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Nothing Ground Breaking, It Was Expected Years Ago

In Kashmir, Politics, Srinagar on 2 February, 2009 at 6:30 pm

From a previous post, I Can Kill Everybody , of this blog, written October 25, 2006:

Killing in Kashmir is not uncommon but gradually it appears that the police and the army see themselves as reincarnations of God on earth. Be it the illiterate gun totting policeman or his superior office, they both think that they are the Greater Beings, created to maim and kill the children, the young, the old and the women of Kashmir.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police has turned over the past decade and a half from an organisation supporting the freedom struggle to a people more than happy to kill innocents and it will continue to grow evil.

It has already graduated from beatings innocents to killing them, now they just need to expand their reach and increase the innocent death toll. Once India is confident that the police have been trained well to behave as colonial masters, as is the attitude of the army at present; it can reduce the presence of the army, flash a happy face to the world, confident and satisfied at the thought that the same role is being played by someone else.

Lessons from the colonial masters, the British, has always inspired India: import officers who can act and behave as colonial masters, obtain the major chunk of the force from the local population and impose evil through them.

The new Chief Minister hinted at increasing the role of the Jammu and Kashmir police as if that were a respite to the Kashmiris. Their deployment has already started and 20 police companies are ready to take charge of the Srinagar city- which already has enough respite as compared to the towns and villages of Kashmir that bear the burnt day in and day out. Once the police passes, what the Director General of Police called a litmus test, the Jammu and Kashmir police will then be the only force at the forefront. No surprises the police is all too eager to pass the litmus test! And Kashmir will remain, for sometime to come, a low intensity conflict zone – simmering within.

One may recall that one of the election planks of the PDP in 2002 was the disbanding of the Special Task Force in Kashmir. They were disbanded by being absorbed into the local police, which will now be taking charge of Kashmir.

A person with a gun will remain dreaded for Kashmiris, the name tag matters the least.

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