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The Writing On The Wall

In India, Kashmir, News, Politics on 17 April, 2009 at 8:31 pm

“We do not recognise UJC. They are carrying swords. We do not accept diktats,”

The Drunken Feast

Ansari said that his organisation was not in favour of enforcing orders on others and will leave it to the people of Kashmir to decide about the elections as per their “conscience”.

“Why are we people targeting Lone for contesting elections? Have you forgotten the late Sheikh Abdullah also contested elections after heading the Plebiscite Front,” Ansari said. The Hurriayt yesterday said it would not boycott the elections. ( business standard)

Hurriyat’s imminent failure.


Malik Sajad’s cartoon on Greater Kashmir depicts the situation more precisely than the writing on the wall.

Courtesy and Copyright of Malik Sajad (at

And don’t miss the color at Malik Sajad’s site: of nostalgia and the shattered truth of Kashmir.


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  1. I am an Indian Muslim. I am not sure if you are an Indian or a Pakistani. I have sympathy for Kashmiri people and every Indian has a lot of sympathy and want to help you all. I always see that you all keep on blaming India and trying to be anti-India.

    I agree that there is some injustice often done to some Kashmiris. But I would like to inform you that from what I can see in most cases Kashmiris are also to blame to some extent.

    I dont understand why some bustard Kashmiris act like India is anti-Islamic or anti-Kashmiri. I am a Muslim too born and brought up in India. I love my country from the depth of my heart and we all Indians are brothers and sisters. But I see most Kashmiris acting as if they are not Indians. Why do you do that? It really makes people angry and I also get angry at many Kashmiris for such behaviour. You all should act like proper Indians and not act as if you are away from India.

    I even see Kashmiris supporting the Pakistani dogs in cricket matches etc. At first how the hell can you support a terrorist country like Pakistan and especially the terrorists. And own country comes first. So, you have to respect and honour India above any other country in the world.

    Act like Indians and I am sure every Indian would be more than ready to help you all and work for your developement. If you say that there was some injustice done to Muslims in Kashmir then the fact is also that the way in which Kashmiri Pandits were treated in the valley was not right. Our religion teaches us peace and humanity and if you all follow our religion properly too then you would be liked a lot more in India.

    We Indian Muslims are an integral part of India and have been successful in all spheres of public life. Hope that the Kashmiri Muslims also get their share of support and success in the great Indian democracy. But please behave properly and stop acting like Pakistanis in order to be respected and liked all Indians including Indian Muslim.

    May Allah open all your mind towards India and bring peace, stability and success to your lives. India is the best country in the world and we all are lucky to be born in this great nation. Hope you also understand this and stop supporting terrorists and behaving anti-India.

  2. Heyy first of all Zaman please stop calling Pakistan or any other nation terrorist…am very sad if you believe in every thing Indian media is feeding you…its much more complicated than it looks…see actually am a Kashmiri by birth but I have spent most of my time in Delhi…and I believe that Indians are the most loving n courteous people.

    And the injustice you are talking about is not past its still happening everywhere in Kashmir…I was just another guy like you always fighting with my parents saying “No, India is my nation and I have a patriotic feeling for it” but then they made me understand that its not the Indian people we hate but rather its the Indian Government…I wan to ask everyone this simple question…”what is a person supposed do when his father is slaughtered and his sister and mother is raped and then killed in front of his own eyes by Indian troopers?!…what is he supposed to do when he gets no justice by so called Indian democratic government?” And these [muted] say why terrorism? I think you gotta be dumb if you still say that Indian government is ‘doodh ki dhuli

  3. Mr Zaman,

    I would like to convey you that Kashmir was never part of India. It is your country who invaded our nation on 1947 against our will. From the day we r fighting 4 our birth right and that is FREEDOM FROM India, and we will surely continue it.

    You indian (self styled muslim) will never realise what is happening with muslims in your India. Look at GUJRAT, look at BABRI MASJID and open your eyes.

  4. Mr. Zaman Please be God fearing. If such a dwellish attitude remains the part of possession throughout the journey of your life then may God forbid you, your fate is surely to be categorized among those of Munafiqeen. Please do Tobah, open your eyes, don’t follow the cunning steps. Try to widen the horizon of your understanding about the real facts. Always follow true and righteous path. Before this all don’t call yourself a Muslim unless and until you mind your language (no matter) while confronting with your Muslim brothers or non-Muslims.

  5. We Kashmiris are so inn….”Azadi” chanting everyone getting none. I agree Pakistan is a terrorist state but I disagree India is not. Kashmir is a delicious sausage between two ugly nations of the world.

  6. Indian army are terroists because they are killing innocent kashmirs they are not soldiers they are pigs.

  7. Indian muslims are not muslims because they have never protested aganist indian army in Kashmir.

  8. Kashmiris should learn from failure of Pakistan to evolve as a nation. Religious sentiments can make a country but cannot run it, mind it. Think over.

    Zaman-grow up maan, same old rant.

    Dear Faizan,

    Every person is a unique individual. meaninig of Islam and Muslim is again different for different individuals. The fact is-there is no universal definition of Muslim.
    So only Allah will decide about Indians being good or bad muslims. So, let Him do so and don’t impose your veiw of Islam or Muslim on others. By the way you have freedom of expression, express yourself peacefully, no problem.

    Samar, New Delhi

  9. Please read Ishaq Ahmad instead of Zaman. Sorry my dear Zaman.


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