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Then The World Would Mourn, Then It Would Forget

In Human Rights, Innocent Killings, Kashmir, Srinagar on 12 February, 2009 at 11:05 pm

–Farhat Rukhsar–

A minute mourns and then forgets

My heart to my Kashmir indifferent seems


And while thou native were riddled with bullets

My long dead soul was chasing dreams

While blood oozed and they watched unconcerned

While thou were gasping for each labouring breath

While we joked in colleges in Mughal gardens sauntered

In Dalgate youth approached its untimely death

Riddled by Central Reserve Police Force

Then dropped a grenade in thy bag

This is the Heaven’s secret curse

An Angel given terrorists tag

How long on that pavement thy body bled?


How long resembling humans had their fun?

Thou went left dreams, parents half dead

Dark earth and sky, gone is their sun

Time has ceased what Happy New Year?

Mirth has left the home in paradise

Home were empty eyes look for their dear

Home where walls still echo with painful cries

Home where mere pain Eid would bring

Home where sacrifice already has been done

Home where thy memories forever would cling

Home where celebrations for Eid would be none

But killing innocents has a reward of its own

One lakh rupees and promotion I fear


And in my time conditions have honed

And protesters get killed everywhere

Thou college student and so am I

Though thou shot dead, I am not – yet

Tomorrow they might then they will lie

Then the world would mourn then it would forget.

(In Memory of Ghulam Mohammad Sheikh, 22; Riddled With Bulets on 9th August 2006, click here to read the post)

(poem courtesty of greater kashmir)

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  1. I remember this day clearly. Many of my family felt so sick and cried that day.

  2. We must inform the international community of killings such as these. It is completely unacceptable. I will forward this article to all my media contacts in Canada and the U.S. as I think we should all. Let us not just read, become sadenned and then forget. Let us act and spread the word of these killings through out both the Cyber world and the real world. We have to work together to bring international attention and awareness for these unacceptable killings to stop.

    [contact details removed]

    • It is stupid to blame others…it is self-inflected wounds…let militancy and stupid outdated things like separatism die…lets us all accept fact that Kashmir is and will always remain atoot ang of India…automatically all killings will stop.. the real culprits are those idiots who still believe in outdated theories of separatism and azaadi…they deserve to die..!

  3. Your tears bring joy to my heart. You Muhammadans should be kicked on your asses and sent back to the shit hole you came from. Kyhber to Bangladesh, Kashmir to Sri Lanka, belongs to Hindus, get out you [muted] Arab [muted].

  4. My friend wrote this poem. she used to laugh a lot but after this incident she became very serious in life.
    The student was killed but it inflicted wounds on many others.

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