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Omar v/s Omar

In Kashmir, People, Politics on 11 May, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Its been weeks of Sundays since a new post appeared on this blog! Today, I end that hiatus. My next post would be ihrams – a new Kashmir that I see emerging. A Kashmir which is losing touch with reality. And this post, to an extent, is what the people, the politics and the media of Kashmir seem to be focusing on: an internetKashmir. A tabloid version of the Afghanistan.

What exactly is the difference between Omar and Umar – the two OUmars of Kashmir who represent, in reality, nothing. Both love designer labels. One can flaunt it, the other just doesn’t want to (or can’t).

The difference between them: one sports watches…

Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah (3)

…the other doesn’t.

Umar Farooq (4)

Umar Farooq (5)

Umar Farooq (8)

And, before I sign off – here is a little something about Umar and Omar:

The Abdullah wears the Hindus sacred thread Mali and Farooq wants to look a lot like his father.

Omar Abdullah (5)

Umar Farooq (9)

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  1. So much difference in their ideology and yet they share a lot in common, both are convent pass outs, The Burn Hall one of the prestigious missionary schools of Kashmir, one wear the holy Hindu string on his right wrist and other Taveez “Amulet” hanging around his neck. Both young representing the endangered youth of Kashmir willingly or unwillingly. Both are the creation and represent their politico – religious dynasty left by their fathers. Both remain surrounded by bunch of fools. One Omar who inherited the claim over CM and other who was given the burden of Mirwaiz at his early age are there by default without their free will. Who said Abdullah defeated the monarch and who said Brahmin clergy in the valley was abolished. Both do exist till today…Long Live! Sub – continent democracy??

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