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He Never Knew!

In India, Kashmir, Politics on 14 March, 2009 at 9:16 pm

“I was surprised to learn that most of people in New Delhi were unaware of the plight of Kashmiris. They think Kashmiris are terrorists and fighting against Indian rule without any rhyme and reason,” Geelani said. “A senior doctor in Delhi’s leading hospital was in tears when I told him about the Kashmir dispute and the suffering of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian security agencies. I told him under India’s so-called democratic system troops violated the chastity of hundreds of Kashmir girls and killed thousands of youth in the past two decades. He was shocked and he plugged his ears with his fingers.” (greater Kashmir)

Mr. Geelani you realise all this now!? They year we are living in is 2009, you know that, right? It actually took you a couple of visits and a two month stay in Delhi to understand something which has been obvious since like forever!

And Mr. Geelani is candid:

“The group told me that they had never heard this side of Kashmir dispute. I invited them to Kashmir and told them you should have courage to hear the reality and suffering of Kashmiris. But I cautioned them not to forget their identity cards otherwise they wouldn’t escape wrath of the troop,” said Geelani.

And laughs, when he needs not to!

“Now I have got a handful of supporters in New Delhi,” Geelani (laughing) said, “Truth will one day prevail upon the World. Sacrifices of Kashmiris will not go waste.”

Perhaps those are the only supporters he will ever have, in sometime.

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  1. Have you forgotten what you and your ilk did to Kashmiri Pandits?

    Driven them out of their own land. That’s what you did to them. Next time when you or Mr. Gilani tell about the plight of Kashmiri Muslims to anyone, tell them about this side of the story as well.

    You reap what you sow. And sometimes you also reap what your brothers had sown.

    • Aniket

      I am lost as to how this post is related to the Kashmiri Pandits, an insignificant minority in India, for whom a trumpet holder arises always everywhere whenever we talk about Kashmir. Their (and this refers to the hardliner Kashmir Pandits only) lies, deceits are becoming known, and now a former Shiv Sena candidate, just recently called them “the most cunning and scheming people on earth.”

      And why should I or Mr. Geelani talk about them? I, and I am sure neither does Mr. Geelani, have interest in spreading lies. You seem to have taken that torch, voluntarily, so all the best. And do try to read, understand, and then come to conclusions. Do not have pre-determined conclusion in your mind, because that stalls growth of a nation.

      And a question to you: what have you done in your personal capacity to help mitigate those who my ilk drove out? Have you and your peers found a group, collected donations, sent relief to the ‘concentration camps’ some of them are sadly living in, in Jammu? My ilk has sometimes helped build a temple, performed the last rites of the lonely Kashmiri Pandit, who continued to live, all these years, among his enemies and surprisingly died a natural death!

    • You rightly said “You reap what you sow”.

      Kashmiri pandits had done the same as Jews had tried to do in Germany.But,still they weren’t treated as by the Nazis. They left the valley of their own. It is a fact. Seems you are completely unaware of the facts. Those you decided to stay here are still living happily within the Muslim majority. In fact, all these political disturbances are a result of INDIA’S ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF KASHMIR.

    • Mr. Aniket :

      Why are your comments showing so much aggression,if Kashmiri Pandits love their land so much ,they should not have left instead they should have stood shoulder to shoulder with their Muslim brethren.Who dragged them out of their land? No, certainly not a Kashmiri Muslim but the political people who used the situation for their own selfish ends, Kashmiri Pandits only lost their land ,but Kashmiri Muslims lost their sons,the chastity of their daughters,their identity and the comments like what you posted here.

    • Well brother you might be right to some extend. But just give me a simple answer, suppose you were two brothers living in a house with your widow mother. And a stranger comes and rapes your Mom, on enquiring you found that your own brother was somehow involved in the happening, then What do you expect would be your decision??

      Without stressing your mind you’ll kill or simply throw your brother out of home, and that’s what we have done. WE COULD’T KILL COZ WE ALWAYS LOVED PANDITS.

      Hope I was able to convey.

  2. Guys please read the interview of Professor Manohar Nath Tickoo along with his picture. He is a pandit and migrated to Jammu during early 90’s.

    Professor Manohar Nath Tikko, 74, was a college teacher and head of the department of Education at the Governmnt College Islamabad. He lived in Haire Mohalla, Janglat Mandi in Islamabad before he left Kashmir at the peak of insurgency in 1990. For the last two decades, he is living at the scorching locale of Bohdi in Jammu.

    In one of the question (The Pandit argument is that Kashmir has always been part of India), he replies:

    A:- Kashmir has never been part of India and has no cultural, traditional, ethical and religious semblance with India .

    Even we Kashmiri Pundits have totally different religious ceremonial and ritual days than of the Indian Hindus and we practice a different mythology. We have no religious attachment with river Ganga ; we used to put the ashes of the dead into the “Naraan Nag Gangbal” near Sonamarg . We never celebrate Diwali but “Hearath”. We celebrate a religious day which is called “Sheshar Shenkraat” which is celebrated in the winters in order to avoid demonic influence in winters and there is no example of celebrating such a day in the Indian Hindu mythology. Moreover, Kashmiri Pundits celebrate “Shiv Raatri” differently than Indian Hindus; we prepare a lot of non vegetarian food to break the fast, contrary to Hindus who abstain from meat on the day.

    Similarly Kashmiri Muslims have a different culture with no relevance with that of Indian culture. Politically, the UN resolutions stand witness to the Kashmir dispute and promises the right to self determination. Had Kashmir not been a disputed state then why Kashmir has its own constitution and flag. And why Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations. It was only because of Indian political prejudice and insincerity that autonomy of Kashmir was eroded.

  3. […] hurriyat’s imminent failure […]

  4. You are a piece of shit…K. That sums it up.

    After being driven out of Kashmir what KP’s did was study and venture into areas and diaspora hithherto unknown. Our strength was the capacity to burn midnight oil and everyone did that.

    BJP gave quotas immediately after coming to power in colleges pertaining to engineering and medical sciences which helped raise the specialised academic qualifications of many KP’s. Now the NIT’s have a quota for KP’s and Ladakhi’s under Congress regime. The people in power sometimes know whom to vouch for no matter how much filth there might be in the system.

    KP communities across globe in different countries are more than the damned funding channels you have. The good part is that none of them is too keen to return to Kashmir, they just want to help whoever KP’s they can. The origin of our race too was in the verdant vale of Kashmir which thanks to bigots in Kashmir is now devoid of us but your trying to potray that one KP dying a natural death in a compassionate neighbourhood indicates that KP’s did a blunder by moving out is moronic to the extent that is unmeasurable.

    You also label KP’s deceitful and what not (via Shiv Sena you bloody bigot communal). What I say is that majority of people in kashmir are just like us or anyone around trying to make a living, budgeting for home, providing for education of children, getting a roof on one’s head….these labours take up most of our lives.It’s people like YOU who are fomenting communalist feelings by calling a whole community deceitful and sly….how much do you know me for example, to poke a finger at my character????

    You and your likes are the one’s who are the root cause for all that a religion also wants to get rid of……why did Islamic Sharia develop the code that Hammurabbi followed, it was for two faced people like you.

    And you’ll speak about KP’s……remember Mr. K the way Pirabhakaran’s mistake of killing Rajiv Gandhi alienated all and any hope of an Tamil Eelam that very way the forcible deportation of KP’s because of a handful of militiamen will sound a death knell for you. You just took us out to spread the word in whole of India on what is happening and what needs to be done.

    And one of these days it’s going to get YOU too. Try putting a picture of yours with a profile on your blog you smart ass analyst of Kashmir’s woes and you’ll see where you end up.

  5. Geelani’s aim is to make Kashmiris his slaves. People protested on Monday, rightfully so and he cached upon it, and God knows what he has in store for his press conference this evening.

    Those who died have left us, but Geelani is making the lives of living people miserable.

  6. One thing is sure, Kashmir is and will always remain Atoot ang of India….if this simple thing is understood by stupid people there will not be any reason for any voilence.. others who do not believe in this deserve more than what little “suffering” they are getting…terrorist sympathiser like Geelani is freed in democratic country like India and look at ahsaan faramosh……..he does not deserve to live..

  7. Zarafshan,
    I am not a supporter of Geelani, but I sure hope you revisit your comments, “Those who died have left us, but Geelani is making the lives of living people miserable.”

    We must understand that to die is one thing, but to be raped and killed in your own backyard is entirely different. What has transpired in Shopian since the fateful evening of MAY 31 is not something that Geelani is engineering. It is the free will of people manifesting itself. And how selfish do we sound when we talk about our life becoming miserable if asked to show solidarity to the victims, who are right amongst ourselves!!!

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