sins and god will never forgive them and I don’t think the law should let them off easily either- castration for rapists is the best punishment provided we have sound evidence- which are of course with all the corruption in these countries, even that is difficult to prove ..its such a sad state-I think we need new younger politicians to come and govern India like Rahul Gandhi, SachinPilot- and yes Kashmir is an Indian state, so should be allowed a degree of freedom (cable TV), Islamic dress for women should not be compulsory- it’s nothing to do with what you wear, it’s education and respect for women that needs to be taught to society.

  13. Deliberate deeming of Demo(n)-cracy, Actual avoidance of accountability and Creative chunk of cruelty…Guess Where!!!…and By whom….

  14. Your views on DeM are distorted. are you Kashmiri? Who gives you the right to criticize KASHMIRI women trying to combat social problems in their land..?

  15. It is shame on our part!

  16. The accused in the sex scandal could not be punished due to lenient laws also the JK bar association raised much noise in Kashmir but did not follow the case at Chandigarh, the result is that there people are roaming freely. If these people had committed such crimes in Islamic societies like Iran or Saudi Arabia they would have been stoned to death that is why We are struggling for an Islamic state which will be solution to all our problems.

  17. AoA!
    I think it is no use of UNO if they are not solving issues like disputed Kashmir, Iraq issue, shortage of food, water and energy, Afghanistan issue, sabortiism issue to world. Only America is handling all issues what she thinks better according to her mind. I think if we will not resolve all these issues then our upcoming children will never forgive us.

  18. Cant you get this simple thing and are you all mentally retards? This is not prostitution this is simple RAPE. what does a 12 year old girl know about prostitution. All the girls are victims of oppression and rape and are not prostitutes. Get some schooling from a good school.

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