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Omar’s Kashmir

In Kashmir on 14 June, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Does it look like this boy was murdered?

Click To Enlarge (Warning: Discretion Is Advised)

Or is it just another innocent’s killing?

If he was murdered, as the Indian press is obliged to report, the killer, whose description would defy Sherlock Holmes, must really have a great imagination and wickedness. He had an fool-proof plan: he waits and picks his target on a day of protests, follows him to a crowded playground, hits him on the head as soon as the police charges the crowd. He is able to do all this given even in the highly charged atmosphere. And no one sees him pick a heavy stone and hit him. It doesn’t just stop here: he is so concerned about this death, that he and a friend of his actually take this kid to a hospital and then disappear! The police is now looking for the youth who, out of humanity, took him to a hospital. But, humanity is a concept, the armed forces are not aware of. They just have to please their bosses, and in this case, Omar Abdullah – the murderer to take reigns of Kashmir, with his brother-in-law Sachin Pilot’s blessings nevertheless.


Omar how long will you continue lying? Manmohan did promise you all out support, but this is not what you are supposed to be doing!

Just look at the clothes this little kid is wearing, the t-shirt speaks of innocence. Cry a tear for this little soul.


When Tufail gifted his jacket to a needy boy.

Delhi’s Derelictions

Elsewhere in Srinagar, CRPF men go crazy, start beating people and smashing windows, as thousands defy curfew to bury young Tufail.

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  1. This boy was killed because we Kashmires encouraged him to throw stones at the security forces. This boy should have been at home doing his maths but over the years we have built a society where we have allowed kids like him to become part of the stone throwing culture that we are so famous for. The Kashmiri culture over the years has denigrated. We have become very intolerant, we have communalized everything and poisoned the minds of the small kids. While rich Kashmires are vacationing abroad, it is the mullahs like Geelani and Shakeel Bakshi who play with the lives of innocent Kashmires. Let us keep these small kids out of politics and allow them to live their life.

    • Samvit:

      I would agree with you if you had mentioned that we are a nation of protests, yes we have been protesting on issues we should not. But, your discussion aims at maligning Kashmir and Kashmiris – and attempts to trivialize a serious issue. Kashmiris have not been fighting to create a stone-pelting force. Stone pelting is a reaction of innocents, who have no guns, of defiance to state oppression. Geelani and Co. do not have the capacity to inspire thousands of people to defy India. Whether or not they support it will make no difference, because a people tired and exhausted with state terrorism will take to acts like stone pelting. One cannot stop youth from pelting stones; if he sees his neighbor, his friend, his batch mate die to the state’s bullet.

      We are not intolerant and have not communalized any issue at all. When were people out on roads in Srinagar stone pelting because a Hindu or Sikh in Jammu was promoted? People are on the roads to seek justice, not religious freedom. How can you draw parallels between what is happening in Kashmir to communalism?

      And, back to this particular incident: killings kids with bullets if they stone pelt can only be the state policy of a state like India, or forcing kids to sodomise who have been arrested for stone pelting tells a lot about the intolerant and pathetic way of thinking in the government. Also, the boy who was killed, was not stone pelting, none of them were. He was walking back home and had, sadly, to face the wrath of India – for India sees every Kashmiri guilty till proven otherwise.

      Even if he was stone pelting, which law of land allows response by bullets? India’s does!

      • We Indians Pakistanis Bangladeshis are finally the same people.And now again we are committing the folly of fighting with each other and making ourselves weaker.India is a concept that people with different cultures languages religions can live in harmony.One has to join the system and make it stronger by ones own integrity.Conflicts finally harm everyone.Who do you think is responsible for all the mayhem, a softspoken Keralite or verbose Bengali or a Punjabi farmer.Nope it is the administration.One need not fight it when one can join it and make it better.But that is not an easy job.We had seen deaths in Delhi during agitation against reservation faced lathicharges spent nights in police station.The fight was against administration.Has Pakistan become a better place by getting separate identity. No. It now has an equally incompetent system.Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris Whether they are in Indian boundaries is immaterial.Why throw stones at faceless security personals and get killed when you can work hard compete and make greater change for everyone.Not protesting would finally remove the reason for presence of armed forces in civilian areas.

        • i totally agree with you.if the of cause of putting army crpf in kashmir is removed india will remove the security forces body is happy by keeping security forces in kashmir neither govt nor security forces themselves who are also getting killed in scores.everbody in india also is not happy with these kind of deaths.but why are these young people on roads and following dictates of rotten people like gilani and others who have minted money in crores ,have their children in other countries and are enjoying security,biryani and treatment from indian govt.why donot real people from kashmir make a group among themselves ,sideline old hawks talk to indian govt about their demands and get their problems solved once for all and live and let live peacefully.please understand whatever happens india will not let kashmir go and let it be taken over by pakistan and china and threaten their security and lose watersources.then there they have to take care of 40% hindu budhist population is my apeal to all muslim community of kashmir to come on table without vested interests and get maximum concessions except pakistan or azadi.azadi can be had with india as well.these days indepent countries are also dependent on other cuntries.look at your beloved pakistan with begging bowl across the world.

  2. Dear Samvit Rawal

    Yes you are right Kashmir’s had encouraged him to throw stones at the security forces but I wonder people like you never ask or find the answer why kids like him throw stones at the so called security forces. And let me tell you Indian forces in Kashmir are not security forces they are murderers I know you wont believe me so I quote Canadian visa officer

    “Border Security Force “a notoriously violent paramilitary unit” responsible for “war crimes in India Kashmir “, while rejecting an immigration request from a retired BSF”

    Yes, you are right he should have been at home doing his maths or I would suggest watching MTV bakara but I am surprised to read it from you.

    Possibly you are good citizen of India I am sorry I must say great India which belongs to brave and honest and loving people I am not talking about people like you at the present but I am talking about Indian freedom fighter, and one of them I had read about is Khudiram Bose. One of the youngest revolutionaries early in the Indian independence movement. Bose was born on 3rd December 1889 in the village Bahuvaini in Medinipur district of Bengal. His father Trailokyanath Basu was the Tahsildar of the town of the Nadazol prince. His mother Lakshmipriya Devi was a pious lady, who was well known for her virtuous life and generosity. Bose was inspired by his readings of the Bhagavad Gita, which helped him embrace revolutionary activities aimed at ending the British Raj. However for his involvement in Muzaffarpur bombing and other charges of bombings carried out by him, a pretence of trial was carried out for two months. In the end, he was sentenced to death at a tender age of 19. He was hanged on 11 August 1908.

    If people like bose had not sacrificed their lives for the country people like you could not blog today.

    Have a good day

  3. My brain had stop functioning from the past few days each time I look at the gruesome murder of a 17-year-old boy. Please remove the above photograph. My body shakes Heart bleeds soul cries! How he would have taken the pain of death at this tender age? Yes dearie, we are all mourning your tragic death. We are all sharing your pain and our eyes had been moist since you left us.

    Brother you are right; the picture that depicts on his t-shirt said it all. The baby pleads he is innocent, he is playing a ball not stones, please don’t take his life. He is not wearing a suicide jacket and is no threat to the security of one of the world’s largest army!! Shame!!! We cant save you. We lost you once more, miss you!!!

    • Jhiya:

      I do not usually publish photographs of those who die for us. But, sometimes, as in this case, what one wants to say is best conveyed by an image. However, I did not realize that it could distress readers and may also not be right for the memory of this poor innocent kid. I apologize. I have reduced it to a thumbnail, as I could not remove it, since the context of the post is linked to it.

  4. […] As Srinagar burns protesting the killing of a 17 year old by the JacKal Police (formerly the JK Police); how far the government has reigned […]

  5. Whatever you sow you reap afterwards. Though I won’t give you any suggestion if you want to pelt stones you wil get tough response. You are paing for your past deeds.

    Abhi bhi waqt hai ya to keep pelting stones on army & dying or else give peace a chance. Choice is yours!

    • Rohan:

      Since you so steadfastly believe in the ‘What ye sow, so shall ye reap,’ I do hope you do reflect on it with a little self introspection.

      When you ran away from Kashmir, like scared wet cats, you were actually, by your own addmission, reaping what you had sown.

      You were paying for YOUR past deeds and YOU deserved every bit of it. Everything that happened to you, as per your version of details (not ours), was simply a reacion of what you had done throughout the 50 years of Kashmiris alliance with India.

      It was a common saying that if you talk loudly to a KP, he will threaten to call Delhi. But, alas, Delhi did to you, what you blame us of.

    • Rohan:

      Please do not divert from the context of the post while commenting, such comments will not be published in the future. You can search for a relevant KP post on this blog to talk about your delusions of prosecution.

      For details on comment moderation, please have a look at it on the About page.

  6. I’m not suprised that most opinions on Kashmir are either pro or anti; while the truth lies somewhere in middle. Most opinions and statements on kashmir are heavily biased depending on who’s talking and what’s at stake.

    There’s legitimacy to your struggle, but your thought process and execution is all over the place. Do you want autonomy, complete independence or go with Pak? If you have such a huge problem with India, why not shun everything that’s Indian. That will lend your struggle a lot of credibility; right now you appear to be gold diggers. 70% of your people in all nooks and corners of India making moolah. I’m yet to see one credible ex militant/seperatist who’s not on Indian payroll.

    It’s time for you guys to walk the talk.You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • I’m yet to see one credible ex militant/seperatist who’s not on Indian payroll.

      Even though you claim this, you demand credibility. That’s a paradox.

      You can continue turning a blind eye to the facts. Won’t hurt anyone but India eventually.

  7. Nice piece of photography…

  8. I don’t think you even know what a paradox is? I’ll give you an example.

    Heard someone on TV the other day. “We condemn stone pelting because it is unislamic”. This is a paradox. Go figure.

  9. Don’t worry it won’t hurt India.

    By the way you & yur bunch of gang members just keep paying 50 to 200 rs a day to those illerate boys in srinagar to hurl stones.

    It is the same old tactics(modus operandi) on israeli soildiers & other sodiers all over the world by jehadis.

    But don’t worry you guys wil nt be able to destroy the world by this

  10. Kashmir is part of India.And Indian Govt has all right to protect it from Pakistan(Source of protester). I become astonished because you guys easily accept others decission. India was divided by the law of religion. And from the beging, not only Kashmir, Pakistan was also part of India. You always like to go what “Molla” said.
    If you Kashmiri dont want to live under Indian Government, please goto Pakistan..I think you will be happy under Pak Govt..
    Where there is no rules, no democracy. why you will be happy..???

  11. The blogger has imagination as if he had been smoking the weed grown in the hills. Kashmiris are humans too, but so are the security forces.

    I am betting the boy who got hit on the head was bending below to pick up a stone to hit the police with. If not, he was a victim of a missed bullet which was meant for someone else.

    I don not normally find reasons for the security forces, but the “extreme imagination” of people, most obviously NOT supported by their under siege brothers in Pakistan occupied and looted Kashmir, lends me to do just that.

  12. In my views, the main question is “How such an innocent child could be killed, either in rage or by mistake?? Even if he was pelting stones over security forces, was his killing the only solution?? Either he was just a bystander or a frustated or politically motivated child; How anyone could kill him with such cruelity??”

    I’m a Delhi based S/W Engineer, originally from Patna, Bihar, So, I don’t know about the situations in kashmir. My own state is already one of the wrost case of administration in world. One of my Muslim friend, who was once posted is shrinagar has told me that Shrinagar is better than Patna, in Shrinagar, shops stay open till 8:00 pm; but in Patna they got closed till 6:00 pm due to fear of wrost law and order situtations.

    But I know one thing, many of my friends are in army and 3 of them have been killed by militants in kashmir. They were my friends since my childhood, and as much I know them, they couldn’t kill anyone; even they were in army; they couldn’t. I think their disability to kill someone lead them to their own killing.

    My first love was a kashmiri pandit, a refugee, whose elder sister was gangraped and murdered by militants and his family was warned to leave kashmir within 24 hours. I can’t understand why breasts of her elder sister were missing, when her dead body was found in a lane of Sopore. And why none of their neighbours helped them? Were they also terrorists??

    Why thousands of kashmiri pandits had to fly from valley in 1989?? and Why thousands of Muslims are missing since 1989?? Why a whole generation has lost their childhood?? and What could be achieved by so called “Azadi”?? What Indians have achieved from “Azadi”?? What Pakistanis have achieved from “Azadi”?? What Bangladeshis have achieved from “Azadi”?? Do Kashmiris have any better idea about something which could be achieved from “Azadi” which they don’t have now??

    I’m not against Kashmir’s Azadi.. But, it should be clear, what’ll be achieved after it?? From where they’ll procure resources?? Drought/Flood/Corruption hit India/Pakistan/Afganistan?? From where they’ll import necessory things, and how they’ll generate revenues?? How they’ll handle natural disasters?? Do they want to become another India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Afganistan??

    If “Yes” then all the killings may be justified by any logic. But If they don’t want to become same as other nations, they have to answer the reasons for killing everyone…

    Everyone means everyone, the boy, my friends, my friends elder sister, so many kashmiri people everyone…

  13. i was reading old history of kasmiri hindus on one of the sites written mr kilm.kashmir was a hindu country at one time ruled by many hindu king for many years and it had relations with india china tibet, afganistan also a hindu country at that time.scores of grand temples were made across the kasmir valley some of which still exist becauseof security forces at kashmir.and some have been destroyed and converted into mosques. Then as islam was invented and started spreading some muslims syyeds from out of kashmir came to kashmir and in one of the attempts converted one hindu king as muslim and then started process of conversions by various muslim kings particularly one king sikender and then various sayyeds kings rulng kasmir.kasmiri hindus were so much tortured and converted that onl 10 families of hindus were left who despite all atrocities didnot ge converted and regrouped on later stages. kasmiri hindus have since been constantly getting killed migrating running and this process is still continuing for centuries .so much atrocities were done gainst hindus that reading this history i shuddered and was depressed.neither old men children,women were spared.hidus for living in kasmir had to give penalty or jajia as it is called although they were original habitants of kashmir. i pray to god,allaha,bhagwan to get our kashmir back as we have suffered a lot.valley of temples alround belongs to us and let our brothers come back to us.

  14. *whatever you said or have read is totally misinterpreted, the truth is, yeah kashmir was a hindu state first but later when sayeds from central asia came, people did convert to islam but not forcibly. they accepted islam willingly.
    *and about temples , there are still many temples in kashmir, no one has touched them. what you said, it is because forces are there , let me tell you one thing, you are completely wrong then.
    *and what you said hindus were killed in kashmir is again a false agenda. tell me , how many kashmiris were killed or are getting killed, how many houses are burnt , how many lost theirs parents, how many are dying in jails etc since this early 90’s and they were all muslims .its like jab chot padti hai dard tabhi hota hai…
    this kashmir was once called the paradise on earth but now a days it is worse than hell.

  15. “I pleaded before the troopers that I am expecting a baby and have to immediately reach the hospital. But they hit my stomach and private parts with rifle butts and batons. I helplessly cried for mercy but they continued to thrash me. Finally I started to bleed profusely and fell unconscious,” she said and broke down.

    Source Greater Kashmir

    What can you say about a woman eight months pregnant who begged to be spared. Her assailants instead slit open her stomach, pulled out her fetus and slaughtered it before her eyes.

    But this then is the character of the Nation called India, it matters not whether the assailants are wearing government approved uniforms or not, they have the approval from the corridors of power. Be it the blue turbaned Manmohan Singh or the poet Atal Behari.

    Infact this real Hindu religion

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